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  • Director's Cut
Release: Dec 25, 2009 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
The excentric genius Sebastian Caine and a group of scientists try to find a way to make people invisible. After they have managed to make a gorilla invisible and after that visible again, Caine is convinced that they have to proceed with human experiments to continue their research. He decides to do the first test himself and indeed he becomes invisible. But then they find out that there is no way to make him visible again and that makes Caine lose his mind. He decides to kill all people that know about his invisibility...

Most of the time, Paul Verhoeven's Director's Cut only reintegrates scenes into the movie that were already available as deleted scenes on the first DVD release. Furthermore, those scenes don't really add anything to the movie. They rather make the movie less interesting because it slows down significantly. Some more character development, some more blood and an extended rape scene don't really help to make the movie any better. Therefore, readers who already own or know the Theatrical Cut do not necessarily need to watch the extended version.

Director's Cut: 01:59.15 min. NTSC without credits
Theatrical Cut: 01:52.26 min. NTSC without credits

Director's Cut: 01:51.43 min. NTSC without credits
Theatrical Cut: 01:44.54 min. NTSC without credits

Comparison between the US-DVD: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment - Director's Cut (Unrated) and the Theatrical Cut DVD: Columbia TriStar Home Video

15 new cuts = 409 seconds NTSC (6 min. 49 sec.) (time difference)
After the conference, the scene in which all three stand in front of Sebastian's car is longer. Linda and Matthew enter his car and Matthew says that nobody would ever go to work again if the experiment went wrong and Sebastian replies that nobody would care as long as the experiment works.
37 sec.

alternative cut:
time index DC: 27.35
time index TC: 28.12

the bed scene is longer as well. Linda says that they have to take some risk. In the Theatrical Cut this sentence is missing since the cut is slightly different.

Theatrical Cut: 5 sec.

Director's Cut: 18 sec.

When they are in bed Linda compliments Matthew. Then they kiss passionately.
22 sec.

After Sarah has been secretly molested by Sebastian, the scene is longer again. She tells Linda that Sebastian claims that he has only gotten himself a cup of coffee. But she doesn't believe him and has called Linda because she needs somebody to talk to. Matthew wants to confront Sebastian with that situation but Linda convinces him not to do that.
30 sec.

The attempt to make Sebastian visible again has failed. Linda tells him that he looks tired and should rest but he replies that he wouldn't be able to stand on more night at the lab. She says that they would try everything they could but Sebastian thinks that that's not enough but then takes some rest.
24 sec.

The rape scene is slightly longer as well. In the Director Cut, the woman tries to defend herself and hits the attacker.
3 sec.

One more shot of the rape scene.
6 sec.

After the rape, the woman lies on the bed and is sobbing. The invisible Sebastian stands in front of the bed and walks over to the window. He sees that Linda is in his apartment on the other side of the street.
20 sec.

After Matthew's computer analysis to make Sebastian visible again has also failed, Sebastian leaves the room angry. Linda follows him and Sarah says that there is still hope. Matthew is extremely angry that the computer analysis didn't work out.
9 sec.

Sebastian contemplates his situation. In the room next door an invisible dog is barking in his kennel. The scene in which Sebastian kills the dog has been extended. He hits the dog against the wall of the kennel three more times. Sarah finds the dead animal and asks Sebastian whether he had heard anything suspicious the night before. Sebastian denies that but Sarah doesn't believe him as it is very unlikely that he didn't hear how the dog died. Then she leaves. In the next scene, Matthew, Sarah, Linda and Frank watch a heat image of the sleeping Sebastian and although it seems as if Sebastian had been in bed all night Sarah is 100% sure that Sebastian has killed the dog.
178 sec.

Linda comes back to the lab. She is very nervous. She asks Matthew where Sebastian is. He points at the monitor with the heat image and says that he has been in bed all the time.
7 sec.

Linda discovers that Sebastian has manipulated the infrared camera. Sebastian is shown how he walks through a puddle and the employees are shown how they drive into the parking lot.
36 sec.

Additional scene, in which Linda and Matthew walk down the corridor to the elevator.
14 sec.

After Sebastian has injured Matthew with a crowbar and locked him and Linda into the freezer. Linda is shown how she tries to cover her wound with her bare hands to stop the bleeding.
3 sec.

Linda presses her hands against the wound one more time.
2 sec.