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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Mar 28, 2008 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DeeKay - external link: IMDB
First things first: No, we donīt have additional sex scenes with Jessica Alba in the unrated version. Sorry.
The new material is not overwhelming anyway, although it features some more sex scenes or additional shots.

It is quite interesting to know that the directors cut has a sticker on it promising "Over 35 minutes of footage too outrageous for theaters!". Well, donīt get cocky - the feature film has only got 2 more minutes added, the rest 33 Minutes is bonus material only.

For this report, we compared theatrical version and unrated version .

Letīs take a look at the total running times first:
Theatrical version (US-DVD, NTSC): 99:18 min incl. end credits
Unrated version (US-DVD in NTSC): 101:16 min incl. end credits

9 scenes have changed after all, including

* 6 scenes with alternate material
* 6 potential censorship cuts
* 3 extended plot scenes

Total time difference: 117,5 sec (= 1:58 min)
05:05 [= Theatrical version, NTSC] (05:05-05:09) [= Unrated DC, NTSC]
The oral sexscene at the beach is starting a little earlier, so we see an additional closeup of Charlie and some more gestures and moaning.
4,7 sec

05:25 (05:29-05:39)
Alternate material / Censorship

Theatrical version

Charlie is shown 12 frames / 0,5 sec longer, saying "Oh my god, Carol!". The theatrical continues with her saying "I love you".


Additional shot of the oral sexscene: Charlie spreading his fingers in passion and moaning, Carol mumbling something that sounds like "I love you".

Antother shot of Charlie follows, Carol saying something off screen, lucky Charlie replies: "Thank you!".

Unrated 9,1 sec longer

34:48-34:50 (35:02-35:04)
Alternate material / Censorship
The sex scene at the bottom on the right is using alternate material. The woman is naked in the unrated version, she still has some clothes on in theatrical version. The scene is zooming in on this picture, unrated shows the naked woman again.
no time difference

Theatrical versionUnrated

36:17-36:18 (36:32-37:07)
Alternate material / Censorship

Theatrical version

After the George W. Bush gag, the movie continues with Charlie inside his car. Directors cut shows Charlie approx. 1 second later, when he is looking into the rear mirror and recognizing the police car.


An additional sex scene with a excessively religious woman and a short preview of her next day.
The woman is screaming "Oh, God!" twice, then you see Charlie working under her, repeating her phrase and replying to it.

The woman continues talking in the next shot: "Oh, Jesus Christ, almighty! God, my savior! I shall adore thee from now until forever more!" Charlie is a looking a little puzzled by now already, as the woman is now raising her hands praying to the lord: "Oh! Amen!".
"Would you like to pray with me now?"
Confused Charlie refuses, shaking his head: ""

The next day, we see the woman again reading a book. A man with the same book is joining her, they are looking at each other. You can see from the look on the womanīs face that she appearantly found Mr. Right in this very moment.

Unrated 35 sec longer

36:42 (37:32-37:33)
The shot starts a little earlier, moaning Charlie working with some girl.
1,8 sec

36:58-36:59 (37:49-38:24)
Alternate material / Censorship

Theatrical version

After showing the letters on the table, we see the blending into split-screen.


We have an additional scene here. After a few seconds of cowgirl style, the woman is dropping beside Charlie.

Charlie: "Megan, I swear I know you from some place."
Megan: "We went to high school together."
Charlie: "Megan... What's your last name?"
Megan: "Gilles."
Charlie: "Gilles. I knew a Matthew Gilles. God, you do look like him. Is that your brother?"
Megan: "Actually, that was me before the operation."

Shocked Charlie is turning away, Megan touching his cheek.
Continues with split screen from there.
Unrated 34,6 sec longer

59:30-59:31 (60:55-61:10)
Plot scene
Theatrical starts with Cam a few frames earlier. Not very noteworthy.
However, unrated version shows a little more conversation between the two:

Charlie: "Would you go to the prom with me?"
Cam (laugthing) "I love your voice. The crazy things is, I can't picture you anymore."
Charlie (in the tub): "Okay, here's the update: I am now 4' 3", I weigh 235 pounds, and I've got a cleft eye."
Cam laughing, then continuing same as theatrical version:
"Can I ask you something?"
Unrated 13,8 sec longer

59:33-59:38 (61:12-61:36)
Alternate material / plot scene

Theatrical version

Charlie (on screen): "Yeah."
Cam (off screen, talking on the phone) "I get the feeling that..."
The following shot of Cam starts 15 frames earlier than the directors cut, Cam is still hesitating.


The shot on Cam continues:
Charlie (talking on the phone): "Yeah."
Cam: "Are you not into girls?"
Charlie exaggerately laughing, then replying shyly: "No."
Shot on clueless Cam, on the phone: "No. Are you... seriously, are you there?"
Charlie (leaning foreward): "I'm not... not into girls. You should have seen my room growing up. It was full of posters of... of girls! There was no guys. It was girls!"

Unrated 18,2 sec longer

59:41-59:44 (61:39-61:41)
Alternate material / plot scene
For continuity reason, we have alternate material in this scene:
Theatrical version shows Charlie laying in the tub, directors cut shows him leaning forward. The sentence is also a little different:

"No, Cam, are you kidding? I'm dying to see you."

"No, Cam. I'm dying to see you. It's killing me."
Unrated 0,3 sec longer

Theatrical versionUnrated