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We're the Millers (Extended Cut) (Blu-ray + DVD + UltraViolet Combo Pack)

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We're the Millers


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Dec 28, 2013 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
With We're the Millers, the producing studio Warner Bros.made a quite reasonable success at the box office result. With a budget of $37 million, the worldwide proceeds of $270 million could be considered a huge success. The fact that the Theatrical Version of the comedy with Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts had an R-Rating (!) makes the box office result even mmore remarkable - in a time where a PG-13 is inevitable for most of thr productions in order to generate a reasonable revenue. The movie might be predictable but it's nicely bold as well and the comedy timing is quite well, too. In so far, a sequel would neither be surprising nor inconvenient.

In the US, both the DVD and Blu-ray release contain the Theatrical Version as well as an Extended Cut. Since Warner Bros. don't release Unrated Versions anymore, the Extended Cut got an R by the MPAA as well. Contentwise, the 8 additional minutes offer more sleazyness so the missing "Unrated" term shouldn't be overrated.

Compared are the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Extended Cut (R-Rated) (both available on the US Blu-ray by Warner Bros.)

30 differences, among them
20 extended scenes
4 additional scenes
3 extended scenes with alternate footage
3 scenes with alternate footage

The Extended Cut is 521.08 sec / approx. 8 min 41 sec longer than the Theatrical Version.
Extended Scene
0:21:03: Casey also passes the metal detector but goes off. She has to go back, reaches in the pants and passes a genital piercing to the security guy. Kenny is so impressed that he nervously stumbles in the back of the guy in front of him.
19.24 sec

Alternate Footage
0:30:33: In both versions, David announces that he has to make a call and instructs Kenny to keep an eye on the weed. But there are differences as well. In the Theatrical Version, Casey rolls his eyes and follows Rose beforehand whereas Kenny is trying to make conversation with One-Eye. He says: "It's a nice place." but the fierce gangster only gives him a dry-witted "Fuck you.". That explains his uneasy amile which is also in the Theatrical Version.
Extended Cut 2.92 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Extended Scene
0:30:59: In the Extended Cut, Brad is enthusiastic about his ice figure that shows an orca while Brad is sitting on top of him copulating the orca's blowhole. He's been working on it all day long.
Extended Cut 10.2 sec longer

Extended Scene
0:31:48: In the Extended Cut, Brad changes the subject to his terrific ice figur again. When David returns from his trip in time and notices the ice figur, he'll probably notice that testicles are the only anatomically incorrect part. As tribut to his manhood, the made them a little bigger.
16.28 sec

Additional Scene
0:55:04: The campfire sequence contains an additional song of Fitzgerald's. Except for Kenny, the Millers unmotivatedly participate. The Fitzgeralds on the other hand show enough enthusiasm for all of them. The song is about criminal practices which might be the reason for the Millers' releuctance.
80.68 sec

Extended Scene
1:06:03: David says Rose should have gotten fingered by Edie, maybe she could have gotten her hands on Fitzgerald's car keys that way. Rose strikes back by saying David could have given Don a BJ in order to reach that goal. David explains he only did that to men he was in love with - contrary to Rose. When he announces a second pun, he can't come up with anything and Rose leaves. But then he's got one anyway and runs after her. When Don and Edie are using the vibrator in the tent, one can hear Don saying Joe Morgan (that's the name of the vibrator) was coming now.
24.68 sec

Extended Scene
1:10:51: Don asks David to keep what happened the night before in the tent and all that vibrator talk to himself because it would by anything but pleasant if the people in Don's church found out. David assures him to keep silence.
12.64 sec

Extended Scene
1:11:14: Don elaborates the love life between and Edie wasn't that exciting anymore. Her matches were wet and he wants to know from David if he got that metaphor. David explains he was obviously refering to her private parts but he was entirely wrong. Don of course means the passion between him and his wife and David instantly apologizes for his faux pas. Don explains Edie had found some kind of finger method on the internet but David feels really uncomfortable and says there was no need whatsoever to share that with him but Don insists.
29.12 sec

Extended Scene
1:11:51: According to Don, David and Rose look at each other like two newlyweds.
5.04 sec

Extended Scene
1:12:03: Before David explains his recipe for success for the relationship with Rose, he asks Don if his desciption of "fishing hole" was rather general or sexual. Understandable after his misinterpretation a few seconds earlier.
4.84 sec

Additional Scene
1:14:14: The rest of the "family" is being led into the room by David who explains it to them. Apparently, there's an actual Pablo Chacon and they just stole from him. No doubt, it'll end well. Chacon leaves the room and says he was going to be back soon. David tells him to take his time.
25.64 sec

