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original title: Posesion de una adolescente


  • Restored Version
  • Integral Version
Release: Jun 04, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Running time:

DVD: 88:11 min.
DVD (Integral Version): 97:49 min.

This is a comparison between the two versions included in the Severin DVD release.

Besides a newer (digitally remastered) version of the movie, the DVD also includes the so-called "Integral Version". For this version, missing scenes were included from a low-quality VHS tape. As an alternative you can also watch these scenes in the bonus material section ("deleted scenes"). The "Integral Version" seems to be the original version (there probably doesn't exist a complete master tape anymore). It is likely that the cuts were made to increase the movie's speed (e.g. the whole part including the soothsayer was cut out completely).
For more detail about the movie, check out the other "Malabimba" report on this homepage!

Bimba walks through the park holding a teddy bear and a book. Suddenly, there are rustlings in a nearby bush.

36 sec.


The dinner-scene starts considerably earlier. They talk about the sťance.

Soothsayer: "I'm sorry about last nights incident. A violent death took place in this house. The spirit said her name was Lucrezia. Is she a relative of yours? If anybody had warned me of this I could have taken some precautions. Had anything similar ever happened?"
Andrea: "We had never had a seance in this house."
Mother: "I just wanted you to contact the spirit of your deceased wife."
Soothsayer: "It's clear that Lucrezia's spirit was in this house. She had long been waiting to speak. Can't you tell me more about Lucrezia?"
Andrea: "I would rather change subject."
Nais: "You won't manage to get any more information. Lucrezia was the shame of the Karoli family. Nobody knows if she committed suicide or was killed by one of ther many lovers."
Andrea: "Please spare us your cheap sarcasm."
Nais: "See? He won't talk about it."
Andrea: "How come the girl has not come down for her meal yet?"
Employee: "I don't know. I knocked twice but she didn't answer."

1:49 min.


Sister Sofia: "Stoy crying now and try to get some rest. Anybody can lose their temper. You'll see, tomorrow everything will be different, much quieter. Be a good girl, now. Stop crying."

15 sec.


Bimba walks through the house lightly clad.

22 sec.


There's a short dialogue after the teddy bear was found; the soothsayer has a short appearance.

Mother: "How can a girl do something like this? We should never have called that witch. We haven't been ourselves since she set foot in this house."
Soothsayer: "Don't worry, the witch is about to leave. How dare you? You were the one who called me."
Andrea: "Mother did not mean to offend you."
Soothsayer: "Your mother has no right to treat me like this. I was called to do a job and that's what I did. Witch? There's no such thing. I'm simply a link between your world and the land of the dead. Having met you, I prefer the dead to snakes like you. I hear you are planning a party tonight. I hope somebody will take me to town. I will send you an invoice for the services provided. Good bye."

49 sec.


Noticeably more plot during the party-scene:

Woman: "An aperitif please. Thank you."
Mother: "This year I haven't done much."
Woman: "But you're always so active."
Mother: "Well, I have my failings too. Have you met?"
Nais: "How do you do? Have you seen Andrea?"
Mother: "He was here a moment ago. Must have gone out for some fresh air."
Nais: "I'll look in the garden. Thank you."
Soothsayer: "So you don't mind taking me to town?"
Man: "Whenever you want."
Soothsayer: "Let's go now then, if you don't mind. You are very kind."

Nais walks through the garden and meets Andrea on his way.

Nais: "What is going on, Andrea? You can't just disappear. The guests will be offended."
Andrea: "It's their problem. I'm not in the mood for polite conversation. I have other things to worry about."
Nais: "Are you worried about Bimba? Have you sopken to her?"
Andrea: "It didn't help. On the contrary."

Cut to the man and the soothsayer getting in the car.

Soothsayer: "Believe me, I have never been treated like this. They are scum. Thank you."

Nais: "She's leaving. Just as well. Did you notice that sometimes Bimba speaks with the medium's voice? Like when she was in a trance. Do you think she's just trying to scare us?"
Andrea: "I don't know. I can't explain it."
Nais: "Try not to think about it right now."
Andrea: "I am sorry about last night. I was...very unpleasant."
Nais: "It can happen. I was hoping for a better ending."
Andrea: "I am going through a difficult phase."

Change of scene. Bimba walks through her room, the ghost voice can be heard in the process. She leaves the room.

2:14 min.


Nais watches Andrea taking a shower.

Nais: "Not bad!"
Andrea: "Nais, what are you doing here?"
Nais: "We've swapped roles. I'm the one who should be shocked, according to the rules of the game."

28 sec.


Bimba walks along the hall and then stops in front of a picture.

24 sec.


Bimba goes to her brother-in-law and seats herself near his bed.

Bimba: "Tonight you won't be alone either. I'll keep you company, alright? They call you a statue but I'll get you moving, you'll see. You'll like it."

She leaves to undress.

2:00 min.


Bimba runs off and collapses in tears on a meadow. Sister Sofia apprears at the scene.

Bimba: "Help me, Sofia, please!"
Schwester Sofia: "Of course, little one. Calm down, now. It's not your fault. I will help you. You need to forget it."

1:10 min.


The dialogue is a little longer.

Andrea: "Bimba hasn't come down today either."
Mother: "We need to send her away on holiday."
Andrea: "It's too late for that, mother. She's very upset."
Mother: "She'll get over it. She's young and will soon forget. Don't worry. If Daniela was still alive she would tell you the same thing."

16 sec.


Sister Sofia begins to slowly take her clothes off.

21 sec.


Sister Sofia wakes up in her bed the next morning.

35 sec.


Sister Sofia strays on the wall.

A voice: "...the unbridled joys of sexual pleasure. You won't be able to get rid of me for as long as you live. Little by little your soul will be corrupted by lust. You will find pleasure again and again each time more intensely, until you body becomes a vessel of carnality. An infernal world of endless pleasure of sin."

Change of scene. Andrea calls for Bimba. She approaches him carrying her teddy bear.

46 sec.