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I'll Never Die Alone

original title: No moriré sola


  • Original Version
  • Extended Sleaze Version
Release: Aug 01, 2013 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Since the 1970ies, a special subgenre of horror movies has been quite popular: Rape and Revenge. Of course, there are also many movie fans that do not like it due to moral issues. Over the years, many of these movies have been cut and in more restrictive countries like Germany also indexed and banned, as happened to the well-known films Last House on the Left and I Spit on Your Grave. I'll Never Die Alone, made in 2008, feels as if it could have come directly from the sleazy 70ies and offers some interesting scenes for fans, although there are some less interesting parts as well. The movie has also been released in an extended cut called "Extended Sleaze Version", and the title is quite apt considering he changes. The extensions can all be found in the middle part, the rape sequence, which has been elongated from 18 to 30 minutes. This is getting really close to the mark set by the original I Spit on your Grave. Besides many additional torture shots, there are also some rather irrelevant additions and alternative shots which draw the movie out a bit longer.

This is a comparison between the Original Version and the Extended Sleaze Edition, which were both published by 8-films on DVD.

The differences are as follows:
58 new scenes in the Extended Version
5 exclusive scenes in the Original Version
20 scenes with alternative footage

The Extended Version is about 12:28 minutes longer than the Original Version.

Many thanks to 8-films for supplying us with the two movie versions!
30:17 min.
The girls and guys are walking through the forest longer.
16 sec.

31:10 min.
Leonor and Carol are sitting longer and are then told to lie down. Carol is doing it voluntarily, Leonor has to be forced to do it.
37,7 sec.

31:01 min.
The scene can now be seen in the Original Version (OV), but in a shortened version. Leonor can be seen being pushed to the ground, then Carol lies down voluntarily.
10,6 sec.

31:11 min.
Carol can be seen in a close-up in the OV.
5 sec.

31:55 min.
Carol's head in a close-up.
6,2 sec.

32:01 min.
The scene with the guy and the branch starts earlier. He whirls it around a bit, drops it and then picks up another one.
12,7 sec.

32:31 min./ 31:28 min.
The guy can be seen longer before giving the gun to his buddy. The OV shows Carol instead.

EX: 4,2 sec.
OV: 3,1 sec.


32:52 min.
Carol can be seen a tiny bit longer.
0,4 sec.

33:03 min.
One of the men passes by the girls.18,7 sec.

33:22 min.
The redneck is going towards his friend earlier.
8,2 sec.

33:44 min.
Moira is being threatened with the gun longer.
4,3 sec.

32:12 min.
Leonor and Carol look at each other, but only in the OV.
10,4 sec.

33:49 min.
Yasmin is being undressed earlier.
24,4 sec.

34:20 min./ 32:30 min.
Another close-up of Carol, the OV shows Moira and the gun.
EX: 7 sec.
OV: 3,4 sec.


34:27 min.
The man tests the branch on a bush, exits the picture and reappears behind a tree.
12,7 sec.

34:46 min./ 32:39 min.
Yasmin is being whipped longer, the OV shows Carol instead.
EX: 12,9 sec.
OV: 4,2 sec.


35:07 min./ 32:51 min.
The whipping scene is further extended, the OV shows another short shot of Carol again.
EX: 30,2 sec.
OV: 7,2 sec.


33:15 min.
OV: Leonor and Carol look at each other.
4,2 sec.

35:54 min.
Leonor can be seen earlier.
4,2 sec.

36:04 min./ 33:25 min.
The guy holds Leonor down longer, the OV features a cut to Carol.
no difference in running time


36:15 min./ 33:37 min.
Leonor's shirt is removed further, the OV shows Carol again.
EX: 0,8 sec.
OV: 2 sec.


36:16 min.
The guy stands in front of Yasmin and opens his overalls before bending over.
11,1 sec.

36:33 min.
Leonor is getting further undressed.
8,9 sec.

36:50 min.
The scene continues.
7,1 sec.

36:57 min.
The rapist takes off his pants.
13,7 sec.

33:57 min.
OV: Moira can be seen.
4,7 sec.

37:19 min./ 34:05 min.
Leonor tries to defend herself, the OV features yet another cut to Carol.
EX: 13 sec.
OV: 4,2 sec.


37:38 min.
The redneck bends over Yasmin, kisses her and starts raping her.
11,5 sec.

37:52 min./ 34:18 min.
The rape continues, the OV features Carol again.
EX: 0,7 sec.
OV: 1,4 sec.


37:53 min.
The shot of Leonor starts earlier when her trousers are being removed.
0,7 sec.

38:00 min./ 34:26 min.
The shot finishes, then the redneck pulls at her panties. The OV shows Yasmin's rape.
EX: 20,5 sec.
OV: 6 sec.


38:28 min./ 34:40 min.
More pulling in the Extended, more Carol in the OV.
no difference in running time


38:35 min.
Leonor is being dragged around, then the guy gets up.
20,1 sec.

