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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

1.02 Rising Malevolence


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 22, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the Director's Cut (both released by Warner Home Video).

Runtime TV = 21:43
Runtime DC = 23:20

In the box-set for the first season of "The Clone Wars" the producers included special "Director's Cut" versions for 7 episodes. These versions are probably just the original unedited versions which had to be shortened in order to fit in the correct time limit for the TV channel.

In this episode, a few scenes were slightly altered and there's a short missing dialogue of Obi-Wan.

Comparison of the Film Size:


TV: 00:51
DC: 00:51

Master Plo Koon is shown on the bridge a little longer.

0.52 sec

TV: 01:57
DC: 01:57

After Anakin's indoctrination only to talk to someone if he's spoken to Ahsoka responds that he always does that. Anaking sceptically looks at his Padawan.

2.28 sec

TV: 03:48
DC: 03:51

Subsequent to Count Dooku's order to destroy the escape capsules the droid and General Grievous villainously laug. While doing so the general turns his head to the Count.

1.8 sec

TV: 04:42
DC: 04:46

The spaceship is shown slightly longer.

0.4 sec

TV: 06:59
DC: 07:04

In between the scenes where Ahsoka and Anakin leave and the scene of the arrival at the Abregado-system they added a short sequence with Obi-Wan.
In the control room of the spaceship he makes contact with Skywalker's flagship - the Resolute - and therefore now already gets wind of Anakin's trip.

The Clone Commander says that the ships are in defense formation. Obi-Wan affirms it and wonders if Anakin is ready. He asks the admiral if the convoy is on the spot. Admiral Yularen responds that the convoy is already on its way and that there's no sign of enemy attacks. Then Obi-Wan asks where Anakin is. Admiral Yularen tells him that the general said that a re-formation of the fleet would expand the radius of their defense. Obi-Wan thanks him and says that this is all for now. The Clone Commander asks if there's any problem. Obi-Wan responds that Anakin just placed an order with himself again.

The Twilight's arrival in the TV version (logically) happens without the little effect.

TV: 0.4 sec
DC: 37.64 sec

TV: 09:18
DC: 10:00

Anakin's spaceship approaches the expanse of ruins.

1.92 sec

TV: 00:09:25
DC: 00:10:09

Before Skywalker tries to prepare Ahsoka for the find of Master Plo Koon (who might be dead) you see the Twilight passing the wreckage.

2.56 sec

TV: 09:46
DC: 10:33

Ahsoka says that someone seems to be longing for them before Obi-Wan calls them back.

2 sec

TV: 09:53
DC: 10:42

During the conversation between Obi-Wan and Anakin there's a missing sentence.
In the TV version Obi-Wan only says that Anakin's orders are different. In the DC he at first say that he assumes that it is a rescue mission.

2.08 sec

TV: 11:06
DC: 11:57

Master Plo talks to the clones in front of the rescue capsule.

He says that the situation is critical but there still is hope that they will make it. Clone soldier Boost says that this is enough for him. Then he and Sinker leave.

8.88 sec

TV: 11:35
DC: 12:35

After the conversation between Anakin and Ahsoka there's a shot of R2-D2 projects the expanse of ruins and the Twilight.

5.88 sec

TV: 11:41
DC: 12:47

One of the droids wonders where Master Plo Koon came from all of a sudden.

In the TV version it only says „Hey!“.

2.16 sec

TV: 11:44
DC: 12:52

Master Plo Koon pulls out his sword and the following shot of the droid begins slightly earlier.

0.36 sec

TV: 11:48
DC: 12:57

The pilot of the droid-ship tells his comrades to take cover.

2.16 sec

TV: 11:54
DC: 13:05

Additional shot of Boost and Sinker shooting at the droids.

1.12 sec

TV: 11:59
DC: 13:11

After the droids took cover Boost complains about the fact that he has no clear line of fire.

1.48 sec

TV: 12:03
DC: 13:16

The droid-ship's grippers move towards each other a little longer.

0.6 sec

TV: 12:04
DC: 13:18

The ship and the rescue capsule are shown slightly longer.

0.48 sec

TV: 12:05
DC: 13:20

Plo Koon repels a shot and the grippers move towards each other a little further.

3.68 sec

TV: 12:10
DC: 13:29

Wolffe hears Ahsoka'radio message and pushes the control console's buttons a little longer.

2.16 sec

TV: 16:43
DC: 18:03

Ahsoka switches the Twilight's systems off.

1 sec

TV: 17:12
DC: 18:33

The Malevolence moves towards the Twilight a little further.

0.56 sec

TV: 21:05
DC: 22:27

The credits were slightlys accelerated for the TV version. During the display of the Lucasfilm logo you don't see R2-D2.

TV: 37.6 sec
DC: 53.04 sec