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Faces of Death


  • BBFC 18 DVD
  • US DVD
Release: Oct 29, 2009 - Author: PaulBearer - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored English DVD (BBFC 18) from Screen Entertainment and the Unrated US-DVD from Gorgon Video.

The first part of the "Faces of Death" series had already been banned in Great Britain for a long time when in 2003 the BBFC finally gave an 18 rating for a censored version of the film. As for today, a 4 disc box of the complete series, which contains part 1-4, is available. (Parts 2-4 are either a "recycling" of old scenes or films that have nothing to do with the original).
As usual, the UK censorship is different from what one would expect from other regions. The censorship, except one scene of sexual violence from part 3, only concerns violence against animals as described in the Cinematograph Animals Act. This also explains why not all killings had to be removed. Killings that have to do with food or fur production are still on the DVD. Only animal torture has been removed.

In part 1 only 2 scenes had to be cut out: A bloody dog fight and part of the famous scene in the oriental restaurant, where the brain of a monkey is eaten. This scene, as confirmed by "Conan Le Cilaire" in the documentary "Faces of Death: Fact or Fiction?", was staged and is not real. This was acknowledged by the BBFC and accordingly the BBFC did not object to the eating of the brain from the skull (i.e. of the cauliflower from a rubber head). Nevertheless, they did not accept the preparation of the real monkey before the banquet, although the monkey was not harmed during that procedure.

The Seance that is said to be on the Dutch DVD is missing from both, the British and the US-DVD.

2 altered scenes = 139 seconds
Two dogs are brought into an enclosed "arena" and fight against each other there. at the end of the scene, one of the dog lies on the ground motionlessly.
75 seconds

A waiter brings a scared monkey into the dining room. Afterwards, the animal is put into a cage under the dining table and locked into position with a metal collar. The waiter hands out small "hammers" to the guest and explains how to use them. Some guests hit the head of the monkey with the hammers. (Most of the time, that's not shown on screen.)
64 seconds