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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Oct 14, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated-Version and the uncut Unrated Director's Cut (both US-DVDs from Dark Sky Films).

R-Rated version(RRV): 98:05 min (101:35 including credits)
Unrated version(UV): 98:07 min (101:37 min including credits)

- 4 censored scenes, including 3x alternative footage
- 1x R-Rated version longer
- Difference: 1,3 sec

(The also mentioned black & white/crossfade differences do not count for these statistics)

The teenagers J.T. and Rickie come across a bound, naked woman that is barely alive but mysteriously can't die in an abandoned mental hospital. While Rickie, haunted by guilt, wants to save her, JT abuses her as his sex slave - bit by bit the situation escalates.

This uncommon variant of the zombie-genre had to be cut at certain points to get an R-Rating. The differences are rather small and neither affect the plot, nor cause any other inconveniences. One could even have expected a stronger censorship for some Sex-/Rape-scenes.

The Run time refers to the R-Rated-version (NTSC!).
Alternative Footage

In the RRV, JT touches her thigh, while in the UV he touches her vagina.

No difference in time!



In the UV, the camera tracking shot goes bottom-up as Wheeler has sex with the Deadgirl.
The RRV begins this sequence a little later, when Rickie enters the shot.

3 sec

Additional Footage R-Rated

Nevertheless, the ending of this scene is longer in the RRV.

+ 1,7 sec

Alternative Footage

The next shot of Wheeler was zoomed for the RRV so that the Deadgirl can not be seen completely.

No difference in time!


Alternative Footage

Also when J.T. turns to Rickie, the events in the background can be seen a little more distinct in the UV.

No difference in time!



For whatever reason, the black screen after Ricky and Wheeler land in the trunk is shown longer in the UV.

1 sec


In the RV, 4 frames are missing during a scene-blending, after Joann appeared.

0,2 sec