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International Version - Part I & Part II

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The People Under the Stairs

Red Cliff

original title: Chi bi


  • International Version
  • Original Version Part 1 (1/2)
Release: Jan 19, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The Movie
At the end of the Han dynasty, prime minister Cao Cao can convince the emperor to go to war against the kingdoms Xu (in the west) and Wu (in the south). His goal is to unite the empire.
His superior army invades the west and forces its king Liu Bei to flee. Bei’s counsellor, Zhu Ge Liang, suggests a coalition with the south in order to defend themselves against Cao Cao.
The south’s emperor, Sun Quan, hesitates at first but eventually agrees to this and the two kingdoms make their stand against Cao Cao.

International Version
The originally two movies were cut into a single one in order to create a John Woo action movie which seemed to be easier to sell to Western audiences. Producer Terence Chang comments:

“We wanted to make a Hollywood blockbuster in Chinese that would appeal to non-Asian audiences as well. We worked very hard to create a version of the film that maintains the integrity of the action and character development of the story, while excising some of the cultural details that could be considered unnecessary for Western audiences not intimately familiar with the historical mythology”(Red Cliff Final Notes)

Casualties of this policy were
  • Meng Men’s birth.
  • The complete hunting sequence before Sun Quan decides to join the alliance.
  • The celebration of the victory in San Jiang Kou, including Sun Quans idea to marry his sister with Liu Bei.
  • The two admirals Cai Mao and Zhang Yun, their capitulation and later their death.
  • With the admirals gone the story about the arrows changes completely. None of the two main protagonists’ life is in danger anymore, it is all about the arrows.
  • Logically, there is no meeting between Jiang Gan and Zhou Yu.
  • During the first encounter of Tony Leung with Takeshi Kaneshiro, the buffalo case is not solved.
  • The complete storyline concerning Pit (Sun Shu Cai) and Piggy (Sun Shang Xiang) is missing. In the International Version the princess basically just walks into the enemy’s camp and leaves again.
  • A rather long speech by Cao Cao to the sick and injured is missing as well as the winter solstice celebrations.

A lot of small cuts during the battles have also been made. The battle of San Jiang Kou alone features almost 200 cuts in twenty minutes.
The editors have done quite a good job when they joined different scenes together. For example, Zhou Yu’s sword dance was integrated into the Cuju game.
An explanatory introduction and name overlays at the first appearances of the main characters were added in order to help the western audience to understand the story.


Takeshi Kaneshiro’s character was renamed (HK: Zhu Ge Liang/ IV: Kongming).
The Soundtrack is the same but is used differently.

If you know and like the original version the new edit will seem like an unnecessary fast forward through the story. However, it will be suitable for most of the western viewers, because the average movie fan probably considers the break between the second and the final battle as too long or Meng Meng’s birth as unnecessary.

This Report
Comparison between the International Version, taken from the German DVD by Constantin Film and the Original Version, taken from the two HK DVDs by Mei Ah Entertainment.

In order to make the report easier to read, it was divided into parts and not every cut features illustrations. Sometimes cuts were combined (note the bordering). The missing of single frames will not be mentioned either.
The names of the actors and characters were taken from the HK DVD’s ending credits. The dialogs are from the Original Version as well.
Sometimes a few frames of the following scene were removed when cuts were made, this will not be mentioned either.
Time designations have been rounded up in most cases.

Running times:
IV = 02:23:00 (02:17:11 w/o ending credits)
HK Part 1 = 02:25:23 (02:18:18 w/o ending credits)
HK Part 2 = 02:21:23 (02:16:28 w/o ending credits)

Additional info:
Running time of the IV until the end of Part 1 = 00:59:54
Running time of the IV until the end of Part 2 = 01:17:17

Used Abbreviations:
HK = Hongkong Version
IV = International Version

IV: 00:00:00
HK: 00:00:00

The German DVD starts with the Constantin company logo and the explanatory introduction, the OV starts with regular opening credits.

83.5 sec
167.5 sec

IV: 00:01:29
HK: 00:02:53

There is another text overlay to make sure the introduction has been understood.

The HK displays the date here.
„Han Dynasty, 208 A.D. Summer, Xuchang“

IV: 00:02:20
HK: 00:03:47

Cao Cao’s (Zhang Feng Yi) walk to the emperor (Wang Ning), has been changed a bit. Also, the emperor playing with a bird was removed.

19.5 sec
65 sec

IV: 00:03:42
HK: 00:05:57
Cao Cao makes a small step towards the emperor.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:03:49
HK: 00:06:05
A small camera pan to Cao Cao’s face.
1 sec

IV: 00:04:22
HK: 00:06:41

After the approval of the emperor to wage war agains Liu Bei and Sun Quan, the IV shows the film title and features a few credit overlays. A text read from the off tells us about the victory against Liu Bei.

IV: 26 sec

The HK stays with the emperor longer. One of the senators, Kong Rong (Wang Qing Xiang), criticises Cao Cao’s plans.

