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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Mar 08, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
The time indexes are listed in the following order:

Theatrical Version in PAL / Theatrical Version in NTSC (Extended Cut in NTSC)

- Theatrical Version: 89:33 min in NTSC , [Theatrical Version: 85:53 min in PAL]
- Extended Cut: 93:45 min in NTSC

For this report both versions from the US-DVD so the time indexes are in NTSC. Since a copy of the German DVD with the Theatrical Version in PAL has been used as well the PAL time indexes are also listed so owners of a PAL DVD have an index to relate to.

- 11 additional scenes, containing 7 with alternative footage in the Theatrical Version
- 2x changed score
- 1x additional footage in the Theatrical Version
- 1 Recut
- Difference: 252,5 sec (= 4:12 min)

Comparison of the Theatrical Version with the Extended Version (both on the US-"Family Fun Edition"-DVD)

The movie and the DVD

Of the action-packed Christmas comedy produced in 1996 by Brian Levant, who, among other works, directed "Beethoven" and the "Flintstones" movies, an Extended Version has been released on DVD in America in October 2007, being called "Family Fun Edition" and containing the old Theatrical Version as well. Before the main menu one can choose which version he wants to see, though many of the additional scenes are found among the special features as well.
But the DVD has even more special features while the old release had not much to offer. So the "Family Fun Edition" is definitely the best choice available, even if one likes the old Theatrical Version better since it is on the new DVD as well

The Extended Version

The new Extended Cut is not DVD exclusive or a DVD premiere since according to the Imdb (almost) the same version had already been shown on the US TV channel ABC. Almost, because two lines had to be censored (Quote Imdb: The Mall Santa's line of "That's not my bag" was deleted from television because of its sexual innuendo; Myron's line of "a woman who slept with everybody at the post office but me" was changed to "a woman, you don't even know where she lives any more!"), while on the DVD those lines have not been edited. Apart from that the changes are the same so one can assume that the version aired on TV is the same as on the DVD

The new scenes are quite nice, especially James Belushi getting more screen time should please many viewers. Also, the closing gag (Schwarzenegger noticing that because of all the ordeals he had went through he forgot to buy his wife a present as well) has been put behind the last scene at the parade instead of after the credits like in the old version, providing a somewhat rounder experience.
A matter of opinion is the change of the score in two scenes. While in the Theatrical Version the Rock version of "Jingle All The Way" plays during Arnolds futile chase through the stores, the song plays during the fight with the Santa Clauses in the warehouse in the Extended Cut while the Theatrical Version sticks to a decorative background score. During Arnolds chase for the last Turbo Man the Extended Cut now plays the slow "Christmas Song" which kinda slows the whole thing down inappropriately. In my opinion the Theatrical Version is the better version here, but like I said it's a matter of opinion.
21:00 [Theatrical Version] (21:00-22:04) [Extended Cut]

In the Theatrical Version Howard (Schwarzenegger) sees the woman in the car right away. In the Extended Cut he first eyes a different woman in a fur coat.

Howard runs after her and says: "Excuse me, lady."
She mistakes him for a burglar and starts beating on him with her purse: "What do you want?"
Howard: "No, I'm not a robber, I'm not a robber! I followed you all the way from the store."
She smiles at him: "Oh, really?"
Howard: "Yes, really. There's something I wanted to ask you."
The woman gets it all completely wrong: "Would you like my phone number?"
Howard: "Oh no! Eh, I mean, no. It's, uh, I would like your bag!"
Woman: "My bag?"
Howard: "Yes! I offer you twice what you paid for it."
Frau: "Twice?"
Howard whips out some cash and waves it in front of her: "Okay, three times!"
The woman thinks about it and says: "Ah ok, I get it. Sure, what the heck. For that kind of profit, knock yourself out."
She hands him the bag, he thanks her and she adds: "And just in case - here's my phone number."
Howard takes the note and thanks her again. She walks away, he puts the note into the bag and looks at the toy which is no Turbo Man but only his sidekick Booster. Howard looks at the package and says "Booster? I don't want Booster!"
He throws the bag in the trash and keeps looking around. Now we see the car from the Theatrical Version.

