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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Sep 30, 2010 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
With this music comedy from 1996 Tom Hanks was able to proof that he is capable of more than just being an actor. For his debut as a feature film director he wrote the screenplay and even a few songs that can be heard in the movie. The Director's Cut released in the USA is really impressive. 39 minutes of plot have been added. For example there is more emphasis on the relationship or the breakup between Guy (Tom Everett Scott) and Tina (Charlize Theron) such as the growing affection for his band colleague Faye (Liv Tyler). Even though the movie has a running time of almost two and a half hours, now, time seems to be flying by. You can literally feel how much the actors enjoyed shooting the movie.
Running time of the Theatrical version. 1:47:38 min. including end credits
Running time of the extended version. 2:26:51 Min. including end credits

Comparison between the Theatrical version and the Director's Cut, both RC1.
3:59 Min.
Guy Patterson (Tom Everett Scott) is on his way home. On his way he meets his girlfriend going the other way in her car. Tina (Charlize Theron) and Guy agree on meeting at Guy's apartment. Having arrived there they talk about their future.
275 sec.

Theatrical version
4:39 Min.
Guy sits down at the counter.
3 sec.

Director’s Cut
9:20 Min.
Guy confesses to Faye (Liv Tyler) that he hit her car. It is not such a big deal to her since it is her sister's car. At first he only invites her but then the rest of the group at the table, Jimmy Mattingly (Johnathon Schaech), Lenny Haise (Steve Zahn), T.B. Player (Ethan Embry) and Chad (Giovanni Ribisi), too.
42 sec.

11:27 Min.
Guy in his father's (Holmes Osborne) store, trying to talk him into new business models. His mother (Claudia Stedelin) and sister (Dawn Maxey) are not happy about it.
56 sec.

12:59 Min.
The band asks Chad how he is since he is lying on the floor injured.
21 sec.

16:12 Min.
Guy build up his drums in the garage where the band rehearses. Now, James and Lenny discuss with Guy how fast he is supposed to play his drums.
68 sec.

The band meets for a rehearsal in the garage, again.
72 sec.

32:46 Min.
After the One-ders have recorded their first single in Uncle Bob's (Chris Isaak) church James begs him to record another song for the B-side. Enervated, Uncle Bob agrees.
23 sec.

Theatrical version
25:02 Min.
Here, we see Lenny's back.
3 sec.

Director’s Cut
35:00 Min.
While the One-ders are performing on stage this scene has been added. Somebody takes a fire extinguisher off the wall.
3 sec.

Theatrical version
25:17 Min.
Unfortunately, the Director’s Cut lacks the scene of Faye counting the money they earned by selling their first single. The DC lacks the first appearance of Phil Horace (Chris Ellis) the first manager of the One-ders, as well.
13 sec.

Director’s Cut
35:18 Min.
The fire extinguisher gets a new owner.
13 sec.

Theatrical version
25:42 Min.
Lenny thanks the audience in his home town.
5 sec.

Director’s Cut
35:41 Min.
Here, Lenny thanks them in an alternative scene. And now we get to see the new purpose of the fire extinguisher. James secures his guitar, Tina (Charlize Theron) gets hit, too. The other band members play a fast instrumental.
93 sec.

Theatrical version
25:56 Min.
Guy's sister is reading the paper. Her father takes the newspaper away from her and reads several of his competitors' offers aloud. Now, Phil Horace arrives in his caravan and knocks on the store window to get attention.
68 sec.

Director’s Cut
37:07 Min.
Guy's sister is reading aloud from the daily paper. Her parents and Guy are listening. Even a performance of Guy's band is mentioned but she deliberately reads the bands name wrong, as The O-Neder-s (a running-gag in the movie). Even the father who comes off as pretty strict in the Theatrical version helps pulling his son's leg. Now, Phil Horace arrives in his caravan, as well. Again, he knocks on the window to talk to Guy.
76 sec.

38:52 Min.
Now, the father reads the competitors' offers, only the texts are a little different.
13 sec.

39:26 Min.
Guy's father keeps complaining about his competitors, his wife agrees.
18 sec.

41:04 Min.
Guy's father sees the band leaving Phil's caravan. Phil introduces himself to Guy's father. Here, we see Tina at the dentist. The Band is having a meeting, Guy gives out portable radios to everyone.
155 sec.

46:59 Min.
Guy and Tina are talking on the phone longer.
8 sec.

Theatrical version
33:18 Min.
Guy is on the phone with Tina.
27 sec.

Director’s Cut
47:17 Min.
Here, he talks to Tina on the phone, as well, but the lines are different.
26 sec.

Theatrical version
34:10 Min.
After Tina hung up Guy is a little confused.
3 sec.