Kong Rong: „Senator Kong Rong wishes to speak. Liu Bei is Your Majesty's uncle, and Sun Quan is the third-generation heir to the Dukedom of Wu. They have no intent to rebel. Whereas you, Prime Minister, not only seize all the powers of the state, but also intend to mobilize the entire army. There is no justIViable reason for your war! Though you have solemnly vowed yourself loyaI to His Majesty's Court, you will not be able to convince everyone! The next one to put down a rebellion, may not be you, Prime Minister, but Liu Bei and Sun Quan!“

Cao Cao is not empressed and leaves the room. On the way out he states: „He is the first sacrifice.“

After that we see the senator being beheaded. He thanks Cao Cao for the wine and is then executed.

Kong Rong: „I thank the Prime Minister for this wine!“

Now the OV shows an explanatory overlay and one can see rather long impressions of the campaign agains Liu Bei.

„The final year of the Han dynasty, Eunuchs and court relatives, struggle for power. The country falls into chaos. Ambitious Cao Cao seizes the moment to coerce the emperor and to control the feudal lords. In the year 208 A.D., Cao Cao leads his army south to destroy Liu Bei, a distant relative of the Royal Family and Sun Quan, ruler of the Southland.“

Total cut length HK: 123.5 sec

IV: 00:05:05
HK: 00:09:02

Zhao Yun’s introduction ends earlier, therefore an opponent’s fall from his horse and other scenes of Cao Cao’s campaign agains Liu Bei are missing. The IV directly switches to Liu Bei’s troops on the field, there is another text read from the off.

12 sec

IF: 00:05:15
HK: 00:09:25
At the beginning of the scene a few images of the soldiers are missing.
1.5 sec

IF: 00:05:19
HK: 00:09:30

The HK shows further shots of the refugees.

3 sec

IF: 00:05:21
HK: 00:09:35

The refugees going up the hill can be seen slightly longer and after that we see Cao Cao's forces marching and further refugees.

12 sec

IF: 00:05:24
HK: 00:09:50

At the first appearance of Liu Bei (You Yong) the beginning of the scene was shortened. Liu watches the people pulling back.

5 sec

IF: 00:05:28
HK: 00:09:58

In the IV the message about the whereabouts of Lui Bei's wife appears right after Bei's first appearance and shows his wife at the escape in the village. After that we see Mal Zhu Ge Liang (IF: Kong Ming (Takeshi Kaneshiro)) for the first time, he observes Cao Cao's forces.

IF: 44 sec

In the HK we see one of the soldiers throwing the flag of the town wall to Zhao Yun and then the observing of Zhu Ge Liang.

Zhao Yun arrives at the meeting point and talks to Liu Bei.

Liu Bei: „Zilong!“
Zhao Yun: „My Lord.“
Liu Bei: „You have returned.“
Zhao Yun: „Our men made all possible efforts to hold our ground until the last minute before abandoning the town.“
Liu Bei: „Luckily, most of the peasants have already fled through the valley.“

During the conversation a soldier appears and reports that Bei's wife and kids are still in the village.

Soldier: „My Lord! The two ladies and the Young Master are still trapped in the village.“

After that we see the ladies' wagon which is stuck in a mud hole. After the first shock Liu Bei continues taking care of the refugees. Zhao watches him for a moment and then leaves to rescue the women.

added cut length HK: 105.5 sec

IF: 00:06:36
HK: 00:12:09
Zhang Fei (Zang Jin Sheng) can be seen earlier.
0.5 sec

IF: 00:06:43
HK: 00:12:17
Zhu Ge Liang riding away appears on the screen earlier.
1 sec

IF: 00:06:47
HK: 00:12:22

Cao Cao orders his forces to depart.

17 sec

IF: 00:07:17
HK: 00:13:10

During the conversation between Bei and Liang the shots of the refugees are different.

3.5 sec
3.5 sec

IF: 00:07:39
HK: 00:13:33

The rescue of Liu Bei's child was shortened.

After the conversation between Bei and Liang we see Cao Cao's forces leaving which was cut out before and we keep switching between the plot of Mrs. Bei and the approaching forces. Since the IV did not contain the conversation between Zhao Yun and Bei we already see Zhao in battle to rescue the wife and kids.

Bei's wife wants Zhao to leave her alone and rescue the child instead. Zhao takes the child but pulls Mrs. Bei on his horse, as well. After reaching the horse they are attacked by Cao Cao's soldiers.

Zhao can fight back the aggressors and Mrs. Bei tries to get on the horse. But trying she gets hit by a sword. Zhao tries to help her but gets hit by a spear, as well.

Now, we are back at the battle field and see the approaching forces. Zhang Fei orders to switch the shields.

added cut length IF: 78 sec

At the end of the conversation with Liu Bei, Zhu Ge Liang says that he will find Guan Yu and orders the soldier to help Bei.

Zhu Ge Liang: „I will find Guan Yu. Go and help my Lord.

Here, we have the part that has already been used in the IF of the escape of Liu Bei's wife. She walks through the village with her entourage. While the IF ends with the two soldiers getting killed by the spear, the HK version shows the wife's sister being killed.

