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World of Warcraft (Brewfest - Censored)
Region: Worldwide

World of Warcraft (Brewfest - Uncesored)
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jun 02, 2013 - Author: Once - Translator: DaxRider123
This is a little special report about the Brewfest in World of Warcraft which happens to be quite attractive for millions of gamers every year.

Every year at the end of september, the annual Brewfest (which pretty much is WOW's version of the "Oktoberfest") invites WOW-gamers to celebrate, do quests and earn achievements.

However, since 2009, the Brewfest misses out on 2 quests which (according to Blue-Post from the game's official forums) were taken out due to reasons of youth protection. Apparently, the quests would glorify the consumption of alcohol, however, if you consider some of the achievements you can get during the Brewfest, this sounds quite ridiculous.
This deletion of the quests happened all over Europe. It's not quite clear whether Germany's pretty low rating of the game was responsible for the censorship or if another European country is the source of this evil.

Explanation from the official (German) forums:

The Brewfest-quests "Pink Elekks On Parade" and "Catch the Wild Wolpertinger!" were taken out of the game to ensure that "World of Warcraft" only includes contents that are in line with any regional demands regarding youth protection.

So, what kind of achievements are these that apparently glorify the consumotion of alcohol?
The following 2 achievements require you to drink alcohol before being able to get the achievements.

There are some more achievements that require you to drink alcohol (beer). Unlike the two "critical" achievements you don't have to drink heavily to try them out.
Even though you could say that these are rather achievements and not quests, keep in mind that most of the gamers rather want to get achievements than solve quests; the achievement-system is an inherent part of the game.

Still, when you compare the 2 quests to other quests/achievements in the game that are not connected to the Brewfest, it's not really logical why exactly these 2 seemed to be so offensive.

This report is based on the German (European) Version of World of Warcraft.
Thanks to fortunate coincidence that the quests were available shortly after the Brewfest started I was able to give you this little comparison.
According to messages on the internet, the US version is not censored in this way (at least wasn't in the year 2009).
Unfortunately I can't tell you which version of the Brewfest is included in the Chinese version (or if it even is included).

Missing Quests
The 2 deleted quests (before the year of 2009) where given to you by "Goldark Snipehunter" Dun Morogh (Alliance) or Durotar (Horde - there, it's a goblin wearing a dwarf-mask).
If you were online at the right time, you were able to play the 2 quests both in 2009 and 2010. In 2009, the 2 quests were shortly available after an update on the Live-Servers; in 2010, they were playable for a short time after the Brewfest started. However, just as in 2009, the quests were taken out via a hotfix.
Since the quests now were deleted (again), it unfortunately is no longer possible to do them. This means, that if you still have them in your questlog, you're able to do them, however, you can no longer get a reward for it (the character no longer has a question mark above his head).

(Images from when the quests were still available)

Accepting the QuestEnding the Quest

(Images from when the quests were deleted)

Accepting the QuestEnding the Quest

Catch the Wild Wolpertinger!
The aim of this quest is to catch 5 Wolpertingers. In order to see them you either have to be drunk or wear the Synthehol-glasses (you can either get them from the character that gives you the quest or buy them).
As a reward you could get a Wolpertinger-Pet which is also necessary in order to get an achievement. Since 2009 you thus can get the pet by buying it in exchange for (Brewfest) Steins.

Pink Elekks On Parade
During this quest you have to travel to 3 more capitals where you then (either drunk or wearing the Synthehol-glasses) have to kill pink Elekks (3 in each capital). The character that gives you the quest will hand you a special zapper.
As a reward you will get 40 Brewfest Steins which serve as a currency during Brewfest.

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