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Dogtown Boys

original title: Lords of Dogtown


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 05, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the PG-13 version (Theatrical Version) and the unrated version, both distributed by Columbia Pictures.

Dogtown Boys is based on the auto-biography of the skateboarder Stacy Peralta who made a documentation movie about skating (Dogtown and Z-Boys). He was later co-founder of the skater brand Powell & Peralta. Later he left the firm and dedicted himself to film making.

The movie offers a nostalgic flashback to the founding of the Z-Boys who used empty swimming pools for forming their own style. After the first half and various good skating scenes the movie gets lost to the causes of the fame of the new born shooting stars. The other side of the coin are concurency, jealousy and commerce.

All in all the movie offers good entertainment with an original look and convincing characters.

The unrated version of the movie offers additional plot scenes as well as scenes with words which seemed to be not suitable for a PG-13 rating. The German DVD is based on the unrated version and was rated FSK12.

Runtime of the PG-13 version w/o credits: 1:43:16 (NTSC)
Runtime of the unrated version w/o credits: 1:46:35 (NTSC)

9 scenes in which the unrated version is longer
2 scenes in which alternative material has been used
4 scenes in which alternative material has been used without time differences
5 changes of words
1 longer blackscreen
= 199 sec. or 3 minutes and 19 seconds
Time index: PG-13 / Unrated

The blackscreen is longer on the PG-13 DVD.
+1,5 Sec.

Alternative material

The PG-13 version shows Jay how he walks around the car. The unrated shows him on a railing.
no time difference


Unrated is longer

Jay notices two strangers who have come to the beach to surf. Tony notices them as well and tells his friends about the situation. One can shortly see Jay who opens the hood of the surfers’ car. Skip and the others meet the ‘invaders’ in the water. They start argueing and Jay tells them to get away. Jay joins them on his board. He asks both: ”You guys have, like, a blue, like ’67 Chevey Camaro?”. When one of them says yes Jay shows him the carburetor and dumps him in the ocean. Skip again demands them to get away. Tony throws some stones on their boards and they break. Both disappear and curse the group: ”Fucking anal pirate fags.”. The strangers swim away but a wave makes them flip over. Skip yells at Jay to take the board before it disappears but before he manages to grab it, it gets crushed on some wooden piles.
"Thanks a lot, pal."
71,1 Sec.

Unrated is longer

The beginning of the scene in which the group joins up is longer in the unrated. Browser wants to take a pull from the joint.
Browser: "Chino, let me toke on that."
Chino: "You got one in your hair, bro."
Browser: "Yeah, it's my backup joint."
9,08 Sec.

Unrated is longer

After Jay left the half-pipe the unrated continues. Sid offers a cigarette to Skip who just has lost it. Both make fun and Skip lifts him up.
15,78 Sec.

Alternative material

When Kathy angrily yells after Tony both versions have different material.
No time difference


Sound change

Shortly after Kathy is pulled into the trunk by their friends. The PG-13 version does not have the following sentence:
"Come on, get in the car. He's a dick. Let's go, come on."
No time difference


Alternative material and the unrated runs longer

When Jay and Kathy and Tony and Blanca are kissing each other and have sex both versions offer different material. In many scenes the unrated runs longer. At the last picture both versions run synchronous again.
18,02 Sec.


Alternative pictures and sound material and the unrated runs longer

During the car ride Jay yells domething at an old woman. The PG-13 version shows him yelling: ”Love to get me some of your vintage ass!”. Afterwards one can see both women and Jay again.
The unrated shows him yelling ”Love to get me some of the gray beaver.”. Afterwards the camera turns off to both women and one of them yells: ”Come back when your balls drop.”. Jay responses: ”Yeah, you’re looking good!” and waves his fist up and down.
4,5 Sec.


Unrated is longer

Skip dispells a guy in front of the bar.
Skip: "This is for locals only."
A car, in which three beautyful women are sitting, stops. One of them asks Skip if he can an except.
Skip: "Baby doll, let me just say I'm willing to negotiate.". He opens the door and the women get out. Skip closes the door with a slight kick.
At the bar Tony signs some autographs, two women move towards him. One of them kisses him and says: "I took what the dentist told me to takem but I don't feel anything."
Then she gives some pills to him.
Tony: "That's the point, babe. Come on."
32,3 Sec.

Unrated is longer

One can see Sid a bit longer how he shakes his hips and presents his butt.
1,87 Sec.

Unrated is longer

The unrated shows how Sid grabs at the boobs of some random girl.
2,4 Sec.

Unrated is longer

When Sid’s friends scares him the unrated shows a short intercut to Sid how he is still touching some boobs. The PG-13 version shows Sid’s friend a bit longer and the beginning of the next scenes is longer. The time difference is minimal here.
0,23 Sec.

Unrated is longer

Jay sits in front of the bar. A woman comes close to him and bends over. She says:"I saw you in the magazine. That was bitchen." Oberweite Jay seems to be impressed because of her boobs. "Jesus Christ, girl. Ain't you Chino's old lady?" She answers: "No. It's like he won't leave me alone." Jay continues watching her boobs and says: "Well, I wouldn't either. Can I suck on your panties?" The woman pushes together his mouth.
Afterwards one can see the teenagers smoking their bong.
35,24 Sec.

Word change und alternative material

Here Sid says something different in both versions.
PG-13: "Dude, I just found God."
Unrated: "I just got laid."
Additionally the PG-13 has a short intercut on the group of girls whereas the unrated version shows Jay and Sid longer. Afterwards Sid’s sentence differs.
PG-13: "Thunder Monkey's all over me."
Unrated: "Thunder Monkey's all over my shit, dude."
No time difference


Word change

The unrated version shows how Tony says: "fuck".
PG-13: "I wanna do it all right now"
Unrated: "I wanna do it all right fucking now"
0,53 Sec.


Alternative material (images and sound)

When the woman goes to Jay’s car he says in the PG-13 version:: "Hey, Jay. I saw you in the magazine."
This sentence has also been taken here.
In the unrated version the conversation starts with: "Here's where you been, my little devil." Jay antwortet: "You found me somehow."
No time difference


Word change

Only the unrated version offers a fowl word during the fight.
No time difference

Word change

As well as: "little pussy".
No time difference

Word change

Again only the unrated version offers fowl words.
No time difference

Unrated is longer

During the fight both versions have different material (no pictures because there are no resonable differences). The PG-13 version interrupts. The unrated shows Jay who is lying on the ground and gets beaten in his rips. The scene in which he is helped up can be seen in both versions, but the PG-13 version lacks the sentence: ”Get the fuck up.”. Then only the unrated shows how Jay gets away from both guys, runs towards another guy and beats him down.
9,98 Sec.