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Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend

original title: Ch˘jin densetsu Urotsukid˘ji


  • BBFC 18 Movie Version
  • International Movie Version
Release: Oct 14, 2012 - Author: Forrest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the UK DVD released by Manga Entertainment and the US DVD from the Hell on Earth-Box released by Central Park Media.


The Urotsukidoji series is probably one of the classics of the so-called Hentai-Anime genre, i.e. animes with pornographic scenes. Several hardcore sex scenes were included in the Urotsukidoji movies, however, mostly they are important for the plot or fittingly included in the story; only in the last 2 parts they seem to be rather self purpose than stylistic device. These sex scenes are surrounded by a sophisticated and thrilling - one could even say epic - story, that will stir anime-fans' blood. Additionally, Urotsukidoji was created by Toshio Maeda, one of the pioneers of the "animated tentacle sex".

Also, Urotsukidoji was more violent than anything that you could see in the anime genre back then. There's a lot of blood, exploding bodies, guts flying around, as well as physical and psychological violence (mostly after sexual intercourse). All parts of the series (even though some of them are up to 25 years old) are drawn very well and underline the extreme depiction of action, sex, and violence.


Under the title of Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend the US Perfect Collection includes the first three OVA parts (Original Video Animation) of the series in their original version. The anime itself consists of several parts and therefore has a sort of TV-series-feeling to it. The original Japanese version also includes hardcore-elements which were already blurred. Regarding these scenes, there doesn't exist any version of Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend worldwide that is completely uncensored.

Beside the original OVA version an international movie version does exist. This version is very common too and has been used e.g. for the US Hell on Earth Box. For this version, the producers took the three parts of the original version and cut them together into one movie with English dubbing. Many sex scenes were cut out completely. Overall, the movie version misses out on roughly half an hour of footage. The differences do not only concern scenes that were cut out but also some scenes that were altered (e.g. a smaller image section or the retouching of a person). Additionally, the movie version lacks ANY of the hardcore sex scenes' details (genitals, breasts, you name it) even though they were blurred. Plus they midway through the movie decided to alter the order of the scenes which will be mentioned further during the actual report. Despite the huge difference in time, many fans rarely refer to it as a censored version but rather call it an alternative version. It has also to be highlighted that the movie version includes short plot sequences that are not included in the original OVA versions (=Perfect Collection), thus making the movie version an interesting alternative to watch (despite all the censorship and cuts).
These additional scenes will be highlighted in this color throughout the report.

A comparison of both mediums revealed that the UK VHS as well as the UK DVD (despite a few master damages) are based on the international movie version. However, for the UK release the movie was cut even further. This means that the UK version not only misses out on the scenes of the OVA that were cut out for the international movie version (which you will see throughout the report) but also on some of the scenes that made exclusively it into the movie version. There will be a separate report for these differences. The cuts from the UK version solely concern scenes with sexual content/references (even some of the scenes that were only included in the US version). Therefore, the UK DVD is a cut version of the international version.

Regarding the second Part of the Franchise (Urotsukid˘ji - Legend of the Demon Womb), a movie version does exists too. Like with the first part, the original OVA versions were cut together to stand as a feature length movie (with this time OVA 4+5 cut together). Surprisingly the movie version of part two is not censored or cut in any way. It is completely uncut. Furthermore, the scenes which had to be blurred for the original Japanese (OVA) release were redrawn here. Though the redrawn scenes aren't as detailed as the original ones, this is a much better alternative and makes the movie version of part two the most complete version. Therefore, this will be mentioned in a separate article.

Runtime and Differences:

UK DVD: 102:56 (101:04 not including credits)
US DVD: 105:03 (103:11 not including credits)
Both versions run with the exact same speed.

20 cuts (not including the black screen at the beginning) = 127.19 sec.

