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  • Director's Cut
  • Uncut version
Release: Dec 15, 2010 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut DVD from Elite Entertainment (Director's Cut / Not rated) and the uncut DVD from Anchor Bay (Not rated).

There are 10 differences at a total of 2 minutes and 58.5 seconds:

1 violence cut = 19 secs.
1 story cut = 128 secs.
8 master faults = 22.5 secs.

William Lustig's cult movie about serial killer Frank Zito was released in the USA in an entirely uncut version, a cut (due to violence) R-rated version, and a a little bit shortened Director's Cut. The latter is the director's favorite version as he was not satisfied with the restaurant scene, so he decided to have it cut out.
8. min.
The brothel owner asks the woman what he could to for her. She replies that he is sort of a joker.
7 secs.

9. min.
The prostitute can be seen a bit longer.
1 sec.

14. min.
Violence cut: You can see Frank choking the prostitute a bit longer.
19 secs.

16. min.
Frank enters the room, mannequin under his arm.
2 secs.

28. min.
The woman climbs from the back seat to the front.
3 secs.

33. min.
The two women are talking a bit.
3 secs.

37. min.
The woman turns the newspaper around.
3 secs.

48. min.
The picture is turned around.
2 secs.

51. min.
Story cut: Now here is the restaurant scene: After a shot from outside the restaurant, there is a fade to Frank and Anna at the table. Frank says to her that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and that she reminds him of his mother. Anna thanks him for that. After the waiter has brought a coffee for each, Anna asks Frank if he had a picture of his mother with him. Frank takes the picture from his jacket and shows it to her. He mentions that she was quite young at the time. Anna asks him where his mother is living at the moment. He replies that they had been living in Queens at the time and that his mother has died in a car accident long ago. Anna apologizes and says that his mother had looked adorable. After Frank has put away the picture, she says that she has to leave soon as she has some photo shoots scheduled and therefore lacks time. Frank arranges a second date with her as he would like to see her again. Anna agrees and asks Frank if he is disappointed that she doesn't have much time due to the photo shoots. Frank denies it and Anna tells him that he hopefully he understands that her career means a lot to her. Frank reluctantly accepts it and wishes her well.
128 secs.

61. min.
The first shot before the woman enters the room is a bit longer.
1.5 secs.