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Chicken and Duck Talk

original title: Gai tung aap gong


  • Hongkong Blu-ray
  • German DVD
Release: Sep 24, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Hong Kong Blu-ray by Hui's Films and the uncut German DVD by KNM / Movie Power (2016).

- One cut
- Cut runtime: 27.8 sec

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the comparison.


Sam Hui is probably best known for the Aces Go Places series. Together with his brothers Michael and Ricky Hui, Sam has also made various other comedies since the 70s, which of course became great successes in their homeland.

In 2015, a Blu-ray box set appeared in Hong Kong, which surprisingly included his film Chicken and Duck Talk with three other Hui Brothers movies made in the years after that. The Hong Kong Blu-ray was a revelation in terms of quality, but unfortunately one scene was missing. As with previous DVDs in Hong Kong and China, a part of the duck preparation at the beginning was cut. Fortunately, the German label KNM took a good 16:9 master as a basis for a new DVD release in Germany in 2016 and added the missing scene.

By the way, the Hui Brothers also restored this scene afterwards. The result was presented in a Facebook post by Michael Hui who said that the 35mm material that was thought to have been lost was unfortunately only found after the release of the Blu-ray.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Hong Kong Blu-ray / German DVD in PAL

12:11 / 11:41-12:09

After step 1 (do not use chopsticks) was explained and a close-up of Ricky Hui was seen, steps 2 and 3 are missing, starting with a view of the woman. According to Michael Hui, one should not simply bite the duck, but treat it like a lover. This also means that it is forbidden to simply bite and swallow - which just happened to the woman at the same moment. Thereupon Michael strokes its thigh and explains that one should say: "You have to have some more patience".
Finally, the customer's husband comes out from behind the curtain.

27.8 sec

Remark: The picture looks very similar, although SD vs. HD inevitably results in qualitative differences, which are not visible on the compressed representation here in the comparison. In any case, the picture is considerably darker on the German DVD when the song is played in the 56th minute. This was also the case with earlier releases of the film and is therefore probably to be seen more as an error in the HD master, which was corrected for the German DVD. In the scene, the lights are switched off beforehand resp. the audience turns on flashlights, so it should really be a bit darker here.

Hongkong Blu-rayGerman DVD