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original title: Dario Argento's Trauma


  • Original Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Aug 31, 2011 - Author: ButtHead88 - Translator: Jam3s - external link: IMDB

The story:

"David, a graphic artist saves the young girl Aura from killing herself by jumping off a bridge and they start to come closer.
At the same time a killer leaveing just headless corpses back haunts the city. When Aura's parents are also murdered David starts to investigate and discovers a connection between the victims. Eventually the alleged killer dies while fleeing from the police and it seems as if the case is solved. Aura disappears and seems to drown herself in a lake, but David doesn't believe in it and begins to search her..." (backside of the LaserParadise DVD [loosely translated])

About the movie:

Argento's first indepent movie published in the USA is much better than its reputation. Certainly Aura it's not nearly as good as his masterpieces from the 70s and 80s (e.g. Suspiria or Tenebre), but better than the most movies made by him afterwards Aura. It's recommendable for Argento followers and as well for fans of thrilling and gory movies, although it's no must-see.

About the versions:

The long version (only released in Italy on DVD and VHS) contains over 3 minutes of "new" material concerning the plot which primarily concentrates on Asia Argento leading part. These scenes are not really important or even necessary and can be found as Deleted Scenes on some DVDs, too.

Original version = 101:48 minutes
Italian version= 104:59 minutes

The Italian version contains 4 new scenes and is about 180 seconds (3 minutes) longer als than the original version (which has been taken from the German DVD).
The listed runtimes are all from the long version.

Please note:: The screenshots in this cut report are all from the abovementioned Deleted Scenes.

In the broadcast station: Grace asked David if "this girl" (Aura) still stays with him. Because she appears to be suspicious, he invites her home.
Scene change: David calls Aura and asks if she's alright. She still thinks about the night of the murder and lies to David, because she seems to be ashamed about her anorexia.
[67 Sec]

In the market place: Aura is in a good mood and listens to a street musician. Suddenly Dr. Judd arrived from nowhere and wants to speak with Aura. She panics, drops her shopping and runs away. Dr. Judd tries to follow her but loses sight of her.
[45 Sec]

After Aura loses consciousness Dr. Judd calls a carer to bring her back to to the room.
He orders him not to hurt her. (This scene implies that the doctor has no intention to hurt her at all!)
[22 Sec]

David questions the hotel employee and because he seems to know nothing (or at least pretends) David rents a room for Aura and himself – with view to the parking lot. (interesting detail: David introduces Aura as his sister).
[46 Sec]