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Date Movie


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Unrated Cut
Release: Jun 29, 2008 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Choddy - external link: IMDB
Unrated: 01:10.10 Min. w/o end credits
Theatrical: 01:08.19 Min. w/o end credits

Date Movie is another spoof, this time parodying movies like "Meet the Fockers", "Hitch", "My big fat greek wedding", "Wedding Planner" or "Bridget Jones". It has some nice laughs but all in all it's not really worth its money. The Unrated DVD adds some extra material and uncensored speech but it has no consequences for the movie's quality.

Comparison between DVD: Kinowelt (=PG-13) and
DVD: Kinowelt "unzensierte Fassung" (=Unrated)

14 Cuts = 126 seconds NTSC (2min 6sec) (time of all cuts summed up)
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Alternate Scene:
Time Unrated: 13.10
Time Theatrical: 12.58

Grant stands in front of an ocean background. The host talks about him having a 12 inch cock, whereon Grant shows an actual cock. Finally the background is moved away and Grant joins the ladies.
8 sec.

Grant stands in front of a desert background, while a lion's tail waggles in front of his crotch. The host points out, that he gets a lot of tail. Again, the background is moved away and Grant joins the ladies
14 sec.

Longer shot of Julia's face.
1 sec.

The cat spends much more time on the toilet. Cuts to Grant and Julia's family. After rolling up some toilet paper, the cat wipes its butt and sniffs at the toilet paper.
24 sec.

After flushing and lighting a match, the cat finally sprays some air freshener.
2 sec.

After kicking the wizard in the crotch, the hobbits say, that they are going to get wine coolers and hookers.
7 sec.

Censored speech:
Time Unrated: 27.18
Time Theatrical: 26.30

Julia's father pronounces Grant's surname "Fockyerdoder".
2 sec.

Instead of Julia's father pronouncing Grant's surname, there is another cut to Grant's face.
1,5 sec

Julia shows the boy two more cards, who answers them correctly, too.
24 sec.

Censored speech:
Time Unrated: 33.10
Time Theatrical: 31.56

"...thinking about the honeymoon makes my sack all quivery and shit"

"...thinking about the honeymoon makes me like really horny."

Roz shows Linda a few tricks, to "spice things up again".
31 sec.

Censored speech:
Jell-O, the wedding planner, pronounces Grant's surname while welcoming them.

Alternate scene:
Time Unrated: 37.17
Time Theatrical: 35.32

Andy's introduction is more allusive. The different cuts are longer.
24 sec.

Andy's introduction is less offensive. The cuts are shorter.
25 sec.

Alternate Scene:
Time Unrated: 37.58
Time Theatrical: 36.13

Closeup of Andy's butt.
3 sec.

Long shot of Andy and the Rolls Royce.
3 sec.

The car wash scene was extended.
6 sec.