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Emmanuelle 5

original title: Emmanuelle V


  • Original European Version
  • French VHS Version
Release: Nov 21, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the European Version (taken from German TV) with the French VHS Version from Carrere Video (which is a Hardcore Version of the movie).

About the Movie

In the 5th part of the Emmanuelle series, Emanuelle meets the millionaire Foster (who she later has sex with) at a promotion tour of her new movie "Love Express" in Cannes. At prince Rajid's invitation, she goes to the Carribbean by plane. Rajid has a huge harem and wants Emmanuelle to be a part of it. When she refuses, Rajid jails her...

About the Versions

There are 3 different versions of the movie. The first is Walerian Borowczyk's cut with a run time of about 78 minutes for the european market (which all German releases are based on). Then there exists a Hardcore Version of the movie which was only released in France and which has a lack of certain plot lines. Last but not least, Roger Corman made a version exclusively for the US market. Several scenes were newly shot and included, others were cut out so that it is an almost entirely different version that is only loosely based on the actual movie.

Most of the cuts are hardcore scenes. The pictures are therefore kept "soft".

Run times:

European Version [EV]: 78:34 Min. (77:22 Min. without credits)(PAL)
French Hardcore VHS [HC]: 81:30 Min. (PAL)
[00:03:20] EV

Right at the outset of the HC version, the "Love Express" scenes are missing. A spokesman explains the plot of the movie. Then follow some scenes from Cannes and another scene from "Love Express".


EV: 240,64 Sec. (4:00 Min.)

[00:09:40] EV

After the conversation with Rajid follow some more scenes from "Love Express". Then we see how Emmanuelle leaves the building and gets attacked by photographers and several other persons who rip her clothes off. She flees through the crowd.


EV: 125,84 Sec. (2:05 Min.)

[00:12:30] EV

A short scene is missing, where a guy pulls down Emmanuelle's underpants.


EV: 2,63 Sec.

[00:14:05] EV

Film tear: We see the waves a little longer, the cut to the coast is a little earlier.


EV: 2,16 Sec.

[00:16:55] HC

After the champagne has been poured out, we see explicitly how the girl touches herself.


HC: 19,52 Sec.

[00:17:18] EV&HC

On the French VHS follows a hardcore scene of the couple having intercourse. After a short cut to the older guy we see another (the same?) couple again.

The EV include a short alternative scene where the audience gets to see the guy's butt only.


EV: 9,88 Sec.
HC: 268,28 Sec. (4:28 Min.)

[00:17:44] HC

On the French VHS one gets to see how the girl urinates in the bowl.

HC: 23,28 Sec.

[00:17:51] EV&HC

On the French VHS there is another scene of the girl urinating, whereas in the EV the girl simply stands up.


EV: 2,60 Sec.
HC: 3,12 Sec.

[00:18:39] EV&HC

In the EV we again see the girl with the dog, whereas on the French VHS follows a cut to a couple having intercourse.


EV: 2,32 Sec.
HC: 5,40 Sec.

[00:18:43] EV

In the HC 2 short scenes of the older guy and a waiter are missing.


EV: 3,16 Sec.

[00:19:09] EV

On the French VHS a scene of Emmanuelle and Charles on the motorboat is missing. Emmanuelle realises that Charles is wealthy and (after his question) explains him the ending of "Love Express".


EV: 52,28 Sec.

[00:20:45] EV&HC

On the French VHS the man is shown explicitly while masturbating. In the EV there is an alternative scene.


EV: 0,72 Sec.
HC: 0,64 Sec.

[00:20:48] EV&HC

On the French VHS the man's penis gets jammed in the door. In the EV this is only insinuated.


EV: 0,52 Sec.
HC: 0,44 Sec.

[00:20:49] EV&HC

The man pulls his penis out of the crack of the door. Again, the EV has more harmless alternative material.


EV: 0,92 Sec.
HC: 0,84 Sec.

[00:20:54] HC

On the French VHS there is another hardcore scene showing the couple from the compartment having intercourse.


HC: 78,36 Sec. (1:18 Min.)

[00:24:01] EV&HC

On the French VHS, a more revealing picture from the Penthouse magazine is shown.


EV: 2,24 Sec.
HC: 2,24 Sec.

[00:24:05] EV&HC

Again a more revealing picture from the magazine.


EV: 1,28 Sec.
HC: 1,56 Sec.

[00:24:15] EV&HC

For the third time another picture from the magazine.


EV: 2,64 Sec.
HC: 2,60 Sec.

[00:34:50] HC

On the French VHS follows a hardcore scene between the dance instructor and a girl.


HC: 149,52 Sec. (2:29 Min.)

[00:54:17] EV&HC

In the EV, the girl shows her butt again, whereas in the HC she shows a little more.


EV: 2,08 Sec.
HC: 2,00 Sec.

[00:54:24] EV&HC

As in the scene before, the girl shows a little more in the HC.


EV: 0,96 Sec.
HC: 0,88 Sec.

[00:54:49] EV&HC

In the EV one gets to see two girls kissing while in the HC the audience gets to see one girl masturbating.


EV: 1,08 Sec.
HC: 1,00 Sec.

[00:55:42] HC

After a lesbian scene between the girls of the harem, in the HC follows an oral sex scene.


HC: 12,80 Sec.

[01:00:47] HC

One gets to see the harem girl's masturbation with a glowing dildo a little longer.

HC: 1,76 Sec.

[01:00:52] HC

Again one gets to see the harem girl masturbating.


HC: 31,96 Sec.

[01:03:12] EV&HC

The French VHS is a little more revealing in a scene where 2 ebony harem girls masturbate with a dildo.


EV: 7,84 Sec.
HC: 7,80 Sec.

[01:03:22] EV&HC

As in the scene before, the French VHS has a more explicit scene of the girls' love play. The EV has some alternative footage.


EV: 2,28 Sec.
HC: 2,20 Sec.

[01:16:27] EV&HC

The dance instructor and the girl are seen having oral sex. In the EV one only sees the girl's hat.


HC: 11,76 Sec.