Like in the IF the escape keeps getting interrupted by Cao Cao's marching forces and the waiting forces around Zhang Fei. Xia Hou Jun (Hu Xiao Guang) recognizes Bei's family while riding through the village and gives orders to get the baby.
Xia Hou Jun: „That looks like Liu Bei's family. Go get the baby!“

One of Cao's riders throws his spear in the direction of Bei's wife who can dodge it in the last moment. But she almost falls into the well with her child.

The riders approach the woman but before they can hit her Zhao appears and gets them off their horses.
After that he helps the baggage defending wife and kid.

Bei's wife wants Zhao to leave her alone and rescue the kids, instead.

Zhao Yun: „My Lady!
Wife: „General Zhao, he is my Lord's only flesh and blood. He must not fall into enemy's hands!
Zhao Yun: „Rest assured, My Lady. I will take you and the young Master to my Lord. Let's go! Get on the horse!

Zhao takes the kid but pulls Mrs. Bei on his horse, as well. Having reached the horse they are attacked by Cao Cao's soldiers.
Right after that, we see the waiting Zhang Fei.

Zhao can fight back the aggressors and Mrs. Bei tries to get on the horse. But while trying she gets hit by a sword. Zhao tries to help her, kills another aggressor before he gets the spear in his back.
After that, we see more impressions of the approaching battle.

Mrs. Bei watches the battle arround her and chooses suicide in the well. Zhao realizes what she is planning and dahes to the well. He can just grab the edge of her coat but the coat cracks under the weight of the woman.

As in the IF the block is ended by the approach of the riders and the order to switch the shields.

added cut length HK: 250 sec

IF: 00:09:05
HK: 00:17:51
The head of the horse can be seen slightly longer.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:09:08
HK: 00:17:55
Another horse is falling down when the shields are used.
2 sec

IV: 00:09:11
HK: 00:18:00

More horses are being blinded by the shields' reflection, causing more of Cao Cao's soldiers to fall down.

17.5 sec

IV: 00:09:13
HK: 00:18:20
The two version are in synchronicity before a few shots of horses rearing up are missing.
3.5 sec

IV: 00:09:17
HK: 00:18:27

The two armies are rushing towards each other. Liu Bei's army is being led by Zhang Fei, whose horse jumps over an enemy horseman.

8.5 sec

IV: 00:09:19
HK: 00:18:38
The combattants are getting closer.
3.5 sec

IV: 00:09:21
HK: 00:18:43
The end of the scene of the two armies meeting each other before the cut to Zhao has been removed.
3 sec

IV: 00:09:38
HK: 00:19:04
The beginning of the scene after Zhao ties the child to his back is missing.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:09:43
HK: 00:19:10
Zhao can be seen longer, the next transition has been shortened a bit.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:09:46
HK: 00:19:14

After Zhao Yun talks to the child, the enemies attacking and a scream of Zhao are missing before he gets his spear.

4 sec

IV: 00:09:50
HK: 00:19:23
Yun's spear can be seen longer.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:09:51
HK: 00:19:24
The spear can be seen earlier before it hits the first soldier.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:09:52
HK: 00:19:25

Zhao's spear cannot be seen stuck in the soldier's chest.

1.5 sec

IV: 00:09:57
HK: 00:19:31
Zhao holds the spear longer to his enemy's neck.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:09:58
HK: 00:19:33
2 sec

IV: 00:10:03
HK: 00:19:40

Back to the battlefield, after Zhang Fei threw four horsemen from their horses. Then, a few frames of fighting soldiers and Zhang dismounting two more are missing.

7 sec

IV: 00:10:08
HK: 00:19:52

In the IV, Zhu Ge Liang is looking for General Guan Yu (Ba Sen Zha Bu) on the battlefield, then we see Zhao trying to escape with the child.
The HK version shows some battle impressions first and then cuts to Zhao. The fighting scene against the soldiers is a bit longer. Zhao calling his horse and leaving the place of the battle is missing completely. Then, Zhu arrives on the batttlefield. Zhang Fei asks him about the reinforcements, but Zhu just looks around.

13.5 sec
55 sec

IV: 00:10:24
HK: 00:20:50

Guan starts to walk earlier in the IV, two shots of his face are missing as well. His gaze in Guan's direction was shortened and altered as well.

4 sec
9 sec

IV: 00:10:29
HK: 00:21:00
General Yu kills one more soldier.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:10:31
HK: 00:21:03
4 sec

IV: 00:10:39
HK: 00:21:15

The fighting sequence of Yu ends in the IV after the soldier being smashed against the shields. Cao Cao arriving on the battlefield and watching him is missing as well as a shot of Zhao approaching.

28.5 sec

IV: 00:10:42
HK: 00:21:47
Guan Yun can be seen longer, Zhao Yun earlier.
2 sec

IV: 00:10:46
HK: 00:21:52
There is an additional shot of the rider heading towards Zhao, Cao Cao watches them.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:10:49
HK: 00:21:58

After Zhao pushes his opponent off his horse, the IV shows instantly the relieved Zhu Ge Liang. In the HK, the horse is being attacked by soldiers but can successfully defend itself.
After that, one of the soldiers can loosen the bundle with the child of Zhao and throw it in the air. Zhao gets off his horse and is able to catch the child which he defends afterwards.
Cao Cao watches the whole scenery and asks who the man was. Xia Hou Jun answers: “Zhao Zilong of Changshan.“. Cao:“Why is there no such a brave warrior under my command?“.

