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original title: Bo bui gai wak


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 15, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Comparison between Theatrical Cut and Extended Version

Jackie Chan shot "Rob-B-Hood" in Hong Kong while he was waiting to start with the shooting of "Rush Hour 3". In September 2006 the film was shown in theaters very successfully and was released in November 2006 on DVD, including the Theatrical Cut and the Extended Version.

Although the Theatrical Cut runs quite long (approx. 2 hrs.), the Extended Version includes 9 min. of new footage. If you like the Theatrical Cut you shouldn't hesitate to watch the Extended Version as well. The new footage intensifies some shallow characters (Landlord & Landlady) and the footage makes the film more understandable. The Extended Version seems to be the favored version that had to be cut down to 2 hrs. without cutting out a complete plot line.

The running time refers to the Theatrical Cut
- (Theatrical Cut): 121:06 min in PAL

- Extended Version: 135:19 min in NTSC (=> 129:48 min in PAL)

- 13 Cuts, 2 modified scenes
- Running time cuts: 522 sec (=8:42 min) in PAL

This scene starts earlier in the Extended Version. Jackie yells "More!" more often to support the horse he's placed a bet on.

2,7 sec


Additional shot of the escaping kidnapper (Max as we get to know later) who shoves some people being in his way. Then the mother yelling for his child and a shot of the police men chasing the kidnapper.

5,9 sec

After Octopus' wife walked across the street, we see Jackie being chased through the corridor in the Theatrical Cut. The Extended Version also shows Jackie gambling. He loses the money he loaned before. The Extended Version is much better and should be prefered because in the Theatrical Cut the chase and the fight suddenly appear out of nowhere.

His opponent's cards are on the table, 2 of hearts and 3 of clubs. Jackie hopes to be lucky: "Come on!". Behind him Spooky and Hairy appear and watch him, Jackie's surprised because he didn't expect that. They ask him where he got the money he's gambling with. Jackie explains that they'll be paid as soon as he's won. He hopes to be lucky again und checks his cards while being watched by the other gamblers. He still has his fingers on the cards to hide the numbers. You can just see that it's something of hearts. He lowers the cards and says that he'd be too nervous and that Hairy should help him.
He's builing up a smiliar suspense and when he got everybody's attention, Jackie bolts. Hairy drops the cards on the table and a 5 appears - this card is the reason why Jackie's being chased in the following scene.

48 sec


There's a longer scene missing after Jackie's held. The missing scene intensifies the character Landlady who's Landlord's sick wife and the relationship of them.

The camera shows some buildings from the outside, you can hear the Landlord giving some instructions to Jackie. Then both of them are shown walking down the stairs with Octopus.
"I told you to quit gambling! I hate bailing you out in the middle of the night. You can't count on me much longer, I've decided to retire."
Jackie can't believe it: "Retirement? You're kidding."
Landlord explains what he's worried about: "You know my wife is losing her mind and she's getting worse. Last week she grabbed someone's baby and refused to return it. She even bit the mother's hand! She's getting worse, understand? If I carry on with you two we'll all end up in jail sooner or later! Who'll take care of her then? That was 20 years ago, you keep saying that. I'm still responsible for what's happening. What kind of father was I? My son had high fever for 2 days. I didn't realise it was meningitis! I'm responsible for his death. We have no children. There is no hope. What else can I do?"
Octopus has a solution: "Have another one. I can get viagra at half price. OK?"
Landlord strangles him, Jackie tries to calm him down and warns Octopus: "Don't provoke him anymore."
Landlord replies "Don't tell me what to do" and let's him down.
Jackie: "It's time. Straighten your shirt!"

Landlord needs to get better, then he goes upstairs resolutely. His wife come's his way, having a baby doll on her arms, and says he'd be late.
Landlord: "No, I'm not."
Landlady: "You were at the top of the stairs yesterday, now you're only at the third. You don't love me anymore?"
He drops the baby doll and Landlord comes up to them and says: "I'll hurry tomorrow. I love you very much."
He kisses her while Jackie's picking up the "baby". He gives it back with the words "Your son".
She smiles for a second, then she yells at them: "Hey, did you pay your rent?"
Jackie: "Of course, ask him."
Landlord brings them back to the room: "They did."
Landlady: "They're always sneaking around. What's the matter with them? Don't hang out with them anymore!"
After that we see Jackie & Octopus, they look irritated.
"What? She knows about us? We must do something against that."
They go back upstairs.

