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original title: Joey


  • US Theatrical Version
  • Original German Version
Release: Apr 15, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US Theatrical Version and the Original Version (both on the German DVD from Kinowelt as well as the US DVD from Anchor Bay)

"Joey" is the second feature film of then widely unknown Roland Emmerich. The movie is a wild mix between Poltergeist and childrens movie (who most likely will be scared out of their minds during some scenes) with a good deal of Star Wars and ET thrown in. Back then the movie was quite successful and one barely notices it to be a German production. However, back then nobody could have guessed that Emmerich was going to be a successful Hollywood director years later.

Versions: There are two versions of this film. On the one hand the original German Theatrical Version, and on the other a version for the English market. Not only has this version been heavily cut and re-edited but also a completely different score has been used. Due to the editing and different ending the movie has a whole different effect on the viewer. Also, the doll talks much more to Joey in the US Version (mostly just the voice has been put over the audio track) and why Fletcher has something against Joey contacting his dead father becomes a bit clearer. Both versions are worth watching.

The time code at the beginning concerns the US Version while the one in brackets concerns the Original Version.

Original German Theatrical Version = 94:10 Min.
US Theatrical Version = 75:58 Min.

I might have missed a few tiny shots and sequences in both versions (no wonder regarding the huge amount of edits) but they should not be longer than ten seconds altogether.
00:00 (00:00) The US Version starts with the New World Logo. Both versions show different credits.
US = 65 sec.
OV = 38 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

03:03 (02:36) The rest of the credits is different as well.
US = 77 sec.
OV = 66 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

05:30 (04:51) A shot of Joey is longer in the OV.
1,7 sec.

05:33 (04:57) As Joey looks at the picture it blurs and we see him play basketball with his father.
23 sec.

06:51 (06:38) When the toys come to life both versions are edited differently.
US = 21,6 sec.
OV = 12,1 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

07:36 (07:13) Joey removes his hands from his eyes and suddenly everything is quiet again. He looks around and hears a beeping noise when the robot Charlie emerges from a corner of the room. Glowing balls are rolling around him as he communicates with Joey. Suddenly, a telephone rings and Joey opens the closet and produces a red toy telephone from it. He picks up the phone, throws it back into the closet and runs away because his father was on the line.
187,5 sec.

07:41 (10:26) In the US Version we see toys stopping in mid-motion (earlier in the OV). Shot of the closet in the OV.
US = 8,4 sec.
OV = 2,1 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

09:00 (11:39) Charlie and Joey picking up the phone and hearing his father speak in the US.
11,9 sec.

09:32 (11:58) The US fades to the ventriloquists house ( Fletchers house from now on). Fletcher opens his eyes, followed by a shot of Joeys house.
11 sec.

19:04 (21:20) Master error in the US Version (beginning of a shot).
0,7 sec.

27:36 (29:52) A boy delivering newspapers on his bike.
24 sec.

28:45 (31:25) Joeys Mom comes out of the house and puts some suitcases into the car before calling Joey.
30,9 sec.

30:41 (33:52) A few scenes have been edited differently.
US = 3,8 sec.
OV = 5,3 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

36:13 (39:25) Shot of a child in Fletchers house. The camera fades to Sally. Joey waves at her and rides away on his bike. Then his mother calls before we see her in the kitchen.
22,5 sec.

38:29 (42:05) Master error in the US Version (beginning of a shot).
0,8 sec.

41:32 (45:08) A shot of the monster in the trash can.
2,8 sec.

41:36 (45:14) Martin takes some pictures of the monster.
11,6 sec.

41:38 (45:28) Martin with his camera.
2 sec.

44:23 (48:15) Shot of the town at night.
4 sec.

45:49 (49:45) In the US the camera fades from Joey to Fletcher in the closet. Joey slams the door shut. In the OV he is seen longer and the screen fades to the next shot.
US = 4,1 sec.
OV = 6,8 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

46:09 (50:08) In the OV we see the paperboy again. He stops and a truck approaches. In the US we already see Laura and Martin at the grave of Joeys father.
US = 24,1 sec.
OV = 25,2 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

46:40 (50:40) The boy stares at the trucks and scientists.
8,8 sec.

