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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 09, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
The Last Minute tells the story about the raise and fall of a male supermodel in Great Britain; Stephen Blade Norrington produced the flick, wrote the script and, commonly to other films of him, had a cameo. To its time the movie was shown at the Fantasy Film Fest in Germany and was taken ambivalent by its viewers (concerning the fact the movie has nothing fantastic to show).
However, it seems to be utterly hard to notice what the movie is actually about; one could primarily see it as a kind of fable which describes how to handle personal defeats which one is facing during his/her life.
On the other hand the grotesque mixture out of drama, thriller, comedy and musical(!) with similarities to Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction is hard to watch because the genres seem to change randomly and break with elemental things like tempo, narration and stylistic devices which makes the movie look like an experimental flick. All in all the movie might be a secret tip for fans of the Coen brothers.

While being marketed as a Director's Cut in several countries throughout the world (probably there are only two short takes of the anal fisting which might have been cut in some countries), the movie was released in two different versions in the US: as an uncensored Unrated Version and as a censored R-Rated Version. This cut version lacks approx. 10 minutes of material.

After all the movie contains some scenes which had to be censored for the r-rating whereas the difference in runtime is not really sure. However, the cut version lacks a lot of the moments which give the movie a strange appearance in a crude way but does not change it in a strong negative way.

The runtimes are based on the r-rated version. The rest of the runtime derives from a rounding off the runtime of some single cut scenes to whole or half seconds as well as short scene extensions/shortenings of less than 1 second. There are:46
cut scenes = 10 Min. 11 Sec.
4 Alternative takes
1 sound censorship
The pre-title sequence shows the first big cut: Billy announces to the audience that he wants to give detailed and essential information about life and decisions in it and tells them that the facts can be proven with simple things like paper, pen and calculator. It is all about simple math and the interest to take responsibility for the own life. However, Billy wants to give these information for free, they are universal and easy to access for everyone who needs them. Suddenly Anna and her canoe enters. Billy helps her putting it away and kisses her; afterwards she disappears again. During this act the first credits are passing by. The additional take starts a bit earlier. Billy looks a bit iritated to the door and starts his next sentence with:
95 Sec.

The head of the agency orders something to his assistence before he turns back to Billy.
3 Sec.

The head of the agency lauds Billy and his work a bit longer. Billy asks if he really could earn money with it. The head responds that he can earn even more than money; he can also move something. The assistence asks why he has to work with him whereas Billy can work with everybody else.
17 Sec.

Bully looks impatient, the head of the agency listens a bit longer to his partner on the phone and asks: "What do you mean?".
6 Sec.

A short take of Billy is missing.
2,5 Sec.

The head of the agency makes fun about the person he recently has phoned with.
4 Sec.

He holds Billy’s head a bit longer and gives some instructions for relaxing.
8 Sec.

The take starts earlier and the DJ gets up from his chair.
1 Sec.

Alternative take
The take of both men in the strange room is zoomed in the r-rated version. This device was used to hide the ‘sexual practice’.
No time difference


Alternative take
Again, there are alternative sequences and dialogues.
No time difference


The closed door can be seen longer.
2 Sec.

The black guy curbs his companion a bit longer and keeps on walking with him.
3 Sec.

Here the take of the children’s room where a female voice tells (from the off) that she’d never have thought about becoming a model because she is ugly on her photos when she was a child. A friend have told her that the uglier one is in his childhood, the beautifuler one becomes when growing up. Intercut to a subway tunnel and the hint ‘Monday’ can be read (the unrated version shows this take in the next take).
34 Sec.

Anna smells on the soup and starts drinking it earlier directly from the plate. She also adds to Billy that the failure might increase his artistic potential in the near future.
18,5 Sec.

Billy walks earlier towards the bar.
2 Sec.

Billy browses the sex magazine while he is being observed by a man in the background.
6,5 Sec.

Billy franticly leaves the shop; intercut to the metro tunnel through which a train is crossing.
4,5 Sec.

Before the deformed beggar arrives, another one enters and asks the passengers for some money. After Billy has been asked by him he tries to find something in his pockets and finally finds some coins. The beggar asks if that’s all and Billy responds that he was victim of a robbery. The beggar says ”You fucking bastard!” and walks away whereas Billy notices another sound from a door.
29 Sec.

Again a take from the children’s room where the female voice tells something about a fashion show where she used to participate. Thematically there is a ‘snake’, with curves and agile. She also tells that she really got a snake tattoo, but not that artistic as the others. She adds that she deserved the shows because she worked hard and no one should be jealous about it. The r-rated instead shows a short take of a lantern which is used in the unrated a bit later.
29 Sec.