64 sec

Alternative footage
20:10-20:11 / 21:02-21:03 (22:06-22:09)

In the Theatrical Version a short shot from the previously cut scene in which Howard starts running has been put back in. In the Extended Cut, however, the last shot from the previous additional scene with Howard looking around continues.

He sees the "Turbo Man" action figure in the trunk of the car and murmurs: "Turbo Man...Hey, lady!"
Then he runs after the car.
(Screenshots only from the, for a screenshot from the Theatrical Version see picture three from the previous cut)

Extended 1,5 sec longer

20:21-21:47 / 21:13-22:43 (22:25-24:00)

While Howard searches the stores different music is played in both versions. In the Theatrical Version we hear the Rock version of "Jingle All The Way" while in the Extended Cut the much slower "The Christmas Song" is played, considerably changing the mood of the scene. The music starts in the Theatrical Version as Howard runs after the car while the music in the Extended Cut starts as he stops following the car and then drives past several stores in a montage.

Alternative footage
20:59-21:01 / 21:52-21:54 (22:59-23:01)

Alternative footage during the changeover from the car on the road to Howard behind the wheel.
In the Theatrical Version he seems hopeless while in the Extended Cut he looks around.

Also, the Theatrical Version directly fades to the car driving past the cinema while the Extended Cut shows Howard, then cuts to the shot of the car.

No time difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Alternative footage
21:05-21:07 / 21:59-22:01 (23:06-23:11)

A store clerk laughs at Howard in a close up while in the Extended Cut he is laughed at in a different store by a younger clerk.

The shot fades over right away in the Theatrical Version while in the Extended Cut it is seen too at the end and there is now fade to the next shot of the car driving over the bridge.

Extended 3,7 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Alternative footage
21:11-21:15 / 22:06-22:10 (23:16-23:28)

Here the Extended Cut features some additional shots while those shots shown in the Theatrical Version as well are longer.

Theatrical Version
- A laughing woman.
- Tracking shot along a toy shelf
- A different shelf with "Booster" figures and a "Sold Out" where the "Turbo Man" figures used to be.

Extended Cut
- A different toy shelf
- The laughing woman is seen longer.
- Another clerk laughs heartily.
- An older clerk (in the Theatrical Version at 21:59) laughs.
- The tracking shot starts earlier.

Extended 8,4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

21:34-21:35 / 22:29-22:30 (23:47)

Additional shot of to appalled women as Howard fights with the "Turbo Man" cardboard stand-up.

+ 0,7 sec

Alternative footage
31:31-31:47 / 32:52-33:08 (34:09-34:53)

As Howard takes the Santa from the mall (James Belushi) with him the Theatrical Version is missing a short conversation at the beginning of the ride.

Theatrical Version

The car drives towards the screen and we hear Santa sing "Little Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot".
Howard: "Come on, buddy. I've got a parade to go to and I've yet to see a sign of that supposed Turbo Man doll."
Santa interrupts his singing for a "Turn left", then we see the car arrive at a large factory building.

Extended Cut

The car drives over a bridge and we hear the conversation.
Howard: "Come on, buddy. We've been driving around now for twenty minutes. How much longer?"
Santa pulls down his beard and says: "Name isn't Buddy, it's Santa!"
Howard: "Fine, Santa."
Santa: "Thank you."
Howard: "But it's getting late. I've got a parade to go to and I've yet to see a sign of that supposed Turbo Man doll. Meanwhile, all this time, my "in touch with his feminine side" neighbor - he's busy attacking my wife's cookies, all right!"
Santa: "Hey, spare me the details of your twisted life, pal. Okay?"
The little helper from the backseat: "Hey, yo, is this genuine leather?"
Howard makes threatening motion in his direction: "Don't touch anything back there!"
Santa: "Hey! That's Santa's helper! You wanna see the doll, don't you?"
Howard nods irritated.

Extended 27,5 sec longer

Alternative footage
33:37-33:41 / 35:04-35:08 (36:49-38:04)

After Santa's "For every little boy who opens a present on Christmas morning and finds clothes instead of toys" part of the scene in the warehouse is missing and the Theatrical Version only shows a different short shot.

Theatrical Version

Santa wipes a tear from his eye and says "It breaks my heart!".