46:46 (50:55) Boy in front of truck
1,4 sec.

46:49 (51:00) The boy rides home to the back entry. Fade to the next scene.
36 sec.

47:14 (52:02) End of a shot. Then we see Joeys classmates watching his house, talking about getting back at him.
21,3 sec.

47:20 (52:29) Shot of Sally in the US.
3,6 sec.

47:41 (52:45) Master error in the US Version (beginning and end of a shot).
1,5 sec.

48:02 (53:08) The US shows scenes that were shown at 47:14(52:02) in the OV.
20,9 sec.

48:37 (53:23) Two "camouflaged" kids are sneaking past a cop. Another kid distracts him through whistling so the two can get past him. In exchange, the US shows shots of Joeys house. Joey is watched by scientists, Martin and his mother.
US = 35,1 sec.
OV = 35,1 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

49:17 (54:04) Dr. Haiden talks longer to Joey, explaining to him that he will be played a tape that has been recorded when Joey was arguing with Fletcher, followed by shots of the other children approaching the house.
66,4 sec.

49:54 (55:45) Haiden talks to Joey but he doesn't answer. More shots of the kids talking on the radio which leads to interferences in the scientists equipment. Sally appears on her bike but is stopped by another group of children. After a short talk on the radio they tell her to get lost.
68 sec.

In the US, a short shot of Fletchers house has been integrated.
3,4 sec.

49:57 (56:52) Beginning of a shot: A boy hides as a scientist lights the hallway.
11 sec.

50:12 (57:18) The shot of the briefing is different in both versions.
US = 7 sec.
OV = 4,9 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

50:22 (57:23) The US now shows scenes of Haiden and Joey that were already shown in the OV. They are cut differently and intercut with shots of Fletchers house and Fletcher awaking. Then follow the scenes of the other children that have been shown before as well.
90,7 sec.

51:59 (57:30) More already shown scenes in the US.
9,6 sec.

52:19 (57:40) Now follow the longest edits of which some are shown later and slightly different in the US. Shots of scientists, children sneaking around and Laura leaving the house and driving away. Martin follows her in his car.

Sally watches everything from a bush. Intercuts to Martin following Laura. Sally runs to the house. The other children are spotted and one of the throws a paint bomb that hits a man right in the face.

Sally and Joey in his room. Outside, numerous costumed kids are attacking and the scientists retreat into the house. Cut to Sally and Joey; Sally says that he must do something. Then the children enter the house.

In Joeys room. Joey shows Sally that he tied up Fletcher in his closet. The children in the house find Charlie and him down with a rubber arrow.

The children do not dare enter Joeys room because of strange noises and lights coming from behind the door. The leader takes off his mask, makes a step forward and puts the mask back on. When he enters the room, Star Wars action figures are shooting him with lasers. He runs away screaming and more toys come flying out of the room.

The kids are stunned and Dr. Haiden and other scientists are filming the phenomenon. They enter the room and we see Joey and Sally sitting on the levitating bed, surrounded by toys.

Martin and Laura at the grave of Joeys father.

The kids are talking to the scientists about the events. Martin and Laura are back, wondering what has happened. Dr. Haiden talks to Joey and we see a girl turning to the Fletcher doll.

Joey refuses to talk to Haiden. Laura enters the room, sends everyone out, talks to Joey and leaves him alone with Sally.

Joey notices that Fletcher is gone. In Fletchers house we see the girl from before with the doll in her arms (intercut to Joey). The other kids are gathered there as well. The girl drops the doll and two boys start beating each other up.

Altogether 510 sec.

52:21 (66:12) When the ceiling starts crumbling both versions are cut slightly different.
US = 2,8 sec.
OV = 6,4 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

52:25 (66:20) The house falls apart.
6,8 sec.

52:28 (66:30) The US is cut differently. Also, scenes of Joey, Haiden and the scientists have been integrated.
US = 26 sec.
OV = 17,5 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

52:54 (66:47) Now the US features scenes of Sally sneaking into the house and to Joey and running into his room with him. When he opens his closet the doll is gone, followed by a shot of the doll. Everything edited completely different.

77,5 sec.

