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Release: Apr 22, 2008 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: jack ass - external link: IMDB
The horror flick "Captivity" starring Elisha Cuthbert was shot in Russia in 2007 and is released on DVD by Lions Gate in the US. As it is common policy with recent horror movies, "Captivity" is available as an r-rated as well as an unrated version.

In the beginning, "Captivity" was planned to be a psycho thriller and it was also released in this version, e.g. in Spain. But because of the success of recent terror movies some gore scenes were shot after the original shooting had already ended. You will hardly notice this while watching because the new elements were integrated quite good into the movie.

Alltogether, "Captivity" makes quite a good impression for a new horror thriller. However, this can't be said for the US DVD of the unrated version. Material for the DVD was taken from different sources and so the quality of the images varies strongly from scene to scene. This ranges from minor things like the use of different color filters to scenes that totally lack sharpness and are full of after-images. Because of that it's likely that the run time of the unrated version which is featured here does not fit with those from other DVD players. The different color filter are visible in a large number of scenes, because of that they are only mentioned when it's really obvious. Due to the different sources used there are differences in the vicinity of only 2 or 3 frames in some parts of the movie. Because of the huge number of changes and differences with "Captivity", we decided to list cuts below 5 frames only when they're really obvious.

Although the unrated version features about 3 minutes of additional material compared to the r-rated version, neither the violence nor the sex scene were expanded in a way that really makes sense. The only really drastic difference is the alternate ending of the unrated version - the only question is whether this ending makes the movie better in any way or just more unconvincing. Taken everything into account, I would still prefer the r-rated version despite the new ending. The reason for this is a bit exceptional for a report on censorship: the r-rated version gives the better overall-impression, especially quality-wise, compared to the unrated version and occasionally (e.g. in the short scene with the car), the new elements slow the movie down instead of being useful. With the obvious differences in the quality of the material one often gets the feeling of watching an 80s movie - which is abolutely unacceptable for a new production, especially since a good part of the low quality material of the unrated DVD is presented on the r-rated DVD in a much better shape.

To support this conclusion with some facts, here comes a little screen comparison between r-rated and unrated version:

Here is to add that the quality of the unrated version is not always as bad as this, yet a lot of the movie is affected by this phenomenon which shouldn't appear at all in a movie from 2007.

For this report the US DVD from Lions Gate (R-Rated) was compared to the US DVD from Lions Gate (Unrated). "Captivity" has alltogether a difference of 413,72 sec with a total of 80 changes.
The unrated version runs longer in 57 scenes for 325,14 sec and is shorter in 23 scenes and 88,58 sec compared to the r-rated version.

Run time of the Unrated version without end credits: 1:23.39 Min
Run time of the R-Rated version without end credits: 1:19.19 Min
The infos for the run time are taken from both versions according to the pattern unrated/r-rated.

The additional difference in run time results from numerous minor changes in the vicinity of single frames that are not mentioned in this report as well as different run time-speeds of the two versions in certain scenes.
The R-Rated-DVD features another production logo.
+13,75 Sec

1.13 / 1.27
The blackscreen is longer in the r-rated version.
+0,5 Sec

2.43 / 2.59
Again a blackscreen runs longer in the r-rated version.
+0,92 Sec

9.46 / 10.02
The video shown on the display of the DV camera begins earlier. The shot becomes a bit blurred, then the audience notices through a tracking shot that there's someone standing behind Jennifer.
7,04 Sec

9.54 / 10.04
The r-rated version has instead a longer shot of Jennifer after the video, before she gets drugged.
+0,67 Sec

9.59 / 10.10
Again a blackscreen runs longer in the r-rated version.
+0,67 Sec

10.39 / 10.52
Again a blackscreen runs longer in the r-rated version.
+0,58 Sec

11.55 / 12.08
Again a blackscreen runs longer in the r-rated version.
+0,92 Sec

14.22 / 14.35
Again a blackscreen runs longer in the r-rated version.
+0,46 Sec

16.24 / 16.39
Again a blackscreen runs longer in the r-rated version.
+0,54 Sec

20.47 / 21.02
Jennifer crawls a bit longer through the ventilation shaft in the r-rated version.
+14 Sec

