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original title: L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo


  • US VHS (PG)
  • US Blu-ray Disc
Release: Sep 25, 2013 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut American VHS by United Home Video (PG Rated) and the uncut American Blu-ray Disc by Blue Underground (not rated).

Argento's debut film and first part of his "animal trilogy" was released in a slightly cut "PG version" on VHS in the USA. It's possible that this version is equal to the American theatrical version, but this can't be assured 100%.

5 cuts on the VHS (among them 3 cuts due to violence) = 13.34 sec.
1 Logo on the VHS
1 longer black screen on the VHS

Running time difference: 3.07 sec.

Short frame cuts add up to 2 seconds, but they're not mentioned in the report. The running time information refers to the Blu-ray Disc.
Time index: US Blu-ray Disc


The logo of UMC Pictures is displayed at the beginning of the US VHS. The BD has a black screen of ca. 2 seconds at the beginning; the actual movie begins afterwards.

+9.52 sec.


The black screen on the VHS is slightly longer.

+0.75 sec.


A shot in which the camera moves away from the picture on the wall is missing on the US VHS.

1.67 sec.


The stranger starts pulling off the panties of the woman.

2.5 sec.


The guy tears down the woman's panties.

2.96 sec.


The murderer pulls the woman's head up at her hair. The razor blade in the man's hand is shown. It's hinted that he stabs her and blood is dripping on the floor.

4.46 sec.


The beginning of the scene in which the car is driving on the field track is missing on the VHS.

1.75 sec.


The beginning of the end credits is different in the two versions.

No running time difference

US VHSUS Blu-ray Disc