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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 10, 2009 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
The French artist Pia takes a boat trip to the Australian coast together with her husband Rob. While they are fishing a storm approaches, and during a short trip through the woods they get lost.
As the night falls the couple discovers a small farm house with nobody around. Taking a look around, Rob discovers a small Marijuana plantation just as the owners return...

The director of Urban Legends and the producers of the Australian horror movie Wolf Creek have struck again. The movie starts rather contemplative with the relaxing boat trip and all but as the story progresses the movie tightens its grip. The tormentors are not to be trifled with and especially towards the end the movie presents events that are not for the squeamish since the gore effects are extremely realistic. No wonder that the movie was the winner for the best special effects at the Screamfest - Horror Festival 2007.
Although "Storm Warning" is an Australian film, two versions have been produced in the USA. The R-Rated Version has been exported to some other countries like Germany and the Netherlands. Not an uncommon procedure since this has been done before, especially with movies from all over Asia. Scenes have been cut and also alternative footage has been used. However, a lot of gore has been kept so the R-Rated is also something the fans can enjoy. But for those who want the whole blood-drenched package the Unrated Version is the only option.

Unrated: 01:26.10 Min. NTSC including ending credits
R-Rated: 01:22.05 Min. PAL including ending credits

Unrated: 01:24.18 Min. NTSC without ending credits
R-Rated: 01:20.19 Min. PAL without ending credits

Comparison between the R-Rated and the Unrated.

12 cuts altogether = 27 seconds NTSC
Additional shot of Bretts face, torn by the fishhooks.
1 sec.

Brett flounders back and forth on the hooks.
1 sec.

Pia clobbers Bretts head six more times, intercut by shots of Rob and Bretts smashed head.
5 sec.

One last hit in a close up.
1 sec.

Alternative footage:
R-Rated: 01:11.05
Unrated: 01:14.17

Poppy masturbates a bit longer. In the next scene his profile is seen a bit earlier.
In the R-Rated we see an alternative shot of Pia.
7 sec. time difference


Poppy on top of Pia.
2 sec.

Poppy strikes the dog two more times while the animal mangles his nether regions.
1 sec.

More beating but the dog doesn't let go.
1 sec.

Alternative footage:
R-Rated: 01:16.42
Unrated: 01:20.24

More ripping and chewing.
In exchange the R-Rated shows the cut shot from 01:20.23
1 sec. time difference


The dog eats the intestines of the now dead Poppy. Cut to the horrified Jimmy.
3 sec.

Close up of the dog wolfing down Poppy's guts.
1 sec.

The dog eats from the corpse some more.
3 sec.

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