20.56 / 21.25
This shot of the crawling Jennifer starts a bit earlier in the r-rated version.
+2,58 Sec

21.30 / 22.01
Again a blackscreen runs longer in the r-rated version.
+0,67 Sec

23.59 / 24.31
Again a blackscreen runs longer in the r-rated version.
+0,67 Sec

27.47 / 28.18
After Gary says „Two to three days” both versions are a bit different from one another:

Unrated: Jennifer asks "Why" and Gary points towards a wall that has some short comments engraved in it saying that Gary doesn't know why he is held captive either and that he wants to be released (understandably).

R-Rated: The next shot of Jennifer runs a bit longer than in the unrated version.

7,38 Sec Differenz

27.53 / 28.20
The scene shwowing Jennifer writing more on the wall until the next blackscreen is composed with different shots in the two versions.
3,83 Sec Differenz


28.15 / 28.34
The tracking shot of the writing is longer.
1,54 Sec

28.30 / 28.58
After Jennifer lights the match there's missing how the two whisper one more sentence to each other.
2,29 Sec

29.49 / 30.04
After Jennifer touches her nose there's again alternate material used.

Unrated: The shot goes on, uninterrupted.

R-Rated: A shot of the surveillance room is inserted here and the shot of Jennifer and Gary is clearly shorter.

3,75 Sec Differenz

30.08 / 30.19
A shot of Jennifer and Gary starts earlier.
1,08 Sec

30.13 / 30.23
A shot of Jennifer starts earlier.
0,79 Sec

30.18 / 30.27
The end of this shot runs longer as well, Jennifer touches her nose again.
2,96 Sec

30.57 / 31.03
The smoke-filled glas cage is seen a bit longer.
1,08 Sec

30.59 / 31.05
The dialog between Jennifer and Gary is presented up to (and including) the cutaway to the surveillance room with alternate material.
5,13 Sec Differenz


31.24 / 31.25
The unrated version has a longer shot of Jennifer while in the r-rated version the shot of Gary starts earlier.
1,04 Sec

31.35 / 31.34
The end of the dialog between Jennifer and Gary is missing. After she explains that someone must have put something in her drink Gary says: "The fuck!"
The next shot of the rat in the cage runs a bit longer as well.
7,92 Sec

31.56 / 31.47
In the r-rated version the picture of death is cut out longer.
(Note: This scene looks "natural" in the unrated version as far as the colors are concerned while in the R-Rated it looks more "yellowish".)
+1,25 Sec

32.08 / 32.00
The killer pins a photo of Jennifer on a pin board.
6,79 Sec

33.10 / 32.56
A shot of Jennifer is a little bit longer.
0,21 Sec

34.18 / 34.03
The shot of Jennifer’s hand begins earlier.
0,42 Sec

35.13 / 34.57
Gary is seen a little longer.
0,17 Sec

35.20 / 35.03
Jennifer’s knee is seen longer in the r-rated version.
+0,5 Sec

35.22 / 35.07
Jennifer punches longer against the ceiling.
0,54 Sec

35.22 / 35.11
Gary looks around longer.
0,46 Sec

35.29 / 35.12
The tracking shot along the wall is a bit longer as well.
0,46 Sec

35.30 / 35.13
Both versions show different shots of Jennifer in the TV, the following shot of Gary begins earlier in the unrated version.
1,04 Sec


35.36 / 35.18
The card „Is she worth it“ is seen longer on the table.
0,58 Sec

35.38 / 35.21
The shot of Gary holding the card is different in both versions.
0,04 Sec Differenz


35.50 / 35.31
While Gary is seen longer in the unrated version, the r-rated version has a shot of Jennifer instead.
+2,33 Sec Differenz

38.39 / 38.21
Gary takes the seat next to Jennifer in the car and reaches in an aggressive way towards the passenger’s seat.
1,5 Sec

