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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended UK VHS Version
Release: Oct 25, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Compared were the uncut FSK 16 DVD by MGM (Standard Version) and the uncut BBFC 18 VHS by Virgin Vision (Long Version).

4 New Scenes = 5 minutes and 36 seconds.
1 Recut = No runtime difference.

"Colors" is a successful action drama, which tells about the life of two gangs who are at enmity and have bloody conflicts in the streets of LA every day. It's about the infamous Bloods and Crips. Two cops, Bob (Robert Duvall) and his new colleague Danny (Sean Penn) who is ready to use violence, investigate in this gang war and put themselves in harm's way.

In addition to the original theatrical version there exists also an extended version of the film, but just in the UK. This concerns the VHS edition of 4 Front Video and Virgin Vision (at least as far as we know). But the new scenes are not very satisfying, so the Standard Version is absolutely sufficient and recommended for everyone.

The rest of the runtime difference results from a different play tempo.
46 Min
The sex scene of Danny and Louisa is significantly longer.
50 Sec

55 Min
You can see a few gang members hanging around. One of them deals drugs. When Danny and Bob join, the drug dealer swallows the drugs and runs away. Danny follows him, grabs him and pulls him along. In the meantime Bob keeps the other gang members in check.
37 Sec

SV: 61 Min / LV: 65 Min

Standard Version:
Now follows a conversation of Danny and Louisa, which is shown a little bit later in the Long Version. Danny wants to know why she behaves so strange towards him. She says that her family hates him because of his behavior. Moreover she adds that he sprayed paint in somebodies face for no reason recently and this guy was her cousin. Danny tries to whitewash himself but Louisa says that he's a mean person and that she won't be on his side because her family is of more importance to her. Angry and disappointed she goes back to her job and leaves Danny standing there thoughtfully.

Long Version:
Danny drives to Louisa's home and stops in front of it. When he's getting of the car to visit her, a Latino gang surprises him. They raise a quarrel. Louisa notices that and runs out of the house towards Danny. Shortly before the situation escalates Danny and Louisa get into the car and drive away. He stops in front of his house. A conversation between them follows.
SV: 2 Min 27 Sec
LV: 3 Min 34 Sec

Standard Version:

Long Version:

71 Min
A father gets harassed by some Latinos at the beach. Thereupon he upsets one of the Latinos and the father gets stabbed in the back by him with a knife. His wife screams with horror. The next scene shows how the badly injured father gets carried into the ambulance.
35 Sec

81 Min
The conversation of Danny and Louisa was reintegrated at this point.
+ 2 Min 27 Sec