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1.18 The One with All the Poker


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Apr 07, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version (taken from the Blu-ray) and the Extended Version (taken from the British DVD)

- 16 differences, 6 of these with alternative footage
- Difference: 146.1 sec (= 2:26 min)

Almost every episode of this sitcom classic were released in an extended version on the US DVDs. For TV some cuts were done in order to trim the episodes to the usual format, however, some censoring can be found as well. In Great Britain, only the TV versions were released on DVD at first yet the newer "15th Anniversary Edition" contains the extended episodes as well and was used as a comparison here.

The new Blu-ray release is identical all around the world and contains only the TV Versions, the extensions can also not be found in the bonus material. People interested in buying the series now have to decide: Longer episodes or better picture quality? The latter is really great on Blu-ray, rescanning of the original 35mm tape led to a brilliant picture and it is now also in the 16:9 format with more information on the side of the picture. On the other hand, about 2 minutes are missing per episode.

Episode 1x18 ("The One With All The Poker") is roughly 2.5 minutes longer. You get to see more scenes from the poker game which the title talks about. Aunt Iris - who gives the girls some advice - is shown in two entirely new scenes. The alternate ending inside Ross' apartment (which shows the guys "dancing" to The Lion Sleeps Tonight) is quite nice.
Alternate Footage

Befoe Ross spots Rachel's first spelling mistake on her application, the two versions are slightly different and the Extended Version has some more material.

In the Extended Version, Phoebe cuts her finger on the paper.
Phoebe: "Ow-Ow, paper cut, paper cut."
Joey gives her a glass of juice.
Joey: "Here, here, here."
Phoebe: "Grapefruit juice, grapefruit juice!"
Rachel: "Ok, you guys, we are almost done. We've only got 20 more to go."

In the TV Version you - as a transition - only see Monica smiling because of Rachel's previous sentence.

The Extended Version is 13.8 sec longer.


Another extension right before the opening credits roll: they all start to whistle again and get Rachel's applications back out of the envelopes and Ross - who is the last one in line - throws them away.

8.8 sec


The scene inside the coffee bar starts earlier. Ross and Chandler are sitting around in a rather separated corner and read newspapers.
Chandler: "Look, I know they call this a love seat but I'm not really feeling anything special towards you."
Ross holds up his paper and hits it on Chandler's head.

14.3 sec

Alternate Footage

As a reaction to Rachel's inappropriate exchange of cards, Ross adds another sentence in the Extended Version.
Ross: "Oh, Chandler, could you? Thanks, man!"
Chandler picks up the newspaper and hits it on Ross' head.

Subsequently, Monica brings the foodplate to the table - this is shown from a different angle.

The Extended Version is 5.1 sec longer.

TV VersionExtended Version


In the Extended Version Monica responds to Joey's comment who said that during a game of poker you should only serve monosyllabic food.
Monica: "Well I'll hope you'll let it slide just this once, see I was all out of 'Pretz'."

The TV Version only shows the following shot of Monica a litle earlier (which was not illustrated below or seen as "alternative" material).

The Extended Version is 5.8 sec longer.

Alternate Footage

In the Extended Version, Chandler comments on Monica losing the game.
Chandler: "See Monica, Joey had two 5s showings. So for you to raise..."
Monica (angry): "Yes?"
Chandler: "Downright gutsy."

Phoebe's statement, that Joey was lying, is shown in a different take.

The Extended Version is 9.6 sec longer.

TV VersionExtended Version

Alternate Footage

Interestingly enough you at this point see a different shot of Rachel - probably because it would look quite weird to see the exact same shot of Rachel again moments later. In the TV Version, you instead see the shot once after another shot.

No difference in time.

TV VersionExtended Version


After Ross agreed to to a rematch (because he needs the money), Rachel says something.
Rachel: "Oh, you really are enjoying this, aren't you?"
Ross: "Yeah, well, yeah."

6.3 sec

Alternate Footage

At this point follows an entirely different ending to the scene that follows after Marcel put the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight on.

In the TV Version, Marcel gets up and dances around a little while Chandler and Joey look at him, both unimpressed.

In the Extended Version Ross goes to the two of them while Marcel climbs up the wardrobe. The guys now start dancing around in the room while holding their beer and pizza.

The Extended Version is 16.6 sec longer.


Some more footage of the first poker round with aunt Iris.

Aunt Iris deals the cards.
Iris: "Ready? All right. We're going to start with a little five-card draw and we'll go into the studs, and the hold-ems."
She turns to Monica.
Iris: "And I talked to your cousin, Nathan, yesterday...AH!"
Then she turns to Rachel.
Iris: "Don't ever touch your cards when somebody's dealing!"
Phoebe and Rachel seem to be intimidated and hold their cards under the table.
Monica: "How's Nathan?"
Iris: "How is he ever? Now he thinks he's a man trapped in a woman's body."
Rachel: "Don't you mean he thinks he's a woman trapped in a man's body?"
Iris: "It should be so simple."

30.6 sec


When Ross and Chandler sit down, the shot begins slightly earlier in the Extended Version.

1.1 sec


In the TV Version the scene fades to black and then fades in to a night-shot from the outside of the apartment. The Extended Version instead fades from one scene to the other.

+ 2.3 sec


Some more dialogue between Rachel and Ross.

Rachel: "Could you be any smugger?"
Ross (while holding up the cash): "Huh. Let's see, um...say Rach I am opening up a new art gallery and I could sure use portraits of...Lincoln and Hamilton."

13.8 sec


An entirely new scene where aunt Iris rebukes the girls after losign again.

Iris: "I can't believe you lost. How much did they take from you?"
Rachel: "I don't know, like 30 bucks."
Phoebe: "Yeah."
Iris: "You know what I am gonna do? I'm gonna give you that money back."
The girls are thrilled: "Really?"
Iris: "No I am bluffing! You guys haven't learned CRAP! Hand me the cards!"
Phoebe gets the cards.
Phoebe: "Can I?"
Iris: "Yes."

20.7 sec

Alternate Footage

In the TV Version you see Ross getting up.

In the Extended Version Joey instead asks a question.
Joey: "Hey Mon, do you have any more of those salmon things?"
Monica: "Do you wanna eat or do you wanna play poker?"

The Extended Version is 3.8 sec longer.


In the TV Version, Ross is shown earlier before he throws his cards away.

+ 1.8 sec