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  • New US/UK DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Oct 09, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the British DVD (BBFC 12) and by Optimum Home Entertainment and the German DVD (FSK 16/ movie FSK 12) by Kinowelt Home Entertainment.

A short overview over the various releases and ratings in Great Britain: The uncut VHS was rated BBFC 15 in 1987, the Warner DVD released in 2001 was uncut as well and was even permitted for 12 year olds. The newest DVD release, this time by Optimum, was also rated BBFC 12, but lacks about two and a half minutes. Because we know that the earler DVD was uncut we can say that the cutting was not done in order to achieve a better rating. This new release was produced by Studio Canal in France for both the British and the US market. The US DVD is therefore cut as well.

IMDb states:
The US region 1 DVD (released by Pacific Family Entertainment in 2004), is actually the same cut version that appeared on the UK DVD (missing the 3 mins).

It is possible that other European DVD releases are cut, too.

The new German region 2 Pal DVD (released by Kinowelt) contains the 3 minutes missing from the UK/European video/DVD.

We can only guess why this scene was removed. It contains many negative statements about the American politics in the time when the movie was shot and also a homosexual allusion. However, we can only assume that it was cut because of that.
The German DVD is interesting for British and American viewers as well because it contains the english audio track.

Running time of the British BBFC 12 DVD w/o ending credits: 1:40:46
Running time of the German FSK 16 DVD w/o ending credits: 1:43:12

1 cut (165 sec)
1 longer logo at the beginning of the UK DVD (19 sec)
= 146 sec or 2 min 26 sec
Running times: UK DVD / German DVD

The UK DVD features the additional Studio Canal logo.
+19 sec

After the following sentences by Chuck Arnoli and Rubber Duck, the British DVD stops.
Arnoldi: ">We like to know, is this convoy some sort of protest demonstration? And if it is, what's its purpuse?"
Rubber Duck: "The purpuse of the convoy is keep moving."

Melissa: "Ask him why he wants to know."
Rubber Duck: "You are to run this?"
Rubber Duck zu Arnoldi: "Hey look, I'm a little busy right now, as you can see. Why don't you trying to talk to someone back there?"
Arnoldi: "All right, we'll do Rubber Duck, I'll be back to you later."
Rubber Duck: "Good buddy."

Arnoldi: "This is Chuck Arnoldi of the Gouverneur's office, sir. I wonder if I can talk to you."
Man 1: "Call me 'Old Iguana'."
Arnoldi: "'Old Iguana'? Where were you born, sir?"
Man 1: "Originally?"

We can see Ruber Duck while the man continues to talk.
Rubber Duck: "How about it? Think I'll talk to him?"
Melissa: "Yeah, I do."

Arnoldi interviews more truckers. They say they were fed up with having to drive fromcost to cost without earning enough money. A black driver says that black Americans hve given their lives in Vietnam and still their brothers have to live in the ghetto.

We can hear other men talking over a shot of the convoi. They rant about the speed limits and the oil companies raising prices which forces them to take more money from their customers.

Rubber Duck and Melissa can be seen again.
Melissa: "They're talking about their future not just yours."

The next man talks about the Watergate affair. He says that NIxon had been caught inflagranti even before the Washington Post publicised it and that Rockefeller stepped down from the Governor's office just to become chairman of Standard Oil. He underlines that he is not going to get fooled. Arnoldi thanks him and says that the driver had expressed himself well.

Arnoldi wants to interview the next driver, but he only makes him compliments and invites him to dinner.

Now, Arnoldi talks to Bobby and wants to know why he thinks he can ignore the state's laws. This causes Bobby to get angry and steer his truck towards Arnoldi's car.

Eventually, a driver stands up and shows Arnoldi his naked butt.

Then British DVD starts again when the priest is being interviewed.

165 sec

After the ending credits, the UK DVD shows the American rating information.
+7 sec