45 sec

IV: 00:10:52
HK: 00:22:45
Additional shot of Zhao yun on his horse.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:10:57
HK: 00:22:53

More soldiers of the empirial army are entering the battlefield.

4.5 sec

IV: 00:10:59
HK: 00:22:59
A short glance away from the battlefield to the fleeing civilians is missing.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:11:15
HK: 00:23:18
Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun look at the fighting Guan Yu.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:11:22
HK: 00:23:26

Zhao and Zhang get ready to leave, Guan Yu continues to fight.

5 sec

IV: 00:11:25
HK: 00:23:34
The charging soldiers can be seen earlier.
1 sec

IV: 00:11:27
HK: 00:23:37

A battle cry of Zhang Fei and a few shots of Liu Bei's soldiers are missing.

5.5 sec

IV: 00:11:32
HK: 00:23:49

During the battle, a soldier's death and the general's departure have been removed.

6.5 sec

IV: 00:11:34
HK: 00:23:57

Zhu Ge Liang has to watch how Cao Cao's troops overwhelm Liu Bei's forces.

7 sec

IV: 00:11:36
HK: 00:24:06

Zhang Fei looks back.

9.5 sec

IV: 00:11:39
HK: 00:24:18

The ending of the battle has been shortened as well, of course.

Guan Yu and the civilians can be seen shortly. Cao Cao receives a report stating that Liu Bei's army had collapsed and was retreating.

Then we are back at Guan walking into a horse standing on the Western Empire's banner. Both of them fall down, Guan takes the banner and flees with the horse.
Cao Cao watches this and orders that Guan was to be left alone. One day the brave warriors of Liu Bei would serve him.

Zhao gives Bei his son and tells him that he unfortunately was not able to save the woman.

Total cut length IV: 76.5 sec

Before Zhang goes away, Guan Yu and he look at each other. Afterwards we see Liu Bei's soldiers dying and the civilians fleeing.

Then the son is handed over.

Zhao Yun: „My lord, I brought the Young Master back, but the two ladies already...“
Liu Bei: „Zilong, get up...“

Back to the battlefield: Cao Cao receives the report about the enemy's retreat.

During the report we see Guan Yu still fighting and hurling his weapon towards Cao Cao. The weapon hits the ground close to Cao during the last sentence of the report: „There is only one man still fighting“.

After the first shock, two of Cao's generals are riding to the front and call: „Surrender, and your life will be spared!“ and „Kneel down...“
The soldiers try to emphasize the command to kneel down by beating at Guan's knee backs, but with no success, one of the sticks even bursts. Cao Cao tells his men not to be so brutal and then talks to Guan.

„General Guan Yu, a wise man chooses his Lord carefully. Why do you continue to serve Liu Bei?“

Guan looks down and sees one of the generals standing on the Xu banner. That one tells him to knee down more strongly now.

Guan frees himself and walks into the horse. However, he does not straight ride away as in the IV but goes to Cao Cao first.

Cao Cao's soldiers want to defend him and kill Guan, but Cao orders them not to move.
Guan and Cao look at each other, then the former takes his gun and rides away. One of the generals turns around and asks what this was about.

Cao answers: „If he wanted to kill me, he already would have. Guan Yu would not stab a man from behind. Liu Bei has lost many battles, yet so many talented men remain loyal to him. One day, they will all serve under my command.“

At the end we seen Zhu and the refugees again. A capera pan to the walls of the shelter are missing.

Total cut length HK: 212 sec

IV: 00:13:02
HK: 00:27:57

Zhao Yun's horse needs no treatment because the injury in the battle had been cut, therefore this scene is missing as well.

5.5 sec

IV: 00:13:16
HK: 00:28:16
Missing footage at the beginning and the end before Zhu Ge Liang tells the others he was going to go to Sun Quan.
1 sec

IV: 00:14:03
HK: 00:29:07

Before Zhu breaks up to Wu, Liu Bei wants to know if he was sure he could persuade Sun Quan.

Zhu Ge Liang: "My Lord, please rest assured."
Liu Bei: "Are you confident you can convince him?"
Zhu nods and Bei gives him a bowl full of rice.
Liu Bei: "Eat some more. The road to Wu is Iong, and you will need energy?"

30 sec

IV: 00:14:06
HK: 00:29:40

Cao Cao is being informed the two surrendering generals (admirals) Cai Mao (Yi Zhen) and Zhang Yun (Jia Hong Wei) had arrived.

Counselor: "Prime Minister, the surrendered generals, Cai Mao and Zhang Yun, are here. These two men are untrustworthy. Please be cautious."
Cao Cao: "I trust those who are of use to me."

Afterwards Cao Cao meets the two generals and asks how many troups they had brought.