Director’s Cut
48:07 Min.
The end of the telephone conversation with Tina is different, here. First of all, Guy chooses another radio station, then Phil knocks at the door and Guy happily opens the door. They talk about the first big show in Pittsburgh. The band meets and already sees the band's name on the billboard of the theater they are going to perform in. Now, the band and Phil enter the theater through the stage entrance. Guy splits up and goes to the stage to look at the empty seats. He asks how many people fit into the theater. The other band members come onto the stage, as well, and are just as impressed. By clapping their hands the four of them test the acoustics of the hall, after that there is no more stopping them and they jump and goof around on the stage. Backstage Guy looks at all the autographs of the stars who ave already been there. The show master, Boss Vic Koss (Kevin Pollak), and his assistant enter the room that is mistakenly occupied by the band. Vic throws the band out of the room. In the right room that is a little dowdier Lenny is still upset about Vic. James and T.B. cannot take it anymore and yell at him to shut up. Meanwhile, Guy is backstage talking to Abby about Vic. Faye is not granted access to the hall, since she has the breakfast for the band Guy can talk the employee into letting Faye in, anyway. Faye and Guy walk down together.
507 sec .

Theatrical version
36:52 Min.
After Lenny introduced the band as "The One-ders" Boss "Vic" Koss is upset that the band does not start playing. Here, Lenny counts in and turns to Guy.
4 sec.

Director’s Cut
59:12 Min.
Here, Lenny makes clear that the band is called "The One-ders", as well. Boss "Vic" Koss still claims that they are actually called "The O-neders". Then we continue directly with Guy.
8 sec.

1:03:21 Min.
After T.B. told the band and Mr. White (Tom Hanks) that he will leave the band to volunteer for the Marines everybody needs a bit more time to comprehend.
4 sec.

1:05:04 Min.
Tina's phone rings, nobody answers it. Guy hears the dial tone and thinks that Tina has an appointment with her dentist Dr. Collins (Keith Neubert). That is basically true but here he is just giving her a golf lesson. This is very funny to watch and has been edited nicely, too.
55 sec.

Theatrical version
42:41 Min.
Here, we see Mr. White slightly longer listening to the first The Wonders single on the Play-tone while walking. This has been necessary to fit better with the background music.
2 sec.

1:06:34 Min.
T.B. Tries to look into a tour bus. Mr. White pulls him away that he can prepare for the band performance.
16 sec.

1:10:47 Min.
Tina is in treatment with Dr. Collins, again.
19 sec.

Theatrical version
47:38 Min.
We see another shot of Guy.
3 sec.

Director’s Cut
1:11:57 Min.
Here, the shown montage is slightly longer in the Theatrical version to fit better to the background music the shot of Guy has been changed.
3 sec.

Theatrical version
0:48:12 Min.
We see in the montage how Chat asks for a job in the store of Guy's father. This is also shown in the Director’s Cut, but with text. There is also alternative footage of Guy showing the Billboard Charts to T.B..
10 sec.

1:12:09 Min.
These images from the montage are completely missing in the Theatrical version. The band under a billboard announcing their performance. Guy writing a letter to Tina and adding pictures, Tina reading the letter and briefly looking at the pictures and disinterestedly putting them aside. T.B. puts on a T-Shirt and opens the door for Guy that he can show him the standings of the band, he notices that T.B. has a girl in his bed, he leaves quickly but shakes T.B.'s hand to congratulate him on his new girlfriend.
62 sec.

Director’s Cut
1:13:46 Min.
Chat enters the store of Guy's father and wants the open position.
20 sec.

Theatrical version
53:34 Min.
Faye tells Mr. Withe that Tina, Guy's girlfriend, broke up with him.
4 sec.

Director’s Cut
1:18:41 Min.
In the Director’s Cut Faye tells Mr. Withe that Guy is having some trouble with his girlfriend Tina. In the next scene Tina and Dr. Collins get closer on a physical level, as well.
39 sec.

1:22:09 Min.
After a big concert the female fans want to conquer the stage. The policemen have tor work hard to stop them! (Note about a small continuity error: If you look very close you can spot the band still standing there in the first image, in the next image only the dancers are on the stage and in the last image we see the band leaving the stage. As soon as the Theatrical version is the same, again, we see the band bowing.)
13 sec.

Theatrical version
1:00:16 Min.
Mr. White gives the band advice for the next days.
10 sec.

Director’s Cut
1:26:08 Min.
Here, almost the same topic is being treated, also Mr. Withe asks Guy how Faye is doing and gives him a few pills. Jimmy, actually Faye's boyfriend, does not even notice this and leaves like it was none of his business. Now, he asks the flight attendant something and then wants to sleep.
30 sec .

