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  • Korean DVD
  • HK DVD
Release: Apr 24, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Korean DVD and the HK-DVD (Cat.III)

Korean DVD: 81:10 min without end credits (86:22 min with end credits) in NTSC
HK-DVD: 85:40 min without end credits (90:49 min with end credits) in NTSC

16 different parts, including
* 2x alternative footage
* 1 speed change

Difference: 274.5 sec (= 4:35 min)

(Different credits not counted)

The international version (released in UK/USA beyond others) is different from the Korean DVD. The Hong Kong DVD, however, contains yet another version.

All the plot and violence cuts of the Korea version cannot be found in this version - the similarities to the international version, however, are not that big, either. Especially the street fight in the middle of the film has been changed and contains a lot of smaller differences, since it is oriented on the Korea version this scene has been used for comparison.
And especially within this scene there are further changes in the HK-DVD because the infamous fight against two Afro-vampires (which is also missing in the international version) can be seen, here. Just because of this well done scene this version should be the first choice for the fans of the movie.
The ending is like the one from the international version which was kind of obvious since the Korean version uses shots that had been cut out, before, so the HK-DVD would have contained them twice.

The HK-DVD should be identical to the Japan-DVD which should also contain the longer version.

So let us recapitulate the most important facts.

The HK-DVD ...
contains the scene with the Afro-vampires which is probably missing in all the American and European versions (which is definitely true for the German DVD) and the Korea-DVD
is like the German DVD (which contains the international version) uncut in terms of plot and violence, unlike the Korea-DVD
is cut like the Korean version when it comes to the big fight in the middle of the film the many changes that sometimes use alternative footage are listed in the other report

Running times are listed according to the scheme
HK-DVD in NTSC / Korean DVD in NTSC

The HK-DVD begins directly with text, meaning the logo at the beginning is missing.

+ 4.5 sec

06:04 / 05:59-07:52

Before the briefing with Michael the Korean version lacks a longer flashback telling us more about Saya.

She walks across the street remembering a conversation with her master Kato about her dead father and her resulting quest for revenge - For the dialogue have a look at the subtitles (the entire scene is in Japanese).

113,1 sec

29:26 / 31:14-31:20

The Korea version lacks how another guy arrives and gets kicked into a shopping window by Saya, this happens in slow motion. Then she goes back in her position.

Note: Two shots longer than the international version. The international version still shows this but it lacks the first shot of her in the air and a shot of her foot (see the 4. and the 5. picture).

6.5 sec

30:54 / 32:48-32:59

Before Saya jumps up a station and kills further offenders (where the international version contains a completely different order) the Korean version lacks something that the international version does not contain, either.

Alice is being attacked by vampires. Saya sees this, grabs a stick from the ground and throws it. Now the shot that the international version contains, as well, it shows the three vampires getting the stick through their heads, decorated with CGI-blood - however, the shot is noticeably longer, here, they fall back and one of them has lost his head, immediately.
Then a shot of the next vampire jumping towards Alice, then we see her in a first wider shot before she starts screaming.

10.9 sec

31:09 / 33:15-34:31

Within the mentioned Asia-exclusive scene comes the infamous fighting scene against the two Afro-vampires which is not in the international version. The cut in the Korea version comes after the shot of the guy falling spectacularly through the neon-sign.

Saya is attacked by a giant from the side and loses her sword. The guy throws her down a flight.
In the room there another giant comes from behind two meat-halves and punches her that she falls on the the ground.
The first one comes through the door and closes it behind him.

Saya gets angry (nice tracking shot around her) and tries to attack. Her kicks and attacks with an iron sheet, however, remain ineffective, she gets thrown on the ground and over a table.
There she finds an ax and at least cuts off some of the guy's hair.
After that, they both attack her simultaneously and a vehicle that Saya has put in front of her for protection gets shredded to pieces immediately.

Now Saya is being attacked by both for a while and eventually thrown across the room. She gets to grab a chain and kicks the one of them hanging on it to the ground. The other one gets her off her feet immediately and takes her into a headlock.
When the first one wants to attack again Saya sees the ax on the table kicks it into the air first and then in his direction that the guy falls down with a lot of CGI-blood coming out of his neck.

altogether 76.1 sec

31:13 / 34:35-34:41

After a close up of the mutant's face a shot is being reinserted that is familiar from the international version:
The wide shot of him mutating and flames shooting through the air.
After that a little more fighting between Saya and the left Afro-vampire: He holds her at her neck and presses her against the wall.

6.1 sec

31:16 / 34:44-35:06

And while the guy in the Korea version is already done mutating into a monster the HK-DVD shows two more shots of the process that have also been used in the international version.
In between we get to see the end of the second Afro-vampire: He gets his head cut in half by Saya who uses a saber that hangs right next to her, CGI-blood is flying through the air in slow motion. She leaves the room - which then explodes a little too extreme because the ax she threw before has landed in a tank filled with explosives.

22 sec

32:28 / 36:18-36:19

This way it makes sense (more or less): In the HK-DVD we see a first shot of Saya punching a hole in the wall with the saber. The Korea version shows her on the roof and then breaking through the wall, immediately, because the mentioned shot is missing, here.

1 sec

Speed change
32:28-32:29 / 36:19-36:21

The first shot of it is noticeably slower in the HK-DVD which shows it with only half the normal speed.

HK-DVD 0.9 sec longer
Images for presentation

32:35 / 36:27-36:28

Only the HK-DVD offers a shot from behind of Saya breaking through the wall before we see her falling through the sign.

1.1 sec

35:21 / 39:14-39:26

In the Korea version the shot does not get cut and Saya pulls out the sword.
The international version, however, interrupts the shot showing another flashback of her former master in which she realizes that she is a demon - her master, however, disagrees because she has a human soul.
In between another shot of Saya, the following shot begins a little earlier, too.

11.7 sec

61:05 / 65:10-65:13

The Korea version lacks a shot of blood coming out of Kato's body, such as a reverse shot of his face.

2.8 sec

62:08 / 66:16

The shot of Kato with his hands separated has been shortened on the Korea DVD.

0.8 sec

62:09 / 66:17-66:19

Another possible censorship cut in the Korea version: We see Saya a first time, then a shot of Kato with fountains of CGI-blood.

1.7 sec

76:34 / 80:44-80:45

The Korea version lacks a shot of Enigon.
(Her line, however, can be heard just the same)

1.1 sec

76:35-76:38 / 80:46-80:48

On the HK-DVD (just as in the international version) after the shot of Saya another close up of Enigon, while the Korea version shows her in a wider shot, then in a closer shot tracking towards her.

Korea version 1.1 sec longer

HK-DVDKorea version

Alternative footage
80:56-81:09 / 85:06-85:39

Alternative ending.


Alice can be seen a bit longer, then a transition to a landscape.
After a tracking shot we see Saya once again looking into the camera.

Korea version:

We fade away from Alice a little earlier, but to a shot of Saya walking through an alley and turning to the camera after a few different shots - the first shots of the scene that has been cut at the beginning of this version that shows Saya remembering a conversation with Kato.

HK-DVD 19.8 sec longer