Conclusion and Buy Recommendation:

Among all the different versions the original version (e.g. on the US Perfect Collection) is clearly the one to pick. Not only is it more than half an hour longer than the international movie version but it also includes more sex, violence and (of course) story. The fact that the movie version includes 6 short sequences that can only be found here plus the better image quality of the US Hell on Earth Box at least makes the movie version an interesting choice for fans (or for those who are unable to speak Japanese and donĺt want to read subtitles). While these 2 versions can be called alternative versions, the UK version definitively is a cut/censored version (based on the movie version) and thus is not recommended.
Time Designations: UK DVD (Movie Version)/US DVD (Movie Version)

The black screen at the beginning is minimally longer on the US DVD.
0.58 sec.

The shot where Miss Togami strokes Akemi's private parts was cut out of the UK version. (NOTE: This scene - in comparison to the original - was already censored for the US version.)
1.17 sec.

Miss Togami touches Akemi's breast a little longer. Subsequently we see Miss Togami licking Akemi's breasts. Then she slowly moves down to Akemi's pubic area. (NOTE: This scene - in comparison to the original - was already censored for the US version.)

7.42 sec.

The end of the repeating tracking shot over Akemi's body was cut out of the UK version. The following scene - where Akemi tries to pull the tentacle which penetrated her out and then falls backwards - was cut out, too. (NOTE: This shot - in comparison to the original version - was already zoomed for the US version; this means that the image section of the US version was narrowed even further.)
5.59 sec.

The tentacle from Miss Togami's mouth continues to penetrate Akemi.
3.96 sec.

The tentacle embraces Akemi's breasts in a close-up shot.
1.5 sec.

A tentacle enters Akemi's mouth.
1.75 sec.

The tentacle comes back out of her mouth and squirts glowing secretion in Akemi's face.
2.25 sec.

You see Akemi covered in the pink secretion and with a tentacle in her mouth. (NOTE: This scene - in comparison to the original - was already censored for the US version.)
5.05 sec.

Akemi is shown being embraced by the tentacles. (NOTE: This scene was already shortened and zoomed for the US version.)
3.63 sec.

After the UK DVD cuts to the next scene the US version shows a black screen. Then we see how Nagumo forces the nurse to perform oral sex on him. In the end, he climaxes on her face. However, we only see the sperm, the rest of the image is black. (NOTE: The ejaculation-scene was already altered for the US version.)
10.86 sec.

The UK version cuts to the next scene when Nagumo rips the nurse's clothes apart.
3.04 sec.

The tracking shot over the naked woman's body was shortened towards the beginning - you don't see her breasts.
6.13 sec.

Nagumo touches the nurse's breasts.
4.13 sec.

The camera pans over the woman's body. Nagumo spreads her legs and penetrates her.
3.04 sec.

Nagumo has sex with the woman. He spreads her legs even further. Then we see the woman's face and she again and again says "no". While he continues to penetrate her we see pink energy beams. Then we see the nurse again - she moans.
13.89 sec.

Ozaki holds the woman's breasts in his hands. She screams and twists. Ozaki shouts and her and tells her to be quiet. The first few frames of the following shot of the woman were cut out as well.
9.26 sec.

One of the scenes that were exclusively produced for the international version was (partially) shortened for the UK version. Ozaki talks to Akemi and says: "Come on, let's see you do it right now. Touch yourself in front of me. Go ahead..." The UK version continues when he says "Do it.".
5.05 sec.

The end of this "additional" scene - where Akemi's hand slowly goes down towards her private parts - was cut out, too. Additionally, we don't see Ozaki saying something to her; then he wonderingly looks down to Akemi. She masturbates while Ozaki watches her. Then she pulls her shirt up and touches her breasts. We see Ozaki's face and you can tell that he's aroused. The beginning of the next scene with Kuroko and Megumi - which again is a "Movie Version-Exclusive" was cut out, too. Kuroko watches the happenings and we cann see that he's aroused. The beginning of the following shot of Megumi was cut out as well.
34.78 sec.

Niki's tentacles embrace the woman's body and pull her backwards. The first few frames of the following shot are missing as well. (NOTE: This scene - in comparison to the original - was already censored for the US version.)
1.67 sec.

The woman's breasts are embraced by the tentacles and they pull on her nipples. (NOTE: This scene was already altered for the US version.)
1.54 sec.