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The 2-Disc Edition contains both, theatrical release and Director's Cut.



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  • Theatrical release (PG-13)
  • Director's Cut (PG-13)
Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: KoRn - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Director's Cut: 01:53.41 Min. NTSC witt end credits
Theatrical release: 01:44.21 Min. NTSC with end credits

Director's Cut: 01:47.47 Min. NTSC without end credits
Theatrical release: 01:38.30 Min. NTSC without end credits

Comparison between US-DVD: Dimension Films (PG-13) and US-DVD: Dimension Films - Director's Cut (PG-13).

With his two previous book releases about the paranormal and the logical explanations included, Mike Enslin (John Cusack) became an acclaimed author. For his latest opus he wants to spend ten nights in ten haunted hotel rooms. So far Enslin always slept tight but Mr. Olin (Samuel L. Jackson), the manager of the Dolphin Hotel, warns Enslin imploringly to not spend a night in infamous room 1408. Naturally not even the somber history can keep Enslin away. As soon as he checks into the room he can't even think about sleeping anymore - it's more about surviving the night...

1408 is an atmospheric scary movie with some fine shock moments. In parts it heavily resembles "The Shining" but since both stories are from Stephen King there's no need to wonder. Whereas "The Shining" used to scare with the invisible horror, 1408 is filled with all kinds of evil creatures and demons which are on the hunt for Enslin. Even though 1408 can't compete with the more than ingenious parent it still offers suspenseful entertainment for a movie night.
The Director's Cut is no bluff package this time. Character development and personal backgrounds are more emphasized. Which ending to the story is more likable remains a question of taste since both endings leave pleasant goose bumps.

Aside from some extras the Two-Disc Collector's Edition contains both, the theatrical release and the Director's Cut, which makes the purchase decision rather easy.

15 cuts = 712 seconds NTSC (11min.52sec.) (added cut times).

Director's Cut:
There's another picture of a blood smeared victim followed by a short shot of Enslin's face.
2 sec.

Alternate material:
Time index DC: 26.35
Time index TR: 26.41
Another picture of a victim. In the theatrical release it just shows torn out pages.
No time difference

Theatrical release:
Director's Cut:

Director's Cut:
Enslin makes an appalled face. He now sees, how his counterpart gets struck down by the mysterious figure before the theatrical release sets back in and he is face to face with his assailant.
3 sec.

Director's Cut:
Additional shots of how Enslin backs away from his assailant and of the assailant hitting Enslin.
1 sec.

Director's Cut:
More footage of Enslin crawling through the vent.
1 sec.

Director's Cut:
Enslin sees himself standing outside having an argument with his father. The father tells Enslin to take care of his wife and that she needs him now after the child's death. Mike accuses his dad of never showing interest in him and his problems. The father replies that he never cared because is son is a "bullshit writer".
This is followed by more footage of Mike in the vent.
37 sec.

Theatrical release:
Additional shot of the vent followed by a close-up of Enslin.
3 sec.

Director's Cut:
He keeps on creeping through the vent and finds a dead old man. He is covered in cobwebs and bugs are crawling upon him. All of a sudden the old man jerks up and starts creeping towards Enslin. Mike flees.
73 sec.

Alternate material:
Time index DC: 01:15.56
Time index TR: 01:14.14
Different shots of the painting. The Director's Cut reveals more skin.
No time difference

Theatrical release:
Director's Cut:

Director's Cut:
Enslin at his P.O. Box in the post office. He takes out some letters. The young employee asks him the same thing as in the beginning of the movie. Enslin gives him a questioning look but then walks out.
Afterwards he is back at the restaurant and goes through his mail. It's the same letters like the first time, only the card from the Dolphin Hotel is missing. Mike returns to the post office to look for it but he can't find it. He asks the young employee whether he found a postcard but the employee denies. He assures though that he will put it in Mikes P.O. Box if it turns up.
84 sec.

Director's Cut:
Enslin talks to his editor over the phone. He's got an idea for a great story. The editor is thrilled. Mike sorts his manuscript and puts it in an envelope.
In the following scene Mike visits his father in a nursing home. He asks him how he's been and states that it's been awhile since his last visit. He also wanted to tell him that everything's alright, that he's talked to Lilly and that he's working on a new book. The father only looks at him and says his name. Enslin wipes a tear off his face.
173 sec.

Alternate material:
Time index DC: 01:29.25
Time index TR: 01:23.28

Director's Cut:
Additional shot of Enslin in the burned room. A cabinet with fire burning inside opens. He looks inside and sees a children's casket getting burned. He says "That's my kid!" and starts to yell that he was already outside in a profile shot.
55 sec.

Theatrical release:
Here him yelling "I was outside!" is shown in a close-up followed by a cut to a profile shot.
5 sec.

Director's Cut:
An additional shot of a suicide victim.
1 sec.

Director's Cut:
Another shot of a cut wrist.
1 sec.

Director's Cut:
The vision of his suicide is a little longer.
1 sec.

Alternate ending:
Time index DC: 01:41.55
Time index TR: 01:35.07

Director's Cut:
Shot of the door of room 1408. The numbers melt away. Then comes a black screen followed by Enslins funeral. A car arrives, it's Olin. He talks to Enslin's wife and his editor and tells them that they found some of Mike's personal effects while cleaning which she might want to have back. But Lilly doesn't want to have them back because they remind her of what happened. Olin takes the black box with him. Back in the car he opens it and pulls out the tape recorder. He plays the tape, looking very sad. In the rearview mirror he sees a little girl, then the burned Enslin. The child belongs to someone else. Olin puts the recorder back in the box and drives away. Cut to the Dolphin Hotel. Enslin's ghost has a smoke in the burned room. His daughter calls for him, he turns around and disappears. The end.
280 sec.

Theatrical release:
Two firemen break the door open and find Enslin passed out on the floor. They take him out of the burning room. He tells them not to go into that room. Then we see the numbers melting in the heat. Cut to Olin's face. He grins and says "Well done, Mr. Enslin.". Enslin awakes in the hospital, his wife is with him. She says the fire was presumably caused by a short circuit. He asks her if she is really there. Then a cut to his home. Off screen he tells us that the Dolphin Hotel was temporarily closed. He will keep his hands off of ghost stories. His wife wants to throw the remains of the fire away but Mike wants to keep his tape recorder. He unwraps and plays it. Suddenly he hears the voice of his dead daughter. His wife drops Mike's things in shock. He gives her a knowing look. The end.
203 sec.