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  • Unrated
Release: Apr 02, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version (both available on the US Blu-ray by Broad Green Pictures)

Willie is down the tubes - again. Sue is gone and he has just lost his job as a valet. And again, he is getting wasted and his only friend left is Thurman who is grown up by now. A silver lining is his former partner Marcus who is up to another heist. Marcus intends to infiltrate a charity organization in order the donated money which is being stored in a safe. Once again, Willie is supposed to crack the safe. At first, he is not aware that his mother Sunny is in on it as well which means the three of them have to find a way to get along.

In 2003, Bad Santa was an unexpected success. Particularly because it was the exact opposite of the normally idyllic christmas flicks and apart from its harsh humor, it simply had heart. 13 years afterwards, the sequel Bad Santa 2 again starring Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox and Brett Kelly was released. It is horrifying though how less has changed. In order to crack another safe, the crooks need to get through the time before Christmas. Due to Willie's vulgar style, their cover is about to be blown by a curious security guard who starts investigating.

The movie is not as bad as some reviews might imply though. The humor is harsh, probably a little too harsh sometimes. The trend to replace smart and funny dialog in a decent plot with obscene superficialities is omnipresent here as well. As a result, not only Willie and Marcus but also Sunny has some pretty rough lines. That being said, Brett Kelly as Thurman is quite amusing and there are a few little moments such as Willie attempts to compliment someone when in fact all he does is talking about big breasts that are rather entertaining as well. All in all, Bad Santa 2 is better than other stupid R-rated comedies but it certainly keep up with the original.

In movie theaters, the sequel was rated R. On Blu-ray and DVD, a longer Unrated Version with approx. 2 additional minutes is available. There is not a lot of new stuff in it though. Mostly, there are simply longer scees (including the sex scenes). For instance, Willie's mom shows up while he is getting a handjob. When Gina explains to Marcus why she refuses to sleep with him, the Unrated Version contains alternate footage resp. her explanation is harsher now. Later on, Sunny suggests to seduce Gina because she had already gathered some experience in this area. In the big finale, one gets to see some actually breasts when Willie is at the party. If one can choose, I suggest to watch the Unrated Version because the gags are a little more over the top but is far from being the big revelation.

Running Times:

R-Rated: 92:16 min
Unrated: 94:50 min

Willie slightly longer.

Unrated: 0.7 sec


Willie punches Santa twice. Also, the subsequent shot starts a little earlier.

Unrated: 1.9 sec



People in the audience are shocked. Willie kicks Santa's crest.


Alternate shot of the audience. Willie kicks Santa's crest and lunges out.

R-Rated: 2.8 sec
Unrated: 2.9 sec


Willie longe when he beats the crap out of Santa lying on the ground.

Unrated: 3.1 sec



Gina explains his height was an issue and she had already lobster bigger than Marcus. She also says she did not even know how it was supposed to work in the first place and that it was like a chihuahua banging a German bulldog. She thanks him for the lobster and enters her apartment.


Here, Gina says she prefered older and more experieced men who treated them like crap and who were into anal. Marcus explains he was not into it. Gina then tells him that Christmas was a turn-on for her because of Santa who breaks into houses, eats their food and punishes bad girls. She wants to go upstairs, watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and masturbate to it. She thanks him for the lobster and enters her apartment.

R-Rated: 14.0 sec
Unrated: 49.5 sec


Marcus complains that Gina had eaten too much lobster and he could not even smell his pussy because of it.

Unrated: 4.5 sec


Willie tells her to call him Santa. Diane tells him to shut up and spit on her instead. Willie spits sideways. Diane wants him to tell how filthy all that is.

Unrated: 15.2 sec


Willie repeats how filthy it is. The subsequent shot starts a little earlier and Diane says "Fuck me!".

Unrated: 10.6 sec


The sex scene by the trash cans is briefly longer.

Unrated: 0.4 sec


Marcus slightly earlier when he opens up the door.

Unrated: 0.5 sec



Sunny asks if Marcus was always that useless.


Sunny wonders if she was the only who managed to accomplish something that evening. One can hear lapping noises from the bathroom. Marcus adds he thought his family was on bad terms. Sunny wants to know if Marcus was always that useless.

R-Rated: 2.8 sec
Unrated: 12.2 sec


Sunny and Marcus are loading a truck. She asks if she should seduce the woman for him because she had done that before. Marcus says he did not want to think about it and he was already working on it. Sunny explains it was probably better that way because otherwise, she would probably get Gina for herself.

Unrated: 12.3 sec


Willie suggests to move the hand away from his testicles. Sunny is passing by when Willie suggests that the exmployee could shove her finger up his butt but she explains she would not do anything like that. Sunny knocks and says it was time to go. Willie explains she was his mom. The employee helps him to put the Santa suit back on correctly.

Unrated: 21.5 sec


Sunny adds she had figured it out te hard way (she is refering to the hallucinating effect of too much oral sex with women).

Unrated: 3.1 sec


At the beginning of the sex scene with Willie and Gina, the Unrated Version contains alternate footage. The dialog itself remains unchanged though. In the R-Rated Version, Willie appears a little surprised by the punch in the face.



R-Rated: 10.9 sec
Unrated: 12.8 sec


Alternate shots in the Unrated Version when Willie starts sodomizing her.



R-Rated: 4.5 sec
Unrated: 5.9 sec


The sex scene is longer. Gina wants it harder.

Unrated: 8.0 sec


Willie slightly longer.

Unrated: 0.4 sec


Tracking shot of the party. One gets to see Willie as well.

R-Rated: 5.7 sec


Sunny is making his way through the crowd plus Willie on the slide.

Unrated: 13.4 sec


Willie slides down and two girls show him their breasts.

Unrated: 15.3 sec