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  • R-Rated
  • Extended Version
Release: Jul 19, 2009 - Author: Scat - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Two basic versions exist of Albert Pyun's action/horror hybrid "Adrenalin". The US version (R-Rated) and an Extended Version, which has been released in France, among other countries (I used the German DVD for the comparison). Aside from the Extended Version having more plot scenes both versions also differ in regard to other aspects. Either version has a different score on several occasions. Furthermore the US version looks more "B-movie"-ish, it uses a color filter (most of all more blue) and presents more color and a more "dirty" look. Some special sound effects also create that impression. The Extended Version presents more natural colors and often uses more discreet sound effects.

Image comparison: R-Rated (left) / Extended (right)

This should be reason enough to recommend the Extended Version. Many long plot sequences are missing from the US version. However, die hard fans of the movie should take a look at the R-Rated version as well.

About the time specifications:
The time at which a cut occurs refers to the US DVD. The duration of the cut refers to the German DVD. Please excuse that I didn't convert the duration to NTSC so it fits the US DVD. If converted the US version closely misses 20 minutes.

Running time R-Rated (NTSC): 75.57 Min.
Running time Extended Version (PAL): 93:42 Min.
The entire opening is heavily and differently edited in the US version and also contains different music and sound effects in the first few seconds. The title appears after few seconds. Furthermore the US version misses the narrator's voice over and many of the archive footage and the entire opening credits are missing. After a few seconds aof archive footage the US version cuts to the voice over of the female protagonist. She says that nobody saw it coming.
ca. 180 Sec

After the first seconds until the end of the background narration the US version misses the entire sequence of a cop searching a hospital. She slowly walks through the room (first person shot) and radios to her team what she's seeing. After a while she discovers some bodies. She then hears on the radio that her team spotted the person responsible for the massacre and is about to chase him. She starts running. The camera again pans over the bodies.
198 Sec

The US misses the first hunt for the virus host, which continues the prior described, missing scene. The cops follow him to a house and enter it.
57 Sec

Delon and her partner have a talk before they get out of the car. Due to the cut the sentence "The dispatcher heared a cop screaming before his radio went dead." has been replaced by "The dispatcher heared a scream." in the US version.
38 Sec

Volker hands Delon his radio and tells her to call for backup if anything happens and that she shouldn't be a hero.
42 Sec

Delon and Volker look through several rooms.
54 Sec

Delon's radio call to the HQ continues. She says that the others are dead and that they're gonna take their weapons. The woman on the other end tells her to continue the search. Delon repeatedly asks for backup and the woman responds that riots are everywhere, all units are in action and that there's a problem at the hospital.
15 Sec

Exterior shot of the house. In the background we hear the woman on the radio saying that the radio is dead and that the officer is a greenhorn, only three months on duty.
13 Sec

After the unit got out of the car some exterior shots are following. The cops look around.
14 Sec

The cops talk a little before Lemieux tells them to move in.
14 Sec

Wocek gets scared by radio static when everyone walks towards the building. Then there are some shots of the other cops.
17 Sec

The US version misses the entire scene of the cops slowly approaching Delon (who doesn't notice that). The unit slowly sneaks forward and check every door they pass.
81 Sec

Lemieux asks Delon what the situation is. She nervously reports it.
34 Sec

In the US version a large part of the chase is missing before the host escapes into a duct.
62 Sec

The whole first scene of Wocek and Cuzo in the arches is missing. They talk about the crazy guy and the general situation of the country.
75 Sec

Lemieux and Delon are crawling further into the duct. He tells her that they're coming up on an intersection and that she ought to be ready. At the intersection Lemieux looks puzzled at the pool of blood and crawles on to the right. Delon arrives at the intersection and as Lemieux turns around the US version continues.
89 Sec

Another shot of Cuzo. He jumps over some rocks and falls down into a duct.
3 Sec

Delon checks the catacombs longer. She discovers a shrine and several pieces of furniture. It looks like the hide-out of the host. Furthermore she discovers some jars filled with intestines. Suddenly she hears a distant cry of Wocek. She discovers a small duct which the host made use of during the course of the film. Then again she hears distant cries and cussing.
245 Sec

The host looks longer at the wounded cops.
12 Sec

In the Extended version the rest of the scene after Delon shot the host is missing. We see Cuzo who says that he wants full salary for that day. He and Delon release Lemieux.
41 Sec

The US version ends after the last pan on the door of the building. The Extended version continues with a slow motion shot through the catacombs and some scenes of the mass riots.
49 Sec

The end credits differ in either version. The US version shows the credits like the Extended version had them in the beginning of the film (but without the mass riot inserts). Then the regular scroll credits are following. The music is also different in either version.