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Van Wilder

original title: National Lampoon's Van Wilder


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 12, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The censored R-Rated has been compared to the Unrated version.

After seven years in college, Van Wilder gets his money supply cut off by his dad. To make a living, he organizes parties for several fraternities. During that, Gwen, who is supposed to write an article about Van, is noticing him...

Both versions are on the Unrated DVD by Artisan whereas the cut rated R has been released seperately, too. The differences between both versions are rather small: the job interview in the beginning has been extended by two other candidates, additional takes of Collosus who pleases himself with the fancy cakes and a few new nude scenes.

Depending on whether the censored or uncensored version is chosen in the Unrated DVD's menu, the transitions differ. Generally a pretty nice idea, that was executed well.


R-Rated: 92:55 Min.
Unrated: 93:57 Min.

Additional scenes at the job interview.

A rather obese boy is shown saying "Let's get it started then, shall we?"

He pulls up his shirt and makes farting noises with his belly. After a while he falls over.

Van: "Medic."

Then, two homosexuals are shown describing their advantages to Van.

"Having us both at the same time..."
"Will definitely lighten your load."
"We will bend over backwards for you."
"There's nothing too big we can't handle."
"And we mean nothing."
"We'll stay on top of you..."
"And ride you all semester."
"Basically, we're saying we won't blow the job, Van."

Unrated: 42,30 Sec.


Alternate scene when the girl takes off the sign with the equation.

Left Unrated | Right R-Rated

Unrated: 3,50 Sec.
R-Rated: 1,07 Sec.


An additional take of Collosus. Then cut to one of the dog photos.

Unrated: 3,13 Sec.


One of the fancy cakes is being removed and handed through the door. After that, cut to Collosus.

Unrated: 6,53 Sec.


Additional cut to the girl and then to Taj.

Unrated: 4,93 Sec.


Cuts to Taj and to the girl.

Unrated: 4,17 Sec.