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Season 11 UK-Box / Region 2 / PAL (equals the upcoming Vol. 10 in the US)

Gamera: The Complete Collection

Star Trek: Picard - Season One

The Last House On The Left

Cursed Films

Family Guy

9.17 Foreign Affairs


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 01, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the uncensored DVD Version.

- 3 alterations, including two instances of audio censorship
- Difference in running time: 26,7 sec

Looks like FOX wants to fly high with the Family Guy releases in the UK. While the recently released US box "Vol. 9" at least contains the last episodes of S8 plus the first ones of S9 (available as S10 in the UK since May 2011! / the comparisons are already online), S11 (aka Vol. 10 in the US) is available since November 2011 in the UK. This DVD box contains the remaining episodes of S9. Unfortunately, this DVD release doesn't contain any audio commentaries like the previous releases did. It might be, but that's just an assumption of mine, that the commentaries haven't been recorded so far because the release of the US counterpart "Vol. 10" isn't yet in sight. The episodes themselves are completely uncensored, as usual.

The fourteenth and last episode on the box, 9x17 ("Foreign Affairs"), features relatively few alterations. The two audio censorings are worth mentioning though. One of them features a full barrage of curses, the other one the Frenchman using a more harmless phrase for doing one's duty than on DVD. The additional scene was probably removed due to timing reasons, but since the theme is religion, a censoring background cannot be ruled out completely.
Audio Censoring

The Frenchman is more explicit on DVD.

TV: "My intention is to void myself on you."
DVD: "My intention is to defecate on you."

TV Version 0,3 sec longer
picture for orientation


Inside the house. Lois and Peter are watching an ad for Jesus snacks.

Priest: "Bless you, my son. Oh, hi, I'm Father McNamara. Do you want to enjoy all the body of Christ without the boring paper-like flavor? Well, now you can. With Jeez-Its! Flesh of his flesh. With the amazing flavor of real Wisconsin cheddar."
He takes a piece out of the box and eats it: "Jeez-Its, they will have you saying, 'Oh, my God! That's good.'"
The camera pans to the side. Jesus can be seen, eating as well: "Think of me when you eat this. I'm delicious."
Priest: "That was Jesus who just said that!"

27 sec

Audio Censoring

The new professor is swearing after he has fallen down:: "Ah, fuck, children! My cocksucking elbow! My elbow's shattered! Oh, it's shattered to fuck! Somebody get the nurse! Get that big, fucking black nurse! Oh, I am so fucked! "

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