54:27 (67:03) The kids open a door.
0,8 sec.

54:32 (67:08) A shot of the house.
3,4 sec.

55:05 (67:38) Short shot in Fletchers house.
2,6 sec.

55:17 (67:53) Children running down a hallway.
3 sec.

55:28 (68:07) Dito.
10,2 sec.

56:21 (69:10) Dito.
6,6 sec.

56:41 (69:37) Shots of a monster and fleeing children.
2,9 sec.

57:29 (70:27) Shot of a boy.
3,2 sec.

<>57:44 (70:46) End of a shot.
1,9 sec.

57:49 (70:53) Children running around.
3,8 sec.

58:14 (71:23) Beginning of a shot.
7,9 sec.

58:45 (72:02) One shot is missing in the US.
3,7 sec.

59:23 (72:43) Shots of falling rubble has been integrated in the US.
21 sec.

59:45 (72:44) Now the above mentioned scenes are shown in the OV.
26,1 sec.

62:13 (75:38) End of a shot of the ventriloquists ghost, followed by falling rubble.
26,2 sec.

62:21 (76:12) Shots of Joey, the ghost and Fletcher.
6,8 sec.

62:23 (76:22) Beginning of a shot.
2,2 sec.

62:26 (76:26) Different shots in both versions.
US = 1,6 sec.
OV = 13,7 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

62:32 (76:44) Shots are different.
US = 7 sec.
OV = 7 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

62:39 (76:51) Dito.
US = 47,3 sec.
OV = 26,2 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

65:02 (78:58) In the OV the screen remains blacl longer and brightens up earlier.
17,3 sec.

66:03 (80:11) Martin and Haiden are making their way to Laura and Joey.
20,9 sec.

66:20 (80:49) An ambulance.
1,6 sec.

66:45 (81:15) Doctors are fighting for Joeys life, followed by the beginning of the next shot.
22 sec.

67:09 (82:01) End of a shot.
4,9 sec.

68:04 (83:01) After Sally and Haiden look into the sky the US shows a shot of the cloudy sky while the OV shows the doctors trying to save Joeys life without much success. Laura bursts into tears.
US = 2,5 sec.
OV = 100,5 sec.

US Version

Original Version


68:31 (85:07) Shot of a scientist.
1,1 sec.

68:36 (85:13) After Haiden announces Joeys death the US is missing shots of the people grieving.
29 sec.

69:11 (86:16) Shots of Joeys room and his dog.
5,2 sec.

69:22 (86:32) Longer shot of Joeys body.
7,3 sec.

69:29 (86:46) Kids and Joey.
4,2 sec.

69:41 (87:02) A boy puts his Darth Vader mask on Joeys bed. Cut to Joey.
9,4 sec.

69:52 (87:22) Sally goes to the other kids with Charlie.
10 sec.

70:20 (88:01) Mourning children and adults.
12,5 sec.

20:22 (88:15) Sally.
8,7 sec.

70:29 (88:31) A nurse puts aside the Darth Vader mask.
5,8 sec.

70:29 (88:37) In the OV children are leaving the room, except Sally who turns around. Haiden and a man are talking to each other. In the US we see Joeys body in his bed with the blanket over his head, followed by a shot of the house.
US = 12,9 sec.
OV = 48 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version

70:50 (89:30) Longer shot of a ball.
2,8 sec.

70:57 (89:43) The sky changes.
21,7 sec.

71:00 (90:08) Beginning of a shot.
1,4 sec.

71:19 (90:28) Here both versions are significantly different: Scenes that were shown long before in the OV are shown now in the US toys flying out of Joeys room, the people watching dumbstruck. As Haiden and the others enter Joeys room he lies in his bed with his eyes open. Then the credits roll.
102,2 sec.

US Version

In the OV the toys are flying back into Joeys room. The children are happy that he is back, Laura has the toy phone in her arms and smiles. We see Sally approaching Joeys door, then the frame freezes and becomes smaller before the credits roll.
42,6 sec.

Original Version

73:02 (91:11) The credits are different in both versions. A PG-13 logo is seen after the credits of the US.
US = 176 sec.
OV = 178,5 sec.

US VersionOriginal Version