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  • Original Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Sep 04, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Actually everything has been said about this little cult movie, a real party blast with quotation potpourri. But a proper realization on DVD has been long overdue but was finally released last month in the USA. The boasted announced “Unrated Director’s Cut” doesn’t lives up to its promise and what the fan expected. Instead of a DVD with the extended TV version – maybe as bonus – the available version is mainly identical to the unabbreviated theatrical version. Only the end has been changed. Now we can see the original end with the spaceship above the cemetery in the director’s cut, the end with the dog from the theatrical version has been removed. The alternative action sequences of the TV version also broadcasted in Netherland are on DVD as bonus. Not a bit of sound or speech censoring has been found.

Apart from that Sony has delivered an entirely perfect realization. Clear anamorphic WS 1.85 with a new remixed sound in DD-5.1. Besides the main movie there is additional material for nearly 2 hours, amongst there is a very interesting audio comment of director Fred Dekker (hey, time for him to do a new movie) and others from Jason Lively, Tom Atkins, Steve Marshall and Jill Whitlow. Furthermore as bonus the original theatrical version ending, the above mentioned, named as deleted scenes, alternative action sequences, a nice making of and a featurette about Tom Atkins.

Compared has been the regular Theatrical Version, at hand as the US cable TV broadcasted version (identical to the unabbreviated UK version) with the Director's Cut (US-DVD). The frames have been minimally edited.
83:32 Min.
The only difference in this comparison which doesn’t show anything new to the fans. In the Director's Cut the original ending has been inserted while an alternative ending has been shown in the Theatrical Version. In the Director’s Cut the camera zooms back after the kiss between Chris and Cynthia uncovering the view onto the background. All still staring at the fire while the fire fighters appear in the back. View change onto the burnt Ray Cameron who passes by the scenery and then falling down on the ground. His head bursts open and the worms creeping away. They scurry to a cemetary and the camera follows – long-shot onto the cemetary – then lights illuminate the appearing spaceship in the sky. The Duration is about 118 seconds.
In the Theatrical Version the camera follows down the bodies of the kissing couple and the dog appears. Cynthia noticing him goes down on her knees saying („hey you“) and gets frightened because of a worm jumping out of the dog’s mouth onto the camera. The duration of this alternative ending is about 18 seconds.Therefore the total difference is
( 100 sec. )

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