38.41 / 38.22
Again there’s a cutback of Gary and Jennifer missing.
3,46 Sec

41.40 / 41.17
The dog is seen a bit longer in the r-rated version.
+0,79 Sec

41.46 / 41.24
Jennifer knocks longer against the mirror in the r-rated version and is happy to see her dog again.
+1,13 Sec

42.06 / 41.45
Again a blackscreen is longer in the r-rated version.
+0,42 Sec

43.14 / 42.53
Jennifer and Gary try to figure out how to escape but don’t come to a satisfying end.
The r-rated version has instead a longer shot of Gary.
16,42 Sec

44.35 / 43.58
A short remark by Jennifer was cut.
Jennifer: “This is it.”
2,92 Sec

44.57 / 44.16
In the unrated version, Jennifer takes the suit out of the closet immediately - this shot begins earlier in the r-rated version and she first reaches inside the closet before taking out the suit.
+1,42 Sec

49.56 / 49.17
Here there’s some alternate material used.

In the r-rated version there’s a closeup inserted as the boy lowers his hand again.
The unrated version misses out the insert and the following shot begins earlier.
0,42 Sec Differenz


This scene has the same quality in both versions but there are different filters used.
The scenes of the video that are blended in are treated differently as well: the unrated version shows some dirty spots that were inserted afterwards, these are rarer used in the r-rated version but here we have instead horizontal stripes and occasionally a slightly different focus.

50.10 / 49.30
The video starts a little bit earlier.
0,25 Sec

50.10 / 49.30
Such a slight difference that you can’t see it with your bare eyes:
The long shot of the boy stabbing the woman is one frame longer in the r-rated version while the following shot starts two frames earlier in the unrated version.
0,04 Sec Differenz

50.13 / 49.33
The closeup of the wound in the video starts one frame earlier in the r-rated version.
+0,04 Sec

50.13 / 49.33
The first difference that can be labeled as a “censor-cut”:
The boy stabs the woman one more time in closeup.
0,75 Sec

50.19 / 49.38
This time there are totally different shots of the woman used in the video.
The following shot is different as well, the picture comes out of the camera at once in the unrated version while in the r-rated version there’s a lightning and some generating time until the picture comes out. During the run time of the video of about 30 sec there are steadily different focuses used and the shots differ in some frames in both versions.
2,71 Sec Differenz


51.50 / 51.07
Gary, bleeding from his mouth, is seen a bit longer.
Gary: “You fucker!”
2,42 Sec

52.10 / 51.23
Again there’s a blackscreen longer in the r-rated version.
+0,83 Sec

52.23 / 51.37
Jennifer crawls longer towards Gary. The following shot of Gary begins earlier in the r-rated version instead.
1,46 Sec

52.39 / 51.52
Gary: „You begged for my life.“
Jennifer: „I felt like I was begging for mine.”
4,52 Sec

52.59 / 52.07
The shot of Jennifer and Gary begins earlier and features a tracking shot from a plastic bottle to the two of them.
10,96 Sec

53.20 / 52.17
The shot of Jennifer and Gary begins in the r-rated version not sooner than when he puts his arm around her.
1,46 Sec

53.25 / 52.20
The end of this shot runs a bit longer in the unrated version as well.
1,92 Sec

53.27 / 52.20
The two following shots use alternate material. In the first shot the sex scene in the TV runs slower and longer in the unrated version. The camera movement in the next shot is in the unrated version away from the monitors while it is the other way round in the r-rated version. The following shot of Jennifer starts a little bit earlier in the r-rated version.
4,54 Sec


54.15 / 53.04
The tracking shot towards a TV (that shows a recording of Jennifer and Gary having sex) which was used before in the r-rated version is inserted here additionally in the unrated version. Instead, the following shot of the (empty) bed starts 4 frames earlier in the r-rated version.
6,71 Sec

54.56 / 53.39
When Gary puts on his shirt there’s a cut in the r-rated version. While the unrated version has an uninterrupted shot up to the closeup of the bottle, the r-rated version presents Gary and Jennifer with the shot/reverse shot technique.
1,67 Sec


56.56 / 55.35
When Gary enters the flat there’s again alternate material used.

