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  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Japanese Extended Version
Release: Oct 08, 2011 - Author: Scat - Translator: Mr. Hagi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between HK-DVD and Japan-DVD.

"Fantasy Mission Force" (original title) is a very chaotic and jumbled up, but also quite entertaining trash movie which you are going to either love or hate. It features Jackie Chan as well as Jimmy Wang Yu amongst others.
The Hongkong-DVD is the same as the standard uncut version. This version has also been released in the most other countries like the USA, Canada and the UK.

The Japan-DVD features an extended cut of the movie. In several parts there are longer action sequences. These are not worth mentioning and will be interesting to collectors only, to whom this might be a good buy.

The times below are those of the Japan-DVD.
The guys keep on kidding around in time lapse.
193 Sec

The scene in the tent is starting earlier.
19 Sec

The scene's duration is prolonged. Everyone still talks a little.
14 Sec

The car drive of the clique is prolonged. Two of the slobs are thrown out the car. They keep running past the car and jump on again. When they're thrown off again the regular cut commences anew.
21 Sec

The clique is being "tortured" longer by the Amazons.
173 Sec

Two of the prisoners can still be seen. One of the Amazons enters and bewitches one of them. Then they keep hunting each other round the cage in which the other one is still trapped. Because they are linked by a chain with the cage and a rotating wooden beam, the guy in the cage is receiving hits to the head and the feet by the wood. Shortly after they change places. Another Amazon enters and the game starts anew.
131 Sec

The sequence continues. There is more talking before the scene is changing to the following morning.
125 Sec

In both versions there is a different music playing during the outro.
- Sec