Alternate Footage
1:15:00: In the Theatrical Version, they bewilderedly look at the tracking device on the ground and mumble to themselves. In the Extended Cut, Kenny reacts almost enthusiastic and asks if that was an actual tracking device. Of course, he's getting a critizing look for that question.
Extended Cut 1.88 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Extended Scene
1:15:26: When David explains the family situation, Kenny also says they were just friends but he's immediately being corrected by the others.
3.6 sec

Extended Scene
1:17:47: More slow motion strip crawling by Rose. David totally focussed on her.
5.4 sec

Extended Scene
1:17:56: During the lapdance, Rose recognizes a steam pipeline. She distracts Pablo Chacon by pressing his breasts to his head. She signalizes David to go the pipeline but he just adores her performace. She's upset and punches him but she needs to go on with her act in order to avoid suspicion.
18.92 sec

Alternate Footage
1:21:11: When David tells Rose time was of the essence, he says it onscreen in the Extended Cut. The relevant difference is that Kenny here says via close-up: "I can't feel my bingo." Not until then, he drops while he already did that in the Theatrical Version when David and Rose were talking. In the Theatrical Version, there's no comment before he drops either.
Extended Cut 2.36 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Extended Scene
1:21:40: Extended shot of Brad "entertaining" his orca.
5.6 sec

Additional Scene
1:23:05: After hanging up, Brad calls Chacon from his office but it's unknown what they're discussing.
9.16 sec

Extended Scene
1:26:30: David picks Scotty P's brain about his job and learns that Scotty is riding the bike on a funfair.
5.16 sec

Extended Scene
1:26:38: For the sake of politeness, Scotty P asks where they were from as well. David says "D-Town" but Scotty's first trip guess - Detroit - is wrong. His second guess Denver on the other hand is correct. David is surprised and wants to know if Scotty liked baseball but David got it wrong one more time because Scotty was refering to the Rocky Mountains. Awkward silence.
23.92 sec

Extended Scene
1:27:17: David savors the spelling mistake of Scotty's "No Ragrets" tattoo a little longer and asks if Scotty really didn't regret anything. He confirms it because it was his lifestyle and he went to the tattoo studio to get that tattoo'd on his body. He almost wished there was something to tell. You know I'm sayin'?
16.24 sec

Extended Scene with Alternate Footage
1:27:35: In the Extended Cut, David also asks Scotty how many letters the alphabet had. Scotty says 20 something. David corrects him and explains it had 26. Then he demands to ask all the questions Scotty had. Casey is getting impatient but Scotty wants to know how David and Rose managed that Casey got that hot. They react disconcerting but then David says their secret was doggystyle.

In the Theatrical Version on the other hand, they're still stuck with that regret thing and it exclusively shows confident Scotty saying "Not me!".
40.44 sec

Additional Scene
1:35:16: Additional scene with musican Ben Folds accompanying Brad on the piano during his singing practise. But Brad doesn't respect him and Folds doesn't look like he enjoyed being there either. Then Brad answers David's call who's going to be with him in less than 3 hours. Brad slanders about Folds, then he hangs up. But only to keep swearing in his direction.
61.76 sec

Extended Scene with Alternate Footage
1:28:36: In the Extended Cut, David prances in front of them. Then he tries to tell a story in a funny way. He says he'd been on the road in the trailor, suddenly he thought it was quite boring which is why he'd decided to invite mob again. Either of the versions contain an alternate take of Casey's subsequent insult.
25.2 sec

Extended Scene with Alternate Footage
1:39:04: Extended shot of David's attempt to get the others to the trailor. They intend to leave instead and turn around but David asks them to wait.
Extended Cut 9.72 sec longer

Extended Scene
1:39:57: Extended shot of David trying to solve it in a funny way and make the others go to the trailor. Rose interrupts him though and recaps that he hadn't treated the others very well.
28.28 sec

Extended Scene
1:40:34: David can't believe he's supposed to get on his knees and beg but Rose points at the floor.
10.56 sec

Extended Scene
1:51:59: Outtake with Jennifer Aniston barely dressed. She says she was never going to forget those moments in the movie and she hoped it was the same for Sudeikis. He laughs.
5.48 sec

Extended Scene
1:52:22: Ed Helms licks the ice figure lasciviously and laughs naughtily.
2.28 sec

Extended Scene
1:52:45: When David says his shop was closed, actor Kathryn Hahn swears several times.
13.84 sec