1:28:44 Min.
Here, we have a very funny scene. The playback is being switched off but the band and the dancers act like it was still on. The director (Jonathan Demme in a guest part) advises Goofball (Barry Sobel) that he should say his lines with different emotions (angry, sexy).
17 sec.

1:30:01 Min.
A bellboy moves a newspaper under Faye's door. She is lying in bed sick and does not even notice it, she turns around in bed.
20 sec .

1:30:57 Min.
Mr. White is not amused about Lenny's funny remark. The radio host (Clint Howard) keeps asking the band about their likings. Guy asks if he can greet the ill Faye over the radio. Faye, meanwhile, is lying in the hotel bed sick and sleeps during the greeting.
33 sec.

Theatrical version
1:06:01 Min.
The Wonders have to pose for pictures with the Pay-Tone boss Sol(ly) Siler (Alex Rocco).
9 sec.

Director’s Cut
1:33:19 Min.
Here, he keeps talking about the band that he actually does not care about about for longer.
51 sec.

Theatrical version
1:06:44 Min.
Lenny tries to flirt with the receptionist Kitty (Lee Everett).
6 sec.

Director’s Cut
1:34:44 Min.
Here, we see a completely different reaction from Lenny and Kitty agrees on a date with him right away. Lenny is surprised. Solly takes a plastic fork away from a reporter and shows him how to do it properly touching everything with his bare hands. Solly has been shown as a repulsive guy, anyway, but this tops it. James brings up all his courage and goes to Solly to talk to him. Meanwhile, Guy is talking to Mr. White.
70 sec.

Theatrical version
1:15:38 Min.
This short shot is missing in the Director’s Cut.
7 sec.

Director’s Cut
1:44:39 Min.
Lloyd (Mike Boss) is waiting for Mr. White. Lamarr the bellboy (Obba Babatundé) tells him that he cannot park there. Now Marguerite (Rita Wilson wife of Tom Hanks) arrives in a car bringing the obviously drunk Guy. Lamarr wants to help Guy getting out of the car, then Mr. White comes by a little angry, gives Marguerite a big tip and winks at her, she drives away. Mr. White talks to Guy and asks Lloyd to forgive the delay. Then he keeps talking to Guy obviuosly struggling since Guy's breath smells heavily of alcohol. He talks about the live performance on TV. Guy is thrilled. Mr. White tells him to go to sleep. Now Mr. White goes to Llody's car not noticing that he is being followed by Guy. He opens the door and Guy wants to get in. Mr. White and Llody goof around a little with the drunk Guy and then they drive away. Guy does another Kirk Douglas impression yelling: "I am Spartacus". Lamarr sees it, Guy wants to go into the hotel and stumbles next to Lamarr falling on the floor, Lamarr helps him up.
183 sec.

1:49:39 Min.
In the TV studio a group of monkeys can be seen which are obviously a parody of the Beatles (The monkeys are dressed in black and talk with an British accent, I even think I can hear Tom Hanks' manipulated voice.) The director and the moderator are laughing tears about the performance. Guy has arrived in the meantime when he suddenly hears from the speakers that the Wonders are called on the stage he goes there supported by a studio employee.
63 sec.

Theatrical version
1.18.53 Min.
Faye is escorted into the house.
6 sec.

Director’s Cut
1:51:52 Min.
Here, Faye gets a much longer appearance. She gets out of the limo and is welcomed by a bellboy who escorts her to her seat. Mr. White is interrupted at the buffet by James. The TV-director is nervous and freaks out because he has milk in his coffee. The studio announcer goes through his lines, once again, and the Wonders are waiting backstage for their performance.
122 sec.

2:00:25 Min.
Mr. White "forces" 'Gus' Grissom (Bryan Cranston) to talk to his friend Lloyd on the phone.
15 sec.

2:02:52 Min.
Faye is breaking up with James filled with grief. Kitty introduces herself. James is unimpressed.
24 sec.

2:11:44 Min.
We see the KJZZ radio-studio. Guy calls the radio host. Actually he only wants to tell him that he met their common idol Del Paxton (Bill Cobbs) and did some jazz improv with him. The DJ is totally thrilled about it and offers Guy a job if he gets a record of him and Del Paxton. Guy, Del Paxton and other legends are sitting together listening to Del's stories. Faye wants to leave the hotel and is stopped by Lamarr. He sends her to the cafe to eat something first.
184 sec.

Theatrical version
1:36:52 Min.
The scene with Guy and Faye is noticeably shorter, here.
18 sec.

Director’s Cut
2:15:30 Min.
Guy meets Faye in the cafe. He tells her about his plans for the future.
55 sec.