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Release: Mar 20, 2008 - Author: KoRn - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
In a club, the Jewish stoner Ben (Seth Rogen) meets Alison (Katherine Heigl), an ambitious television employee. Both being drunk, they end up in bed together and because of a contraception-"accident", Alison gets pregnant after this one night stand with Ben. They both come to terms with the situation and try to start a relationship, despite the twists and complications which come with a pregnancy. This, however, has some turbulent consequences, because Ben does not really get along with the new responsible situation because of his naivety...

The new comedy from the team of "The 40 Year Old Virgin" is nothing special, unfortunately, but definitely suitable for an entertaining DVD evening. The unrated version, however, is surely not worth being called so. Some not very funny conversations were put back in which could have been disclaimed easily. The normal version is more than enough.

Unrated: 02:12.26 min. NTSC including end credits
Theatrical Version: 02:08.06 min. NTSC including end credits

Unrated: 02:08.16 min. NTSC excluding end credits
Theatrical Version: 02:03.56 min. NTSC excluding end credits

Comparison between the US-DVD: Universal Studios (R-Rated) and the US-DVD: Universal Studios (Unrated)

7 cuts = 261 seconds NTSC (4 min. 21 sec.) (added cut times).
At the boys' round table, the following conversationabout their homepage has been added. One of them says that in the movie "Short Cuts", Julianne "Redbeard" Moore's "bush" is visible. Ben makes a few insinuating jokes about that. Beyond others, some about the movie "Shining".
Short explanation. Ben refers to the word "Redbeard" (Julianne Moore has red hair). The little boy in "Shining" always talks to his imaginary friend Tony and repeats the word "Redrum" (reverse of "Murder"). Ben imitates the little boy in this scene, repeating the word "Redbush".
29 sec.

Alison and her sister Debbie are sitting at the table. Alison says that it was a big mistake. Debbie's little daughter inquires. Alison says that she drank too many chocolate milkshakes and that this was a disgusting feeling. Debbie whispers in her ear whether she used a condom, Alison confirms.
56 sec.

The conversation in the Chinese restaurant is a few sentences longer.
Ben asks Alison how work is going and if she has ever met Vince Vaughn. Ben thinks that he is a funny guy and that they surely would get along well. Alison agrees.
20 sec.

Ben and his boys are sitting together again. After they have talked about the abortion, the following conversation has been added in the unrated version.
Jonah asks Jay, why he has a tattoo of the Canadian maple leaf on his chest. Jay takes this very personal and says that this has been a patriotic act for his country.
Shortly after that, Ben leaves the room.
18 sec.

Everybody is sitting together at the breakfast table. Debbie's little daughter asks if Ben and Alison love each other. Debbie answers immediately that they, of course, do love each other. Because if they did not, Alison would not be pregnant. Then you love each other and, surely, get married soon and have a baby.
9 sec.

After the ping pong match, another scene has been added in the unrated cut.
Ben and Alison are sitting in the car. She asks for a chewing gum and looks into the glove compartment. She finds a little box with papers and marihuana. Ben says that he has been looking for that. Then they talk about how it would be if they had a threesome with one of Ben's friends and who they would pick. After a short consideration, she chooses Jay. Alison likes his skinny body and his haircut, what Ben cannot really understand.
53 sec.

When Alison goes into the labor and calls Ben. In the theatrical version, we only see him picking up the phone and saying "Hello?". After that, he is immediately sitting in his car on his way to her. In the unrated version, the whole conversation on the phone is being shown.
Alison says that the baby is coming and that he is supposed to come to her immediately. During the conversation she gets a contraction and Ben shows her on the phone how she has to breath. She tells him that she cannot reach her gynecologist and that he has to help her. Ben is additionally getting dressed, but tells her that he has to get gas because his car is almost empty. She yells at him that she does not care at all and that he is supposed to come to her right now. Then she hangs up.
76 sec.