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Evil Heritage (aka Satan's Slave)

original title: Satan's Slave


  • BBFC 18
  • US DVD
Release: Sep 26, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The UK-DVD by Anchor Bay has been compared to the US-DVD by Rhino.

There are two different versions of the scene in which Stephen violates a girl. In one version he rips off her clothes and tries to rape her whereas in the other one he ties her up and threatens her with scissors. The later one was too much in the eyes of the BBFC, so it is only found in the international version of the film. According to rumors, this scene was specifically shot for the Japanese marrket, but since it is also found on the US as well as on the German version, it seems to be made for the international market.

Image comparison:

UK-DVD ~ 2.38:1

US-DVD ~1.33:1


US-DVD: 89:44 min. (NTSC)
UK-DVD: 84:01 min. (PAL)

Stephen takes off the girl's shoes. Then, the two versions differ.


Stephen sits down next to the girl and starts carressing and kissing her. She seems to be uncomfortable with this. Stephen takes a pillow and presses it into her face. She loses consciousness. Stephen ties her up and gags her. She regains consciousness. He starts kissing her until a view of the scissors is shown. He cuts her clothing and moves the scissors across her body. Then, Stephen throws them away. The girl grabs the opportunity and flees.

3:00 min.


Stephen sits down next to her on the bed and starts stroking her body. His hand moves under her blouse and he savages her. She doesn't want to and defends herself. Stephen rips off her clothes. After a little struggle, she manages to escape.

1:15 min.

The two versions run in sync again as the girl stands at the door.