104,8 sec in total


The dancing and singing sequence ("We wish you a merry christmas") is slightly longer in the Extended Version and the following shot of the baby starts a couple of frames earlier.

3 sec


After the baby was shown some more dancing and singing follows. This time "One little, two little, three little indians...", the suitable dance included.

8,1 sec


Further shots that show the two guys running through the corridors of the mall. Jackie looks around, he seems to be panicked. Octopus puts all the stuff he can get in the trolley, he doesn't care what kind of stuff it is because his eyes are closed.

7,3 sec


A slightly longer shot of Jackie who turns his head around.

1,3 sec


The Theatrical Cut screens off and goes on with a scene which shows Melody diapering the baby. A longer scene is missing. That scene shows Melody and Jackie getting closer to each other due to an inconvenient incident (the audience gets more information about their characters). That's why this scene isn't unimportant for the plot. The plot line of Octopus and his wife is also longer and Jackie's informed about his father's stroke (later Jackie's blamed for his not reacting, so this scene is very important as well).
We see Jackie and Octopus rushing through a bus with the baby and lots of bags.
Jackie: "We could have caught a taxi if you'd hurried."
Octopus: "Shut up, alright!"
They take a seat, coincidentally face to face with Melody.
Jackie: "What a coincidence!"
Octopus: "You just got off?"
Melody: "No, I work at the hospital. This is just part time."
Octopus whispers to Jackie: "Chatting her up?"
Jackie: "She was our instructor."
Melody: "What a cute baby!"

Octopus looks out of the window and sees his wife going for a walk with another man. He runs to the window, takes his cell and calls her.
She answers the call, you can hear him asking "Where are you?"
She replies: "I'm with your Mom."
Octopus: "Really? Put her on."
Her: "What? I can't hear you. Call me back."
Octopus: "Hello? Hello?" After he hung up "Bitch!"
After that it's shown that the man wasn't her lover. They come across a younger and an elder woman and a younger kid. The man takes the kid, the young woman thanks him. She and her husband leave, Octopus' wife keeps on going with the elder woman. Octopus didn't notice, he's still in the bus and looks perplexed.

Jackie continues talking to Melody.
Jackie: "You're not local?"
Melody: "No, I'm from Shaanxi. A student nurse on exchange."
Jackie's cell rings. He answers the call, you can hear his sister saying "Dad had a stroke."
Jackie: "What?"
Sister: "He's in the hospital."
Jackie: "Is it serious?"
Sister: "He's out of intensive care."
Jackie: "I'll drop by after work."
Sister: "Hurry..."
Jackie hangs up: "Yes."
Melody continues his undeliberated thought: "Where do you work?"
Jackie: "Me? This is my stop, talk to you later." He spits at Octopus: "Let's go!"
Melody looks sceptical, they leave and Jackie gets another call.
You hear Landlord speaking: "I'm charged with running a road block resisting arrest and dangerous driving. They are refusing bail. But the lawyer said I'll be out next week."
Jackie: "Next week?"
Landlord: "Keep feeding the pedigree poodle."

He hangs up and Jackie says to Octopus who still seems to be paralysed due to his wife's love affair: "We're supposed to feed him well. And don't hand him over to anyone."
He recognizes that Octopus doesn't have the baby anymore.
"Where is the poodle?" Jackie runs back to the bus in panic, Octopus's depressive again till he notices what he's done und runs after Jackie. "Oh my god!"
Arrived at the main drag they see four identical busses. They search the first one, but it's not the one. Totally clueless they wander around and arrive at a bus station with further similar vehicles. Out of one of them Jackie sees Melody sitting at the edge of the road. She has the baby on her arms. Very relieved they get out of the bus.
Octopus: "Picture perfect. Give me a kiss!"
He kisses him, Jackie shoves him away with thw words "It's your fault!". They run to Melody and get almost hit a bus. The shoppings fall down and Octopus trips.
Melody asks "Are you alright?", Jackie takes the baby. That's why the baby loses his cap. Melody picks it up and says worriedly: "Don't hold him like that! Careful with his arm. You're just plain negligent! Leaving him behind on the bus."
Jackie: "Can you help me?"