38:55 min.
Now, the Extended shows Yasmin's rape, largely extended.
14,7 sec.

39:09 min.
The redneck pulls down his trousers and starts to go against Leonor. In several cuts, Yasmins rape can be seen before he lights a cigarette and pushes it against her body several times.
253,4 sec.

43:31 min.
Moira can be seen longer.
0,5 sec.

43:37 min.
The gun is longer in Moira's face.
4,6 sec.

43:42 min.
The guy starts running earlier.
0,3 sec.

43:43 min.
The scene is a tiny bit longer at the end.
0,4 sec.

43:45 min.
The picture starts earlier.
0,1 sec.

35:05 min.
OV: While Leonor is letting things happen, she looks over to Carol, who decides to try and flee.
45 sec.

43:48 min.
Carol can be seen earlier.
0,4 sec.

43:52 min.
Carol runs a few frames longer.
0,3 sec.

44:00 min.
The guy with the gun walks past Carol.
2,5 sec.

44:06 min.
The scene starts earlier again, the gun's barrel can entering the picture.
1,2 sec.

44:13 min./ 36:10 min.
Carol lifts her head. In the OV, the guy behind her goes a step forward.
EX: 2,1 sec.
OV: 1,2 sec.


44:17 min.
Carol can be seen longer.
1 sec.

44:18 min.
Leonor grabs her rapist at his trousers earlier.
1,4 sec.

44:21 min.
The rapist walks on.
1,7 sec.

44:32 min./ 36:24 min.
Carol is in the picture, the OV features a shot of Leonor on the ground.
EX: 5,6 sec.
OV: 1,5 sec.


44:46 min./ 36:34 min.
Carol opens her vest while Moira a guy is busy molesting Moira in the OV.
EX: 12,5 sec.
OV: 7,4 sec.


45:19 min./ 37:02 min.
Carol undresses more. She holds her arms in front of her breasts, but is told to go on with it.
EX: 33,8 sec.
OV: 5,9 sec.


46:06 min./ 37:20 min.
Carol removes her slip, the OV shows Leonor.
EX: 8,4 sec.
OV: 4,4 sec.


46:30 min.
Moira is being held longer.
1,8 sec.

46:42 min.
More shots of the forest.
1,3 sec.

46:43 min.
Yasmin can be seen earlier.
1 sec.

46:49 min.
Yasmin coughs again.
0,6 sec.

46:51 min.
A bit more of Moira.
0,3 sec.

46:57 min.
Another irrelevant addition.
1,8 sec.

47:22 min.
The scene starts earlier.
2,4 sec.

47:52 min./ 38:53 min.
The guy bends down and grabs Carol. In the OV, Leonor crawls around and begs the men to stop.
EX: 20,4 sec.
OV: 10,7 sec.


48:19 min./ 39:11 min.
EX: Carol is raped longer. OV: Leonor begs longer.
EX: 18,4 sec.
OV: 5,3 sec.


48:45 min.
More of Carol's rape.
10,2 sec.

48:58 min./ 39:26 min.
The guy tries to pull down Moira's slip, Leonor is pushed to the ground in the OV.
EX: 2,1 sec.
OV: 3,8 sec.


49:13 min.
More of Carol's rape.
3,7 sec.

49:30 min.
Moira can be seen.
3,5 sec.

49:49 min. 560
Again more of Carol.
13,6 sec.

50:03 min.
Moira can be seen a tiny bit earlier.
0,6 sec.

50:13 min.
Carol is getting raped some more again.
14,5 sec.

50:30 min.
2,6 sec.

50:32 min.
The redneck fetches a hammer from the car.
17,4 sec.

50:50 min.
He can be seen kneeling down.
4,8 sec.

50:57 min./ 40:25 min.
He is playing with the hammer longer. The original shows Carol's rape again.
EX: 3,4 sec.
OV: 2,6 sec.


51:03 min.
The guy bends over more.
0,5 sec.

51:04 min.
Moira is being tortured with the hammer, the Extended starts earlier with it.
1,2 sec.

51:08 min.
The scene continutes.
2,9 sec.

51:11 min.
Irrelevant extension.
1,3 sec.

51:33 min.
Another shot of Moira being penetrated with the hammer starts earlier.
2,4 sec.

52:35 min.
The guy steps over Carol and goes to Leonor, pulls down his bands and masturbates. Moira is being raped with hammer at the same time.
53,5 sec.

53:28 min.
Carol can be seen earlier before turning around.
1,3 sec.

53:32 min./ 41:56 min.
Carol turns her head further, the OV shows trees instead.
EX: 1,8 sec.
OV: 6,4 sec.


53:34 min.
Carol can be seen earlier. On of the men can be seen with the rifle in the background.
2,4 sec.

53:43 min.
The two men laugh in the backgorund.
6,6 sec.

53:50 min.
The man masturbates in front of Leonor's face longer and then brushes over her torso. After a shot of Carol he goes to the other men. Afterwards, a longshot of the four girls can be seen.
48,8 sec.