Generals: "Greetings, Your Highness!"
Cao Cao: "Rise."
Cao Cao: "How many ships and men have you brought with you?"
General Cai: "We have with us three hundred thousand naval troops and more than two thousand battleships and boats of various sizes."
Cao Cao: "Great! Now we can be tigers that swim!"

General Cai passes the letter of surrender to Cao Cao. Cao starts reading and seems to be amused about Cai's mistakes in it (it's relevant for the subsequent story).
Cao Cao's counselor is still distrustful and asks Cai about the exchange between him and the empire Wu. It doesn't make a difference for Cao Cao, he is more interested in the general's gift, a detailed map of Wu.

General Cai: "Your Highness, here is our letter of surrender."
Cao Cao: "General Cai, I see many grammatical errors here. I hope your military strategies are not as poor as your command of literature."
Counselor: "I hear you have frequent exchanges with the State of Wu."
General Cai: "Your Highness, I have declared war on Wu many times. These so called exchanges are limited to only this."
Cao Cao: "No need to explain. What is this?"
General Cai: "This is a map of Wu that I drew taking great pains to be precise."
Cao Cao: "General Cai, you took great pains indeed."

The IV only contains the rolling out and watching of the map.

IV: 7 sec
HK: 100 sec

IV: 00:14:51
HK: 00:32:00

Extended shot of the laughing people after Cao Cao's snarky comment about a possible alliance of Lui Bei and Sun Quan. Then a change of scenary to Sun Quan's palace where Zhu is being brought to Sun by Lu Su (Hou Yong).

Lu Su: "Though my Lord is young, he shows wisdom beyond his years. Speak frankly and don't hold back. The senior advisors will be your biggest obstacle."

Mumbling counselors while both of them are on their way to the seats.

"You say we can fight this war? We can't! Hopefully, he has some good strategies to use against Cao Cao. This time around, Cao Cao is determined to fight. We are gravely outnumbered. How could we ever hope to fight this war? We cannot fight!"

The IV immediately shows Sun Quan's (Chang Chen) appearance.

52 sec

IV: 00:14:54
HK: 00:32:55

Shots of the Imperial Army while Zhu Ge Liang tries to persuade Sun Quan of an alliance with Liu Bei. Therefore the conversation has been shortened.

Missing words of Zhu: "Confucius spoke of giving oneself to justice, and Mencius spoke of sacrificing for righteousness. Surrendering is not a matter of victory or defeat, but rather one of virtue! Lord Mayor Liu Bei is of His Majesty's Royal Family. His wisdom is known to the world and respected by the people.If a noble man, who has been loyal to the Han court all his life, fails to succeed, then that is fate. But, how could he surrender to Cao Cao? That would be an unbearable shame!" Plus the different opinions of the counselors/ministers are more obvious.

"Our alliance with Liu Bei will only justify Cao Cao's war. It is better to take Liu Bei captive and turn him over as a gift to Cao Cao!"
"No! We shall first fight, then surrender. So that we leave Cao Cao with a bitter taste."
"One hundred thousand against eight hundred thousand! What kind of a war is this!?"
"Cowards! All of you are shameless cowards!"
"How dare you!"

274 sec
327 sec

IV: 00:19:40
HK: 00:38:34
After the conversation between Lu Su and Zhu, the shot of the valley and the following beginning of the scene have been removed.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:20:33
HK: 00:39:31

Missing shot of Gan Xings (Shidou Nakamura) after the field exercises. He divests a soldier of his spear and shows him to handle it. Parts of the scene appear later in the IV.

26 sec

IV: 00:20:38
HK: 00:40:02
Extended shot of the soldiers plus a couple of missing frames at the beginning of the next scene.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:21:32
HK: 00:41:01
Earlier beginning of the shot of the soldiers before Zhou Yu interrupts the exercises.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:21:40
HK: 00:41:08
As compensation, the scene is longer.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:21:43
HK: 00:41:12
Zhu and a soldier on the ground looking up to the sky.
3 sec

IV: 00:21:46
HK: 00:41:19
Again an uplooking soldier and a missing beginning of the scene.
1 sec

IV: 00:22:06
HK: 00:41:40
Earlier beginning of the shot of Liang.
1 sec

IV: 00:22:19
HK: 00:41:55
Takeshi Kaneshiro keeps on looking to the hill.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:22:21
HK: 00:41:58
Extended shot of the troopers.
1 sec

IV: 00:23:33
HK: 00:43:13
Earlier beginning of the shots of the nature after the guy keeps on making music.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:23:54
HK: 00:43:36

The IV cuts back earlier to Zhou Yu (Tony Leung). As a result of that some few moments of the shot of the nature are missing.

2 sec
9.5 sec

IV: 00:23:58
HK: 00:43:48
Earlier appearance of the soldiers on horses.
3 sec

IV: 00:24:33
HK: 00:44:28

In the IV, Zhou Yu leaves the hill immediately after the playing of the flute is finished. In the HK, the elderly man walks straight to him und reports some water buffaloes of the family had been stolen.