Extended Cut

Santa: "Have you ever heard that song, 'The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot'?"
Howard shakes his head: "No. I can't say that I have."
Santa starts singing "He's the little boy that Santa Claus forgot..."
More Santas join in.
"And goodness knows he didn't want a lot..."
Howard watches dumbstruck and the song continues: "He sent a note to Santa for some soldiers and a drum. It broke his little heart to find that Santa didn't come. In the street he envies all those lucky boys..."
Howard tries to interrupt without success.
"...then wanders home to last year's broken toys. I'm so sorry for that laddie. He hasn't got a daddy. The little boy that Santa Claus forgot."
Several Santas start clapping their hands. Howard mockingly claps his hands and says: "Very moving..."

Both versions continue with the little helper bringing the doll.

Extended 71,6 sec longer

35:07-36:44 / 36:37-38:28 (39:33-41:36)

Now we hear the Rock version of "Jingle All The Way" in the Extended Cut as Howard beats up the Santas.

Alternative footage
35:50-35:52 / 37:22-37:24 (40:18-40:34)

After Howard has hit the big Santa with the Christmas decoration both versions show different footage. In the Extended Cut Howard tries to hit him much more often.

Theatrical Version

Close up of the beaten down Santa lifting his index finger.

Extended Cut

- Santa looks angry and his eyes bulge.
- Howard shakes his head.
- The little helper laughs and says "Oh, man!".
- Howard lets several hits rain down on Santa but he doesn't seem to care.

Extended 14 sec longer

Alternative footage
36:18:36:22 / 37:51-37:55 (41:01-41:03)

Theatrical Version

- The little helper whips out his stun gun. Howard asks from the off "Who's gonna be next?"
- Close up of the stun gun
- The little helper approaches Howard.

Extended Cut

- Shot of Santa from the mall (James Belushi) yelling "Get him!".
- The stun gun is shown but a little later so the shot is shorter here.
- The little helper approaches Howard (also a bit later).

Theatrical Version 1,8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

42:37-42:38 / 44:27-44:28 (47:35-47:58)

Here the shots of the laughing Howard and the sighing Myron are shorter/longer in the Theatrical Version but not enough to be worth being provided with screenshots.
In the Extended Cut Myron describes the Johnny 7 O.M.A. Gun he had wished for as a child in explicit detail. While Howard is still seen Myron says "Count 'em!" and starts listing the features.
"One - it's a grenade launcher. Two - it's a anti-armor gun. Three - it's an anti-tank gun. I see ya, buddy! Four - it's a rifle. Five - it was a Tommy gun. Six - it's an anti-aircraft gun. Just in case somebody survived, seven was a cap-firing pistol."

Extended 21,4 sec longer

50:42 / 52:52 (56:22-57:00)

When Howard finds his destroyed car the Theatrical Version continues with the choir directly.
In the Extended Cut we see his car getting towed and Howard inside the truck practicing the apology to his wife. The driver is not pleased with Howards lines.

While the truck drives we hear Howard: "Liz, honey. I did everything within my power to get the doll for Jamie."
From the inside of the truck: "But look, I got a gift certificate, which is just as good."
Driver: "Eh, too happy. Show a little emotion."
Howard, exaggerating: "Emotions? Oh Liz, I'm so sorry, I didn't get one. I failed as a husband and I failed as a father. Could you ever forgive me? Please?"
Er looks at the driver expectant but she looks back disgusted: "Why don't you just put on a dress and weep like a little girl?"
Howard looks at her quizzically.

38,4 sec

78:00 / 81:21 respectively 85:08-85:50 / 88:46-89:29 (85:28-86:15)

The scene that comes after the credits in the Theatrical Version has been put right after the last shot of Howard at the parade in the Extended Cut. In the Theatrical Version the last shot slowly fades out and the credits roll. The Extended Cut fades a bit earlier to their decorated house but also pans down the house so the Extended Cut is a bit longer here but otherwise the scenes are identical.

Howard puts the star on the tree and says: "Yeah, look at that!", his family praises him and his wife kisses him on the cheek.
Liz: "Howard, I've been thinking. Everything that you went through for Jamie really shows me how much you love him."
Howard looks embarrassed while she continues: "And uh...and if you're willing to go through all of that for him just for a present, well, that makes me wonder."
Howard doesn't get it: "What?"
Liz grins expectant: "What did you get for me?"
The camera zooms in on Howards shocked expression.

Extended 3,5 sec longer