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original title: Svegliati e uccidi


  • International Version
  • Original Version
Release: Jan 24, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Italian original version and the international version. Both are included on the UK-Blu-ray released by Arrow Video.

"Svegliati e uccidi" (Wake Up and Kill) tells the story of Luciano Lutring, a minor thug from Milan who gets the media's attention after mugging a few shopwindows. The raids continue, get bigger and even cross the borders to France. Luciano does not shy away from using a machinegun which he hides in a violin case. This weapon gives him the name "Il solista del mitra" (the soloist with the machinegun). Inspector Moroni is on his tail an even tris to convince Luciano's wife Yvonne to turn her husband in. This leads to an inner conflict. On the one hand she does not want to betray her husband, on the other hand she is scared that he might one day get killed during a raid.

Luciano Lutring was injured and caught during a shootout in paris in 1965. One year later, this well-done crime thriller by Carlo Lizzani hit the theaters. Robert Hoffmann stands out in his role as the gentleman gangste who seems to driven from one raid to the next, yet at times he is close to despair. Lisa Gastoni plays his wife Yvonne and does a great job of constantly turning in her head whether or not she should report her husband to the police. Gian Maria Volontè plays the scheming INspector Moroni. Yet, one should not expect a Poliziotteschi-movie, a genre that was very popular for a short while in the 1970s. "Wake Up and Kill"'s narrative is rather calm and offers a close look at Luciano Lutring's life.

Arrow Video released a Blu-ray with two different versions in the UK. The international version was cut down to 97 minutes and thus misses out on roughly 26 minutes that are included in the original (with a runtime of 123 minutes). All missing sequences are plot scenes that were taken out to give the movie a quicker flow. If you have never seen the original, you might not have noticed the cuts. Since the movie does take some time here and there, the shorter version is not necessarily the worse one, especially since it is the one with English dubbing. The original version offers the Italian soundtrack with optional English subtitles.


Original Version: 123:43 min.
International Version: 97:38 min.

The first shot of the opening credits starts earlier in the Italian version.

Original Version: 2 sec.


The building is shown a little longer during the opening.

Original Version: 2 sec.


Luciano says that he hates the milk that was transported by a truck.

Original Version: 7 sec.


Yvonne wants to say goodbye to Luciano in order to encourage other guests to start drinking since her salary is dependend on the amount of drinks she sells. Luciano is not content with this and therefore orders 10 Whiskeys.
He asks Yvonne if she wants to dance with him and after the sum of money she earned through him she cannot say no.

Original Version: 1:04 min.


Luciano and Yvonne drive past the hotel.

Original Version: 18 sec.


Franco's argument in the hotel lobby goes on a little longer.

Original Version: 7 sec.


Luciano pays his hotel bill with the watches he stole by leaving them as a deposit. He promises to bring the money on the following saturday.

Original Version: 49 sec.


Yvonne meint, dass sie eine Künstlerin sei und Luciano antwortet ganz galant, dass sie ein Niemand ist solange er keinen Nachtclub nur für sie eröffnet. Sie fällt zurück in seine Arme.

Original Version: 43 sec.


Yvonne wants Luciano to get back to his job. He replies that they should first take care of their wedding. They decide to get married right away, yet Yvonne has some concerns because of the stolen car. Luciano is able to calm her down, though.

After that we can see a shot of the cathedral.

Original Version: 1:17 min.


Film tear: The two police officers are shown longer. In the following shot we see them a little earlier.

Original Version: 1 sec.


Yvonne hides her valuables in an apple.

The police officers leave the house and Yvonne goes back to the apartment where she spots Luciano who hid on the elevator's roof. Thw two of them go back to the apartment and Luciano bites into the apple full of valuables.

Original Version: 38 sec.


Franco comes into Yvonne's apartment and claims that Luciano is in Trieste. She does not believe him. He grabs her and throws her on the bed against her will. The officers are coming closer to the room.

Original Version: 41 sec.


One of the gangsters has a running nose. Someone hands him a handkerchief.

Original Version: 10 sec.


Yvonne walks through the streets until she sees Luciano who does not seem to be happy.

Original Version: 40 sec.


Luciano and Yvonne walk over to Giulio and ask him if they could sleep over at his place. He agrees once Yvonne shows him the content of her suitcase. He leads her to the storeroom.

The two of them are lying on the floor wearing fur coats. Yvonne asks Luciano to stop, however, he wants to do one more raid. The two of them wonder where they would go after that when they suddenly hear Giulio whistling. This is the signal to warn them that the police approaches. They put on their clothes and leave.

Original Version: 2:44 min.


Yvonne goes to her father-in-law's shop and tells him that Luciano is innocent. She suggests that they should work on keeping Luciano in prison for his own safety. Luciano's father is not amused about this idea, yet Yvonne explains that if he stays in jail now, his prison term will not be too long. However, if he leaves now and commits more crimes, he might get killed.

Luciano's father does not like this and prohibits Yvonne from doing this. He tells her that he forgives his son if he abandons his criminal life.

Original Version: 3:52 min.


Luciano appears in the news agency when they want to make public that Yvonne was arrested. He blames the journalists for his situation and tells them that he was no part of the raid. They ask him who was responsible for the crime, yet Luciano cannot name anybody. Then he gets to know that his wife was arrested and asks the journalists for a headstart before they call the police.

Original Version: 2:27 min.


After her statement, Yvonne cries. Then Luciano gets to know that he will be imprisoned for 10 years. He has the idea to emigrate to France to disappear. In order to hide his escape, his friend is supposed to stage a raid in Milan. Then, Luciano collapses.

Original Version: 1:16 min.


Film tear: the police is shown a little longer.

Original Version: 1 sec.


Film tear: The gangster is shooting at the police.

Original Version: 1 sec.


In the English version we can see a shot of the last cut. The Italian version shows a new shot of the gangster who shoots at the police officer.

No difference in time. (each 1 sec.)


Luciano's mugshot is sent to Amsterdam. The police gets to know that Luciano apparently resides in Amsterdam since he stroke with an axe again.

After that we can see Luciano doing some dubious business in Amsterdam and then flying back to Paris.

On the airport's toilet, he hides his gun in a suitcase and instead gets a few jewels out. During the luggage inspection he flees from the police. He hides inside a bus and is able to escape. Then he hitchhikes back to the airport.

Original Version: 3:52 min.


Yvonne meets the inspector who wants her to go to Amsterdam in order to bring Luciano back to Nice. Actually, Yvonne does not want to, yet the inspector holds out a great sum of money as a reward. Also, he explains that he will not harm Luciano, yet he might get killed in Paris.

Original Version: 1:14 min.


The inspector talks to a French colleague about Luciano. He clarifies that it is important to get the criminal alive, since he made an agreement with Yvonne She wants to turn her husband in. His French colleague agrees and says that this is the best way to catch Luciano.

Original Version: 2.24 min.


The Italian version ends with a note about Luciano's arrest.

Original Version: 2 sec.