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Dragonfly for Each Corpse, A

original title: Libélula para cada muerto, Una


  • Spanish version
  • International version
Release: Sep 18, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Compared is the UK tape by Video Unlimited and the Spanish DVD by Tripictures.

This Spanish Giallo movie contains Paul Naschy as a rude inspector who is on a hunt for a serial killer who leaves his victims together with a dragonfly.

As to productions of this time "A Dragonfly for each Corpse" was released in two different versions. One with nude scenes for the international release and one without for the Spanish market.


UK tape: 85:04 Min. (PAL)
Span. DVD: 84:50 Min. (PAL)


At the scene where the murderer enters the room in an ego-perspective and chops three people with an axe, both versions differ.

The Spanish versions shows them all dressed while the int. version shows the two girls naked and the man in underpants.

span: 1:10 Min.
int: 1:18 Min.


During inspector Scaporella's arrival both versions differ.

The Span. versions shows dressed bodies, the int. version shows them naked.

span: 1:06 Min.
int: 1:02 Min.


Also the crime scene photos shows the girls naked or dressed. The additional scene in which Silvana turns around starts earlier in the Span. version.

span: 8 Sec.
int: 7 Sec.


The scene at the nude bar, where the professor wants one of the dancers to play a dead person for his necrophilic needs, the stripper gets completely undressed. The Spanish versions shows her in a way that she does not appear completely nude.

The next scene in which both strippers are in the room with the coffin both versions differ again. The int. version shows her dressed in a nightdress, the Spanish version shows her additionally dressed up with a bra and slip.

span: 3:07 Min.
int: 3:39 Min.


At Scaporella's arrival at his home he finds his wife naked. In the Spanish version she wears a night dress.

span: 1:24 Min.
int: 1:26 Min.


When Silvana is laying on her bed and watches the photos, while Scaporella returns home, she is naked in the int. version. The Spanish versions shows her dressed.

span: 55 Sec.
int: 54 Sec.