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Uncut & Uncensored US DVD "Season 12"

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Family Guy

12.06 Life of Brian


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 30, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter represented by the US DVD release of "Season 12 (Volume 13)"

7 differences, one of them with alternative footage
Difference in time: 80.1 sec (= 1:20 min)

The latest DVD release in the US, released on 12/09/2014, contains any episode of Season 12. The so far confusing name of the Family Guy DVDs has been worked on: at least, the cover this time actually says "Season 12". The discs however are still following the previous way of numbering, they are called "Volume 13". Contrary to the TV Versions, the episodes are either extended ot simply uncensored - business as usual.

Episode 6 ("Life of Brian") includes the (temporary) death of Brian and thus was a target of controversial fan discussions. It is no wonder that this one was extended a little longer - the DVD offers roughly a minute of additional footage. Most of the time, these extensions are rather small gags that did not fit into the requested runtime anymore, yet some of the racism that is expressed in some of the sequences might also hint at censorship.

As a sidenote: In this episode, Stewie makes a comment about some TV Series that are not released in a usual "season"-format, a thing that Fox finally corrected with this season - at least in the USA.
Alternative Scene

There is a different animation of Brian coming in.
Brian: "Is anyone else in the mood to run really fast in one direction?"
Only in the DVD Version Stewie answers: "Go away. We're trying to watch I Love Liquor."
Subsequently there is a silent TV image with exactly this message.

DVD Version 7.4 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version

Censored Audio

Stewie's comment about using weapons was re-dubbed.

TV Version: "I don't know, sell 'em to some messed up kid?"
DVD Version: "I don't know, sell 'em to some fucked up kid?"


After Joe was attacked by the black woman with her purse, the DVD Version shows an additional scene: Peter plays a lot of stereotypes instead of attending the funeral.

Meg: "Where's Dad? We're going to be starting soon."
Chris: "Oh, he's here. He just insisted on being the mysterious man who watches the funeral from across the street in the rain."
This actually happens. Then we see Chris again: "Then he's going to be the rich guy in the limo who drives by the funeral and shows no emotion."
Immediately, we see this happening. Chris continues: "And now he's gonna be the old platoon mate who comes to pay his respects."
Peter is standing on the sidewalk with a female outfit: "I decided to be the mistress who no one knew about till now, instead."

The TV Version instead includes a transition to the following shot, realized through an additional shot from above.

DVD Version 28.8 sec longer


There's some more conversation between Peter and Vinny.

Peter: "Well, let me ask you this. What's your stance on the music all the kids are listening to today?"
Vinny: "I'm a little surprised you even call it music."

6.6 sec


Eine weitere Szene in der Bar, Jerome kommt noch dazu. Dabei (aus nachvollziehbarem Grund) auch auf DVD ein Piepston.

Jerome: "What can I get you gentlemen?"
Quagmire: "Hey, Jerome. Just another round of beers."
Jerome: "You got it."
Er geht und Vinny fragt: "You guys let a (BLEEP) handle your drinks."
Peter: "Okay, we're gonna have to work on that."

8,8 sec


Stewie and Vinny bitch at each other a little longer.

Vinny: "Don't you and your boyfriend have to be in Vermont by now?"
Stewie: "He's not my boyfriend... Hey, shut up."

4.3 sec


Stewie plays another trick on Vinny.

Vinny is sunbathing.
Stewie: "All right, Rupert, once this skunk sprays Vinny, Lois and the fat man will want him out of the house immediately."
The skun sprays juice at him.
Vinny: "Hey! Oh! Oh! Hey! Hey! Oh! Again!"
Next we see Vinny in the bathtub talking on the phone: "Hey, Ma. Remember, I told you, one day I'd be swimming in marinara? Ma! Ma, turn down the TV."

24.2 sec