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Red Cliff

original title: Chi Bi


  • International Version from UK
  • International Version (Uncensored)
Release: Nov 11, 2009 - Author: azog - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the UK DVD from Entertainment in Video with the German DVD from Constantin.

Run Time:
Run time UK = 02:21:44 (02:15:54 without credits)
Run time DE = 02:23:00 (02:17:11 without credits)
(The majority of the difference in time is a result of the introduction on the German DVD.)

John Woo's epos Red Cliff was released in the international version as well as in the longer original version (as Special edition) in the UK. Unsurprisingly, both versions had to be cut due to the Cinematograph Animals Act.

The declarations to the first part of the Special Edition and the International Version both include the following sentence:

With one exception, which has been cut from the film, the BBFC is satisfied with the company's reassurances that no horses were injured and that various provisions were made to ensure their safety during the making of the film.

Sounds common, but to the surprize of the viewers the international version includes footage that had to be cut out of the Special Edition.
To be more precisely, 4 of the 6 cuts during the fight scenes are (almost) completey included in the international version (one scene was cut out of the international version due to tightening up).

Here you can see some pictures to get an impression of the UK DVD:

UK: 00:00:00
DE: 00:00:00

The German version begins with the Constantin-Logo. After that, we hear a longer, alternative introduction. Subsequently follows an introductery text which is also included in the English version. Even though it is shorter, the content is pretty similar. The appearance of 2 texts can be a little irritating for the viewers.

75 sec (Logo 12,5 sec/Introduction 62,5 sec)

UK: 00:00:10
DE: 00:01:25

Additional overlay on the German DVD. All the other overlays following this scene are identical (translated) in both versions.


UK: 00:50:59
DE: 00:52:14

Here we have the only cut in the UK version. During the first battle of the alliance against Cao Cao, Xia Hou Jun is thrown from his horse by Gan Xing. For this purpose, Gan hits the animal's legs, resulting in the horse falling to the ground. The UK Disc directly cuts to Xia lying on the floor.

2 sec