The montage (set to music) where Jackie learns a lot of parental stuff begins. At first they're on the couch, she explains how to handle the baby's bottle. Meanwhile Octopus tries to stay awake in the foreground.
After that Jackie walks through the whole room with a guide in his hand. He swings the baby in his arms.

213 sec in total


The Theatrical Cut shows a scene now which also appears in the Extended Version, but it appears later (see 49:27) - Jackie and Melody go for a walk, Jackie's got the baby on his arms. Furthermore the dialogue from the bus scene beforehand, can be heard here as voice-over because this scene is missing. In this voice-over Melody explains where she comes from and that she's a student. The Theatrical Cut is very tightened here and that the shot and the conversation don't really fit - the Extended Version is much more reasonable here.

The complete dialog:
Jackie: "You aren't from Hong Kong, are you?"
Melody: "I'm from Shaanxi and I'm doing an apprenticeship to become a nurse in Peking. I'm in Hong Kong due to a student exchange."

+ 4,7 sec


A shot from the cut at 48:36 is reinsert here; Jackie and Octopus on the couch, Melody holds the baby and the baby bottle and advises Jackie who listens very carefully while Octopus is yawning.

+ 3,4 sec


Now the Extended Version shows the shot which appears at 48:38 in the Theatrical Cut - it starts slightly earlier and runs approx. 1 sec longer. But we don't here the dialog because it's already appeared in the Extended Version (see cut at 48:36). That's the reason why the Extended Version goes on with the music.

5,8 sec


In the Extended Version Jackie's tempted to go gambling again. He left because the baby was crying.

Jackie smiles at the baby and says "How about just one bet? Just one?" and turns around. The baby starts to cry immediately. Jackie leaves the gambling place and the baby calms down. Jackie comments that behaviour with "No more gambling. I quit."
Close up of the baby which is quit. Jackie: "You're worse than my dad!"

11,3 sec


When the "Brokeback Mountain" gag is finished the Extended Version shows a longer shot of the two guys sitting in the car. The following shot of Octopus, sitting and holdig his hurt hand, begins earlier.

2,6 sec


After Jackie got the baby and Melody leaves to buy some medication, a longer scene is cut.

Suddenly McDaddy shows up with a baby, he wants to collect his money. After having checked out Jackie, he grabs him. Jackie grabs him as well and both draw the attention to their babies.
McDaddy: "Don't do anything stupid. There's a baby! Watch the baby!"
Jackie: "I have a baby, too!"
McDaddy: "Let go!"
Jackie: "You let go, too!"
McDaddy: "Together on the count of three."
Beide: "1-2-3."
They let go and take care of their babies: "Don't cry!".
Then they are shown in a room where babies can play, holding their babies.
Jackie: "About the loan..."
McDaddy: "I'm not in the mood for that."
Jackie "But you grabbed me."
McDaddy: "Just occupational reflex."
Jackie changes the subject: "What's wrong with your baby?"
McDaddy: "Measles. He won't drink his milk."
Jackie takes some time to think, then he advices: "Boil some carrots, water chestnut & barley. Give him the juice."

McDaddy looks confused: "What?"
Jackie: "Just tell his mother to make it."
McDaddy: "His mother? She ran off. What about his mother?"
Jackie smiles and answers: "His mother? Gone as well."
Both of them laugh, MacDaddy asks: "Where did you get his clothes?"
Jackie: "Anywhere. $80 at the convenient store, 10% off."
McDaddy: "$72?"
Jackie: "A further 10% off with a discount card."
McDaddy astonished: "That's $64,80."
Jackie: "Do you have a discount card?"
He grabs his in the bag and says "Here, take mine."
They smile again und McDaddy replies: "I'll forfeit today's interest. But I'll start chasing tomorrow."
Jackie: "Come on!"
McDaddy: "Just doing my job."
Landlord sneaks up and calls for Jackie. Landlord to the baby: "Here's my million dollar poodle. Let's get a suite and talk."
The last sentence explains where they are in the following scene which is also shown in the Theatrical Cut.
Jackie says goodbye to McDaddy. Jackie seems to be pretty confused about that and Landlord reacts similar. Then he follows McDaddy outside.

116 sec in total