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Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter



original title: Warlords of the 21st Century


  • US DVD
  • German DVD/VHS
Release: Jul 09, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut US DVD released by Shout! Factory and the uncut German DVD released by Cosmopolitan Pictures (as well as the slightly logner German VHS released by Constantin).

- 7 cuts + 6 further differences to the German VHS
- Difference in time: 53.4 sec + 12.8 sec

A few minor differences that result from a faulty mastertape and have a runtime of less than 0.5 sec were ignored for this report.

This is a pretty entertaining end time flick that was produced in New Zealand in 1982 and was obviously influenced by Mad Max II. After the movie had for years only been available on VHS in Germany (and on a bootlegged DVD made from this VHS) the movie was finally released on an official DVD on June 19th, 2015. It made use of the pretty solid master of the US DVD released by Shout! Factory. However, what had not been known prior to this release was the fact that this master (and possibly all other US versions) was cut in comparison to the German VHS tape. A few dialog sequences had been cut (possibly due to jumpcuts in the master) and an emergancy care equence as well as an implied scene of incest were censored.

Thankfully, the producers of the German DVD re-included all material that had been cut out of the US master. As a result, the image quality suffers at times, yet the version is at least complete - or so it seems. When taking a look at the runtimes of the DVD, it became apparent that in comparison to the German VHS a few seconds were still missing. An explanation for this are reel changes and accompanying effects of the re-inclusion of the missing sequences. The missing moments do not include any dialog, thus the lack is not that bothersome. Those scenes are included in the second part of the report - a separate report was not really necessary, after all, nothing specatular happens and no scene is missing in its entirety. Thus, we do not advise prospects against buying the German DVD. Curiously enough, there is a short re-cut towards the beginning of the German VHS.

We want to thank the user spannick for providing us with the material for this comparison!

Time designations are given as follows:
US DVD [NTSC] / German DVD [PAL]
13:55 / 13:21-13:25

Even towards the beginning, the shot of Straker was taken from the lower quality master since the last few seconds including an additional comment were cut out. After the sentence"500 yards up the road you have lookouts. he adds that they are going to get fresh water from the river. Also, they want to get a few of their men every day.

Note: During the missing sequences, the English soundtrack also just includes the German soundtrack. Thus, the original soundtrack was not available.

4.6 sec

56:52 / 54:37-54:48

After Corlie forgave Judd and agrees to have a cup of tea, a short scene with dialog was cut out.

Judd looks around and says that he likes Orrin's furnishing. It indicates respect. Corlie answers that this is just a temporary situation until she gets her own home.

10.9 sec

69:10 / 66:35-66:42

Hunter is treated a little longer and thes discuss the respective methods a little longer.

After Hunter says "They'll be after me, they might come here." Charlene answers that this is impossible. Alvin says that she has some curative powder that had helped in many cases. Charlene responds that back then she used to have penicillin. Alvin says she should try it with that. From Charlene's sentence that starts wiht "I can cure arthritis and..." onwards, the two versions are back in sync.

7.2 sec

69:34 / 67:06-67:08

During hunters treatment, a long shot was cut out during which a glowing stick is placed on his wound.

2.2 sec

70:40 / 68:11-68:15

A short comment by Straker was cut out which is why the entire sequence was taken from the VHS tape.

4 sec

72:10 / 69:41-70:01

The beginning of the shot og Corlie in Straker's arms is also in the US Version. But actually, it is destinctly longer which is why it has been entirely taken from the bad master for the German DVD.

Corlie also says: "I hate you!"
Straker responds: "And I love you!"
Corlie whines a little. Still in his arms, she says it was not possible.

19.5 sec

77:08 / 74:46-74:52

After a shot of the truck there are two missing shots inside. Corlie says that he will never get that and Straker responds that he should just wait.

5.3 sec

German VHS

The following scenes are different/longer on the German VHS in comparison to the German DVD. The time designations correspond to those from the US DVD and the German DVD.


For the most part, the credits are identical, however, the opening title is the German one on the VHS.

German VHSGerman DVD

12:44-12:50 / 12:13-12:19

When Straker leads Corlie's hand with the weapon, a short sequence on the German VHS at first is a little shorter and the following shot of Corlie begins a few frames earlier in the US master.

After Corlie was shown in an identical shot for 2 seconds, the German VHS shows the 3 missing seconds. This artificially expands the moment of excitement and there are a few more cuts back and forth from the two perspectives. Corlie wrangles a little longer while holding up the gun. However, there is no additional footage at this point.

No difference in time.

28:30 / 27:25

This might have been lost due to a reel change: On the German VHS you can see Judd a few frames longer, followed by Corlie fondling around on the branches noticeably earlier.

5.6 sec

54:24 / 52:15

Judd walks away a little longer, while you can see Rusty in the front of the image.

3.6 sec

56:52 / 54:48

Judd is shown a little earlier before saying yes to a cup of tea.

Note: Just before this sequence there was a cut in the US master. When re-inserting the scene for the German DVD, the producers did not work frame-exact, yet at least re-included the entire dialog.

2.2 sec

69:10 / 66:41-66:42

This alteration also happened around a cut in the US version, yet this time it was solely done for the German DVD and does without any missing or new footage.

In the original version you can see Hunter's helpers talking in a longer sequence. Only the last sentence was included in the US master. In order to be able to use this last sentence for the German DVD, yet not having to change from low to high quality in the middle of the scene, the shot of Hunter that was already inserted in the middle of this sequence was used once again as means of transition.

No difference in time.

69:49 / 67:22

Unimportant cut due to a bad mastertape: After the treatment you can see Hunter a little longer lying around.

1.6 sec