Men: "Your Honor! My family's water buffalo was stoIen from the fields near the barracks. Some people saw..."

13 sec

IV: 00:24:37
HK: 00:44:45

Zhou on his way to the soldiers.

8.5 sec

IV: 00:25:00
HK: 00:45:18
Earlier beginning of the shot of Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro walking down the stairs.
1 sec

IV: 00:25:17
HK: 00:45:37
Gan Xing looks grimly to Zhu Ge Liang after Zhou confronted Zhu with the archaic goose formation.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:25:24
HK: 00:45:46
Additional shot of Zhu Ge Liang walking down the stairs.
3 sec

IV: 00:25:29
HK: 00:45:54

Zhou looks at the soldier's footwear and asks Gan Xing about the formation while pacing off the row.

Zhou Yu: "Are you aware that a bad formation can kill our brothers?"
Gan Xing: "I have never thought of killing my own brothers."

6.5 sec

IV: 00:25:34
HK: 00:46:05
Earlier beginning of the shot of Zhu when he wants to know who that is (he's refering to Gan).
0.5 sec

IV: 00:25:38
HK: 00:46:10

The troop inspection is being finalized with a shot of Zhou with the "water buffalo case" in the HK.

Due to the elderly man's removed comment in the IV, the scene which shows Gan showing the soldier how to handle a spear has been insert here. It's kind of misplaced here and the cut isn't good either (please note the other soldiers in the background, once in fighting position, once building a row). Zhou also tells Zhu to not mess with Gan and his men because they had been feared pirates in former times.

IV: 19 sec

First the comment about the past of Gan Xing and his men in the HK. Zhou exactly inspects the soldiers and compliments them on achievements on that day. The compliments are followed by a big "but" because a buffalo was stolen from a rice field near the shacks. While he's saying that, the elderly man and the boy arrive and the soldiers are yelling "Find him".

Zhou Yu: "I am impressed by everyone's performance today! But this elderly gentleman had his buffalo stolen in the rice fields near the barracks. Was this done by one of my brothers? He who did it gave all our brothers a bad name!"
Soldiers: "Find him! Who did this despicable thing?"

He asks Lu su for the punishment for a delict like that, followed by further interjections of the soldiers.
Zhou Yu: "Lu Su, tell me, what is the penalty according to law?"
Lu Su: "By law, the penalty is death!"
Soldiers: "Step forward. Reveal yourselves. Who did this? Step forward."

Lu determines the delinquents needed to have mud on their shoes and they could expose them that way. Zhou wants to give the delinquents a second chance. That's why he orders an entire company to walk around a tree with a huge wet spot full of mud.

Lu Su: "I have a way to find them. Since the buffalo was stolen in the rice fields, then there must be mud on the shoes of the looters. Am I correct?"
Soldiers: "Yes!"
Zhou Yu: "Attention, Gan Xing Company! Everyone, run to that tree, around and back. Go!"
Soldiers: "Yes!"
Zhou Yu: "I did not drag those people out today, because I want to give them a second chance. The Wu army does not tolerate looting! What we really need is to stick together."

Gan delivers the elderly man a new buffalo and asks for forgiveness. He gives of himself and so do the soldiers.

Gan Xing: "I have failed to train my soIdiers. I beg your forgiveness."
Man: "I dare not! I dare not!"

Zhou goes to Lu and tells him that could only happen because of the lack of replenishment.

Lu Su: "These soldiers are difficult to train."
Zhu Ge Liang: "Yet, these soldiers, have great potential."
Zhou Yu: "Things like this happen because of our shortage of supplies. You gave us half of your wealth to help build this army. Now, supplies are short again. So how about giving up the other half?"
Lu Su: "Whatever you say is fine by me."
Zhou Yu: "Then it's settled."

One of Zhou's servants arrives with bad news.

Valet: "Your Honor! Bad news!"
Lu Su: "I told you this friend is difficult to deal with."
Valet: "It's a breech birth!"

total length HK: 255.5 sec

IV: 00:26:00
HK: 00:50:28

Now the birth of the horse Luoyue after the shot of Zhou's domicile n the HK.
Xiao Qiao (Chiling Lin), Zhou's wife, attends the horse and asks for silence. Her husband arrives and tries to help as well, but neither of them are really familiar with that. Zhu enters the stables and offers to help. Zhou asks if he was experienced and Zhu Ge Liang replies he had been assisting at the births of some cows and adds it had to be similar at the birth of horses. He succeeds and the foal is unharmed.
Then the foal is being named Meng Meng and Zhou has to promise Xiao that he is not using the horse for war when it's older.

278 sec

IV: 00:26:07
HK: 00:55:14
The servant kneels down in front of Lu Su to pour out some wine. Refering to the birth of Meng Meng, Lu Su says: "Xiao Qiao looks like she's the proud new mother herself."
2 sec

IV: 00:26:16
HK: 00:55:25
After Lu su tried to make the upcoming war a subject of discussion, a shot of Zhu Ge Liang and Xiao Qiao in the IV before Zhou Yu's reply. The HK contains a profile shot of Zhou instead.
IV: 3.5 sec
HK: 3.5 sec

IV: 00:27:55
HK: 00:57:08

The IV screens off to Cao Cao's camp, where he looks at a painting from Xiao, while the two main characters are making music. His doc wants to know if he had painted it on his own. He replies he had only seen her once in a lifetime and her father had thought the world of her.
Continuation of making music in the HK.

