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Dream Lover


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Mar 18, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Compatison between the Theatrical Version, taken from the US DVD by MGM, and the Unrated VHS by Polygram Video.

The erotic thriller Dream Lover was released in the US in it's longer unrated cut only on VHS and Laser Disc. The DVD by MGM only contains the Theatrical Version that has been cut to get the more desirable R-Rating.

The "4 minutes of never before seen footage" which are advertised on the cover of the US VHS turn out to be only two and a half minutes of new scenic material. The movie, however, also works well without the cut material. The rest of the running time difference is the result of a slower running speed of the Unrated Version, the longer opening and ending credits in the Theatrical Version and the rounding up of some scenes to full and half seconds.

Running time of the Theatrical Version: 1:39:26 min. (1:35:08 min. without ending credits) (PAL)
Running time of the Unrated VHS: 1:45:38 min. (1:41:14 min. without ending credits) (NTSC)

4 altered and/or alternative scenes = 2 min. 32 sec. (NTSC)
The DVD starts with more logos of the involved companies.
27 sec.

The Theatrical Version (TV) shows some different cuts in the first part of the big sey scene between Lena and Ray.

TV: Shot of Ray's face, Lena is bowing down to him and both continue having sex until the cross-fading.

Unrated: Ray pulls Lena down using her necklace. A longer shot from above showing Lena seesawing passionately on Ray follows. It ends with a similar shot of the one that can be seen in the TV (Lena's position is different due to continuity reasons). The stills taken from the Unrated Version have been brightened up because one couldn't see that much.

The Unrated Version runs 11 sec. longer.

Extended scene: Lena and Ray are having sex on a chair. At first there are some scenes reminiscent of Nine 1/2 weeks (remember the fruit?), then Ray is lifting Lisa up, caresses her and turns her around to take her from behind. The grape falls from the table.

Next scene: Lena and Ray are "having a break" in the kitchen. Ray says that when he discovered that his first wife wanted to get divorced, he crawled into a big suitcase in his basement and locked if from inside. When he came out again he didn't have to cry any more and the interior was comfortably soft.

In the next scene there are two different shots in the discussed versions. Ray also says "Ok." at the end of the Unrated Version's shot.Strangely enough, the TV is the more erotic version.



111 sec.

Alternative shots of the couple in the bed in the early morning. In the TV Lena is answering Ray's question ("That simple?") with a nod and the statement "That simple!". In the Unrated Version the answer is missing but one can see Lena's hand in Ray's crotch better.



The shot from the Theatrical Version runs a bit longer.
2 sec.

Extended ending: Ray is, obviously released out of the mental hospital, in the zoo together with his kids. His son asks how his mother had been and Ray asks that she had been the most wonderful woman in the whole world. Upon hearing that, his daughter asks him if he would promise to choose a woman just as her mother if he wanted to marry again. Ray kisses her hand and answers stonily that he would promise it.
42 sec.

After the ending credits the MGM logo can be seen again (DVD).
5 sec.