Unrated: Again the video of a child stabbing a woman is inserted. Then the camera moves from the monitor upstairs into the study.

R-Rated: Gary punches in a numerical code at the door and walks through a corridor.

13,71 Sec Differenz

57.37 / 56.03
After Gary takes a seat in the room he watches two completely different videos in the two versions. The r-rated version runs significantly longer in this scene because the material already shown before in the unrated version is seen here. Additonally, alternate methods of altering the video are being used as well as alternate shots and focuses in some places.
The following pictures are taken solely from the r-rated version!
+43,13 Sec

57.49 / 56.57
The next insert of the monitor is different.

Unrated: At first the monitor is black, then it is turned on and shows an image of Jennifer for some time.

R-Rated: The monitor is on from the beginning of the shot and shows instead images of the dead woman and Jennifer.

0,04 Sec difference

57.57 / 57.06
Here’s a scene added in the unrated version: the shot of Gary who has to enter a code and walks briefly through a corridor is inserted in between the scene in the room with the monitor and the scene in the bathroom.
12,67 Sec

58.26 / 57.22
Gary briefly wipes his ear.
0,63 Sec

58.33 / 57.28
Gray keeps wiping his ear before his brother enters the screen.
1,25 Sec

59.27 / 58.17
Gary’s brother is seen longer.
2,25 Sec

1:01.43 / 1:00.30
The long shot of Gary and his dead brother is a bit longer and the following shot starts a few frames earlier as well.
1,79 Sec

1:06.11 / 1:04.56
Gary is seen a bit longer.
0,83 Sec

1:06.14 / 1:04.59
The shots of Gary and Jennifer are again a bit longer.
1,96 Sec

1:06.18 / 1:05.00
The unrated version again has a longer shot here: Gary tries to wake up Jennifer and when she doesn’t react he slaps her in the face, pulls her head slightly and then starts to talk to her again. Then he moves from the bed to the floor and forages around a bit there.

Here the r-rated version "recycles" material from the cut at 54.56 / 53.39. This leads up to a continuity error because Jennifer’s head has different positions in two shots immediatley following each other. Gary is trying to wake up Jennifer, then the long shot used before in the unrated version follows but Gary is lifting Jennifer’s head already – which means she doesn’t get slapped in the r-rated version. The end of this shot, Gary forageing around on the floor, is a bit shorter here as well.

5,79 Sec Differenz

1:06.41 / 1:05.17
The shot of Jennifer starts a bit earlier.
0,63 Sec

1:06.53 / 1:05.28
The following shot of Jennifer starts earlier as well.
0,96 Sec

1:06.59 / 1:05.34
Gary asks Jennifer if she’s able to walk. She says yes, if she can lean on him while trying. Then he adds that he won’t let her down ever again.
10 Sec

1:07.31 / 1:05.56
When Jennifer and Gary discover the bodies of the policemen they are seen longer before the bodies are shown
4,13 Sec

1:13.34 / 1:11.49
Jennifer wipes the blood away a little bit longer.
0,21 Sec

1:20.19 / 1:18.33
Both versions have different endings, the starting with the first shot of Jennifer leaving the house.

R-Rated: Jennifer walks down a side street and then turns off. The camera moves upwards and the “Dare”-poster, hanging on the side of a house, comes into focus. Slowly the screen begins to take on a yellowish tone, then there’s a blending effect to the credits.
(46,08 Sec)

Unrated: Jennifer walks down the side street, then there’s a smooth blending to a writing “six month later”. Here the film picks up the torture theme from the first scene again. The plastered guy gets his head bashed in with a hammer in a quite brutal way. Then it becomes clear that Jennifer was the person doing this, she glues pictures into a book and through a newspaper article it is said that two serial killers died recently. Cut to a landing airplane, Jennifer climbs into a taxi and drives off in it. Then the credits start in the unrated version. If one looks closely, one can see in the first few frames of the hand some material from the ending of the r-rated version in the background.(200,42 Sec)

148,16 Sec difference