12.5 sec
13 sec

IF: 00:28:12
HK: 00:57:26

After a short while the music is being interrupted by Cao Cao again. He continues to talk about Xiao. He says she had become a real beauty and she was going to be his after the victory about the south. This segment and the one before are being used later in the HK.
The HK contains a scene of Lu Su and Xiao listening to Zhou's and Zhu Ge's music here.

14 sec
18 sec

IV: 00:28:53
HK: 00:58:12
Zhu Ge Liang and Xiao keep on listening to Zhou. This shot ends with a different freeze frame in either of the versions.
11 sec

IV: 00:29:08
HK: 00:58:38
Extended shot of Zhou's face while the music is going off.
5 sec

IV: 00:29:17
HK: 00:58:52

Xiao passes some tea to Lu and Zhu. She thanks Zhu for the husband having been playing qin after a long time.

Xiao Qiao: "Thank you, Mr. Zhu-ge. My husband has not played his qin for a long time."
Zhu Ge Liang: "I, too, have not been so enervated for a long time."

21 sec

IV: 00:29:27
HK: 00:59:23

Sun Quan's decision to ally with Liu Bei and, as a result of that, to make war on Cao Cao has been shortened.

After Takeshi Kaneshiro and Hou Yong left Tony Leung's domicile, the IV continues with a scene at Cao Cao's camp, where Cao Hong (Wang Hui) wonders that his brother wants to go to war for a woman.

Xiao and Zhou are discussing that there was no choice to prevent the war. Zhou asks his wife why she wrote peace so often, she replies it stood for a name in that particular case. Then she walks to him and puts his head on her belly. She asks him if heard and wants him to listen very carefully. Distracted by the rain, Zhou Yu starts humming instead of seeing the obvious.
Then a love scene, Zhou doesn't want Xiao to leave Red Cliff. The scene ends with a look at the sword, which Zhou gets from Sun Quan in the following scene.

Sun Quan looks at his sword. He thinks of what Zhu Ge Liang said while doing that plus Cao Cao's troups.

He chops off the edge of a table in the throne room and makes clear that anyone, who talks about surrender, would end up like the table. He makes Zhou Yu, Cheng Pu (Wang Yu Zhang) and Lu Su the commanders-in-chief of the army and gives the sword to Zhou. Zhu is watching him.

IV: 5 min 7.5 sec

The HKV continues with a short conversation between Xiao and Zhou after Lu and Zhu left the house.

Xiao Qiao: "I think you two can be great partners."
Zhou Yu: "His music tells me, that he needs friends."
Xiao Qiao: "Your music tells me that you need to fight this war."

Now a shot of Hua Tuo ((Xie Gang) the doc) in the HKV. He asks Cao Cao for the picture. The first sentences are missing in the IV.

Hua Tuo: "Prime Minister, desire and obsession can also cause of headaches."
Cao Cao: "Have you not heard that desire makes one young!"
Hua Tuo: "This painting must be by Your Highness."
Cao Cao: "Her name is Xiao Qiao. When I was young, her father thought very highly of me. I saw her only once. Now, she is the most beautiful woman in the world and married to Zhou Yu. After I pacify Wu, she will be mine."

Cao Cao leaves his rooms and talks to the generals. Here a little conflict between land and sea forces arises.

Cao Cao: "Gentlemen, you are all here."
Generäle: "Yes, Your Highness!"
Cao Cao: "General Cai, your ships are well built!"
Admiral Cai: "Thank you, Your Highness. I have guarded Jingzhou for many years. With the strength and power of our current navy, we will surely defeat Wu."
Cao Cao: "Great!"
Xia Hou: "What? The two generals are saying that our ground troops are just for show?"
Cao Cao: "General Xia-hou, while we Northerners are great on horseback, the Southerners are experts on the water. To destroy Wu, we will need the hard work of General Cai and his navy!"
Admiral Cai: "Thank you, Your Highness!"
Cao Cao: "General Cai, the best food in the South?"
Admiral Cai: "River fish is the best food in the South, Your Highness."
Cao Cao: "Then...what is the worst thing about the South?"
Admiral Cai: "The weather is the worst. This is the windy season. The wind can often be unpredictable."

During the conversation, Cao Cao arrives on the bridge and looks at his soldiers, who start yelling victory. Cao turns around and says: "Six dragons lead my chariot. I will ride the wind with the greatest speed, with all of the feudal lords under my command, to rule the world with one name."

Now the troup movements insert in the IV.

Quan is his in rooms, looking at his sword. His sister, Sun Shang Xiang (Zhao Wei), enters the room and opens the curtain. She sits next to her brother and tries to make him laugh. While doing that, she recognizes a message on the ground.