The take of Billy is a bit longer incl. Intercut to the head of the agency who asks if they should give Billy a loan for his start.
5 Sec.

The woman pulls the owner longer over the dance floor.
2 Sec.

The owner puts back the broom and tells Billy to get out of his club. Then he takes the broom again.
1,5 Sec.

The same again but the owner yells “Come on, come on“. The frontal view of the knocking with the broom on the wall is shown reversed in the r-rated.
1,5 Sec.

The security guy walks longer towards Billy.
3 Sec.

Billy is getting pushed on the street by the security guy. He recovers slowly and looks up the lamp post the alternative take of the r-rated from 37:52 min can be found here).
Suddenly two thieves appear and molest him, then Billy is beaten in his face. Both thieves are looking for his wallet and beat him up badly. At the end of the road one of them turns around and asks Billy where he is living and how he gets back home. He gives him back some of his own money and tells him to take a cab. The other thief nags that he shall quit doing ‘this’ all the time.
65 Sec.

Billy stands longer in front of the urinal while the cleaning guy keeps looking on him. Billy walks earlier towards the sink.
32,5 Sec.

Billy washes his hands.
6,5 Sec.

Both skins disappear longer in the toilet cabin.
4,5 Sec.

Billy is longer looking at the fotos.
2,5 Sec.

The end of the take of Anna runs longer. Then she throws the newspaper on Billy’s belly and wakes him up. The beginning of the following take is which she grabs the newspaper again is also missing.
9 Sec.

One of the kids wants Grimshanks to use his knife, he looks astonished at him.
4 Sec.

The take of Grimshanks starts earlier (the beginning of his dialogue is put in front of the previous take of Anna)
1 Sec.

The little one adds something about the guts of Grimshank’s last victim. The other boy mentiones the teeth.
4 Sec.

Anna takes part for Billy; Grimshanks wants to know why she is concerning about Billy at all. She silently responds that she likes Billy which leads into an Whoooohooo by the kids. Anna adds she could use some extra help but Grimshanks does not seem to be convinced. When the kids take part of her Grimshanks gets a bit more friendly.
38,5 Sec.

Billy’s take starts earlier, Anna adds “They’re so stupid!“.
1 Sec.

The last take of the children’s room, this time closer to the mirror where one can see fotos of the woman who is talking from the off. Obviously her agency dropped the theme of snakes and wants the models to be as thin as possible, what strongly angers her. She thinks that this implies less catwalking-expieriences and one can only become a model by working hard and not through anorexia. However, she seems to be to fat for their chiefs but she also does not want to be a skeleton. Finally she adds that she wants to have this cheap snake tattoo.
(This has a connection with the next scene in which the woman from the off is shown for the first time – laying in the gutter and obviously pumped with drugs.)
40 Sec.

Another take of the poster.
4 Sec.

A short intercut is missing in which Billy points out that no one should go to Greenland to see the northern lights, there is nothing but ice and is killing.
11,5 Sec.

Alternative take
The r-rated version shows a short take of Billy which comes later in the unrated version. In the unrated version he mumbles something about Greenland.
2,5 Sec.


The boy with the mytserious bagpack tells the junkie to be careful with the stuff while he shoots up; Billy gives another comment. Then the little boy tells of a guy who does not have any vains left in his body so he shoot up his balls. His balls became so big like a football. The other kids are laughing about it. Billy asks what happend to the guy and the boy says he died because of an infection.
54,5 Sec.

Some longer takes of the boy and the mysterious bagpack are missing, it is death silent.
7,5 Sec.

An additional take of the goons are missing.
1 Sec.

Additional take of the stave-swinging boy while fighting Percy.
1 Sec.

Billy & Anna are getting fired on by the good and try to escape from one corner to the next.
6,5 Sec.

Sound censoring
A short laughter of children is missing.
No time difference

The boy in the shaft closes his eyes, Percy shots him (in the off) and moves out of the frame.
6,5 Sec.

Billy apologizes for his spontaneous entering, the assistent also apologizes.
6 Sec.

Alternative take
The r-rated version shows the rest of the take of the assistent which was already shown in the unrated bevor; the r-rated shows takes of Billy instead.
No time difference


The take of the man runs longer.
1 Sec.

The head of the agency, the financiers and the friend of Billy are in the elevator. the first one says he feels uncomfortable ans asks if he should call Billy later. One of the financiers responds he should better call the police whereas Billy's pal says that Billy is not a criminal. Not everyone can stand the pressure of the business.
22,5 Sec.

Another take of the men is missing.
2,5 Sec.