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original title: Hak Kap


  • US Version
  • International Exportversion
Release: Feb 24, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German Unrated DVD released by Kinowelt (includes the International Exportversion) and the German Unrated VHS released by Starlight (which is identical to the US Version).
International Exportversion = 85:32 min.
US Version = 82:32 min.

Alternative scenes Int. Version = 63.5 sec.
Alternative scenes US Version = 14.5 sec.

The rest of the difference in time results from different credits. The US Version's credits are shorter and underlaid with music that sounds a little bit like a James Bond soundtrack. The International Exportversion's credits are about 2 minutes longer and underlaid with rap music. Additionally, the International Exportversion misses out on about 10 seconds which result from frame cuts (probably due to several mistakes on the master).
Alternative scenes in the Int. Version (starting times refer to the German DVD):

In the Int. Version you also see the logos of Artisan and Distant Horizon. Subsequent to that there's an overlay that says HONG KONG, CHINA - 2 YEARS AGO. Then follow several rapidly cut and alienated shots which are underlaid with rap music.
57.5 sec.

After Tracy, Tsui Chik and inspector Rock posed for a picture, the image freezes and turns a little. Then the movie fades to black. Now, the credits roll.
6 sec.

Alternative scenes in the US Version (starting times refer to the German VHS):

Just as in the Int. Version, they also pose for a picture in the US Version. However, in the US Version you then see the photographer giving them the polaroid picture. When they look at the picture, they all seem to be pretty surprised: On the picture, Tracy and Rock wear sunglasses and Tsui Chick looks like Black Mask.
14.5 sec.