"On land and sea, with forces numbering eight hundred thousand, I wish to meet Your Highness at the hunt for Wu."

Then she continues to cheer his brother up, but it doesn't work out.

Shang Xiang: "This Cao Cao really has some nerve. What does he mean by a hunt for Wu? Brother, Smile! We will get through this. They all want you to smile too (she points at the ancestors)."
Sun Quan: "When father was nineteen, he was known as the Tiger of the Southland. When my late brother was twenty-six, he conquered the Southland. I am now twenty-six, yet I have done nothing! It seems that my achievements will never be able to be compared to theirs. No matter how hard I try, those old advisors call me worthless."

Zhou Yu enters while the last words are being spoken.

Sun Quan: "Brother?"
Shang Xiang: "You came at the right time...He will not listen or even smile."
Zhou Yu: "My Lord, What is it?"
Shang Xiang: "Cao Cao requests our surrender. See for yourself."

Shang Xiang passes the message to Zhou, who doesn't even look at her. Then Zhou rips it apart. The siblings wonder why he did that and Zhou goes to a bow in tghe corner. He bends a bow and lets loose. Dust comes off the bow.

Zhou Yu: "You have not used this for a long time."

Quan looks indecisively. Zhou goes to him and gives him the bow.

Zhou Yu and the siblings are hunting tigers. When a tiger has been spotted, Zhou shots but misses by a hair's breadth. The group stops and looks around.

Zhou Yu: "He is cunning. Do you see him?"
Sun Quan: "This beast is watching us. He is sinister, playing with his prey."
Zhou Yu: "Is he not like Cao Cao? Though Cao Cao is Prime Minister, he is the real traitor, always ambushing from the darkness."
Shang Xiang: "In the entire world, not one person likes him. Brother, what are you afraid of?"

The Princess spots the tiger and the hunt continues. She also misses him by a hair's breadth with her bow and group stops again.

Sun Quan: "To be honest, I was prepared for war with Cao Cao three years ago."
Zhou Yu: "Cao Cao claims to have an army of eight hundred thousand, yet many are surrendered troops he cannot trust. He can actually use only one hundred thousand of them at most. Our troops have high morale. We have knowledge of the Yangtze River and greater naval expertise. Moreover, Cao Cao has no justifiable reason for his war."
Sun Quan: "But those senior advisors!"
Zhou Yu: "They are only concerned about protecting themselves. You need not listen to them. Your late brother once told you that you are a better administrator, but that he is a better commander. That made you lose confidence."
Shang Xiang: "But he only said that to make you strive to surpass him."

The tiger sneaks up on them from the back and can drag one of the soldiers from his horse. The other help him and the tiger lets go of him.

Shang Xiang spots the tiger again. Zhou gets an arrow and Sun Quan's quiver and tosses it away.

Zhou Yu: "Go. Do not hesitate anymore."

Sun Quan keeps on riding alone.

He looks around and prepares for the shot but the tiger can surprise him and he falls off his horse. He crawls on the ground anxiously and wants the soldiers to interfere. Zhou Yu withholds them, everyone is looking at Quan now. So he grabs his bow and prepares for a shot. Here's a short shot of him sitting in the room, looking at the sword. The tiger's face changes in front of his mind's eye to the face of Cao Cao.

With the noise of the fired bow, the scenary changes to the throne room. Quan chops off the edge of the table and explains that he was going to fight Cao Cao.

Sun Quan: "My decision to fight Cao Cao is final! If anyone dares mention surrender, he will end up like this table. Zhou Yu! Cheng Pu! Lu Su!"
Yu, Pu, Su: "Ay!"
Sun Quan: "I hereby appoint Zhou Yu as the Viceroy in Chief, Cheng Pu the Lieutenant Viceroy, and Lu Su as the Consulting Commander. We will form an alliance with Liu Bei, to stop Cao Cao's invasion."
Yu, Pu, Su: "Understood!"

Zhou gets Sun Quan's sword and Zhu watches everything from outside.

At the end the onversation between Xiao and her husband.

Xiao Qiao: "It seems that war is inevitable."
Zhou Yu: "We cannot stop Cao Cao's invasion. But maybe this one will prevent future wars."
Xiao Qiao: "Just as long as there are no more wars."

Before Xiao gets her husband's head at her belly, Zhou attempts to copy his wife's writing. Xiao also asks here why she wrote "Ping An" so often.

Zhou Yu: "Isn't this one just like yours?"
Xiao Qiao: "You sure know how to replicate my handwriting. Do you know why I wrote so many 'Ping Ans'?"
Zhou Yu: "'Ping An' means peace! So... why so many peaces?"
Xiao Qiao: "'Ping An' is a name...Come, what do you hear? Listen carefully."

Similar to the IV, Zhou starts humming here, followed by a love scene. Xiao wants to know when she ought to leave Red Cliff. The scene ends with the look at the sword.

Xiao Qiao: "I have heard rumours that all the families are leaving Red Cliff. When...When will I leave?"
Zhou Yu: "I won't let you leave. I want you to remain by my side."

total lenght missing footage HKV: 19 min 8 sec