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1.05 Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker


  • US Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Aug 15, 2008 - Author: Jim - Translator: Jim - external link: IMDB - more from this series
The time difference in this episode, not counting Intro, Outro and eyecatch, is 13 seconds.

The censored US version and the uncensored japanese version were used for this comparison.

The fact that anime are being censored isn't a secret. Even the (completly suitable for children) series "Digimon Adventure" wasn't save from being edited.
The editors for the US version did a lot of changes. For example Joe became a softy-crybaby, who react allergic to everything and suffers from Asthma. Almost the whole score was changed, including the really nice Intro being replaced by a rap-song. Also at some points the US version fades to black and repeats the last part from the scene before (even on the DVD). At some points there is dialogue, where isn't any in the japanese version. You can notice this especially in the first episode, where all the characters are introduced. While Tai talks like a waterfall in the english version, he is silent in the japanese version.
As usual the eyecatch was removed from every episode. The eyecatch is a small animation that serves for parting the episode, when there would come a break for the ads. The removal of the eyecatch isn't listed in the censorhsip report.

Sadly the US DVDs from FOX Kids Entertainment only have the edited version on them and not the unedited version.

This report is about:
Episode 05
US title: Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker
Japanese title: Denkō! Kabuterimon" (電光! カブテリモン)
The review to the last episode and the intro are missing completly in this episode (won't be counted for the time difference)
The title shot was removed, instead the US version shows the title just as a piece of text while the episode is running.

Japanese title: "Lightning strike! Kabuterimon!"
American title: "Kabuterimon's electro shocker"

8 Seconds

After Andromon fell on it's knees and the eyes stopped glowing, it is shown a bit longer.

Andromon: "The evil is gone..."

5 Seconds