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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: May 17, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
One can absolutely disagree, and in Europe the man does not get much attention, but Will Ferrell very well may be one of America┤s best comedians lately. Together with the Frat Pack (amongst others Ben Stiller, Jack Black or Vince Vaughn) he also is responsible for not letting the American mainstream-humour become totally idiotic. Although the character of Ricky Bobby may be that of a very dumb person, but without a doubt the filmmakers intelligence is high - since they just didn┤t focus only on gross-out humour but allowed some gags a dramaturgy of their own (Ricky Bobby┤s imaginary paralysis) and with the many hidden side-blows in the often inconspicuous dialogues. The true brilliance behind the American┤s remark in the bar that they invented the Missionary position may not be apprehended by everyone - which is only really effective in the unrated version. So they deliberately accept that not every joke may be understood by the audience and thus may not work.
Regarding the movie it can be observed that it was obviously produced for an intended PG-13-rating and that only a few scenes are slightly overshot. These were now reinserted into the unrated version. Additionally there are numerous extended scenes and additional storyline elements which aren┤t always necessary and, again, make the movie a little bit too long. Espescially the recurring part where Ricky over and over that he┤s not friends with Cal anymore and the scene on Girard┤s residence unnecessaryly slow down the movie. Opposite of this are the prolonged argument in the bar as well as the two additons in the hospital and the hilarious scene with the rabbits on the racetrack.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the unrated version misses two longer scenes from the theatrical version.

Theatrical Version: 108 minutes
Unrated Version: 122 minutes
Theatrical Version

Between the birth and the scenes in Ricky Bobby┤s school, the theatrical version has an additional scene. Little Ricky waits in the car while his mothers wants to buy something quickly in the supermarket. But for Ricky it takes too long and so he climbs on the drivers side and, saying "I wanna go fast!", starts to drive. While driving along the street, his mother in panic runs from the store. 58s

An addition with Ricky and Cals short television commercials. They warn the viewers of travelling to Tijuana.

When Ricky thanks God for his hot wife, the following is missing:
"Who if you were to rate her ass on 100, it would easily be a 94."3,5s

Ricky further describes Jesus: "... just a little infant and so cuddly, but still omnipotent."4s

Shortly after the prayer, when Ricky asks his kids Walker and Texas Ranger about their day at school, both versions were differently cut. In the unrated version, there is this very surreal dialogue when a 10-year-old kid thanks Cal for admiring his mother┤s breats so lovingly, and she herself is touched by the compliment.
After one of Ricky┤s childs told that he wet his pants in school, he continues: "And I never did change my pee pants all day. I'm still sitting in my dirty pee pants." Hereupon Cal replies: "I wet my bed until I was 19. There's no shame in that." Ricky proudly: "I get emotional because you guys are working so hard."
Shortly thereafter Cal again: "Tell you what, Ricky, you are truly blessed. - These two are two in a milion."
Ricky: "I am."
Cal: "Just like Carley's tatas. You won't find another rack like that, I guarantee."
Carley: "Thank you, Cal."
Walker: "That's really sweet of you, Cal"
Ricky: "That's real nice. That's one of the nicest things you've ever said."
Cal: "Well, I mean it."
Carley: "Stop, you're gonna make me cry."
Cal: "It comes from my heart, that's why."
Pictures only from the unrated edition
Unrated totally 33,5s longer

When the children berate their grandfather, Cal incites them. 2s

Walter continues to berate him: "The greatest generation, my ass. Tom Brokaw is a punk."

Ricky, too, berates the helpless old man: "Hell, you're just a bag of bones." 3,5s

After Ricky tells his grandfather, that the only thing he did well was his hot daughter, he repeats "That is it!" a second time more loudly.2s

The two people at the ticket counter decide to sell the never picked up tickets for Ricky┤s father. 6,5s

When Ricks tells Lucius after the race, that he expects to live for 245 or maybe even 300 years because of his high income and the progress in medicine, he continues in the unrated version about a man in Russia who got a pig┤s heart implanted. Though he┤s dead, but Ricky finds it great what┤s all done in medicine nowadays. Lucius is bemused.

Right after that in the bar, the unrated version starts with a new scene. They talk about the race and that Cal and Ricky are a good match. Cal thinks of every possible comparison - e. g. Chinese food and chocolate pudding - but just can┤t find the right one. Then the conversation fizzles out. The talk of the two men from the crew in the bar about Nanas 88th birthday is a little later in the theatrical version.

In the unrated version, the dialogue about Nanas 88th birthday continues. One of the men advises the other to present her with a gigolo because even with 88 years people like to have sex. A blanket, which was the other guys suggestion, she would certainly own already.

When asked about the achievements of the French nation, Girard says in the theatrical version: ""We invented democracy, existentialism ... and the mÚnage Ó trois." In the unrated he says "... and the blowjob."

Right after that, Girard adds: "And the 69. You know, the 69 with the head near the-- That bit. We came up with it." Being mentioned in both versions the remark from the American, that they invented the missionary position, makes only sense in the unrated edition. 6,5s

When Ricky refuses as a matter of principle to say "I love crepes", demanded by Girard, although he loves "those really thin pancakes", Ricky and Girard longer talk about different crepes while Girard presses Ricky down on the pool billiard table. One of Rickys guys even suggests to have a few crepes when the argument is settled.

When Girard demands that Ricky only has to say "I love really thin pancakes" as a compromise instead of "I love crepes", and Ricky still refuses, Girards wants to know why Ricky wants to have his arm broken at all costs. Ricky justifies it by saying that it┤s about his freedom and that Girard just can┤t understands "Freedom": "So you put a crack in my arm like the crack in the Liberty Bell." Again, Cal bows down to Ricky and tells him that although Girard gives him the opportunity to save his face by saying that, he should still refuse to do it. Then in both versions, Girard breaks Ricky┤s arm. 24,5s

While Ricky is "comatose", Lucius reads to him from Judy Blumes "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret": "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. Gretchen my friend, got her period. I'm so jealous, God. [...]". The probably most inappropriate book for an American race driver, aiming at young girls and dealing with at the time of writing delicate subjects like menstruation.
Then Cal appears again, who briefly thinks that Ricky is feigning to be in a coma. Cal gets sentimental and decides to put Ricky out of his misery. He presses the pillow on his face and tries to suffocate him. Ricky struggles. 80s

Ricky, who still thinks that he is now handicapped, tells his friends that he will allow his wife to have sex with other guys since he is not able anymore to satisfy her needs. She needs it, and one can not hold it back. He is close to tears. 15,5s

When Ricky returns home and learns that his wife has left him for Cal, she only says in the theatrical version, right before he asks her if she wants to get divorced, that she works. However, in the unrated version she says that he can not race anymore and that she┤s not ready for a miserable life as a dancer again. Cal sniffs at her hair. Extended 11s longer

Cal continues to speak about his ideas. One of them is that he as the "Magic Man" drives a car which looks like a rabbit and throws out little rabbits from its rear end, hopping on the race track. And if Cal wins, he maybe does something special with David Copperfield. Ricky can┤t believe that Cal really wants to let living rabbits run on the race track while a race is on. He asks Cal if he already has asked for NASCAR┤s permission. 22s

After Ricky lost his drivers licence because he run over a police man, he delivers pizzas by going by bus. During the bus ride the tells a passenger about his problems who berates him heavily. In the end, Ricky says. "I really regret opening my mouth and talking to you."

Later when Ricky leaves the message for a colleague from the pizza delivery service that he please should skip school because he has to take Ricky┤s shift, Cal calls. Cal, who is about to get into the whirlpool, needs help with adjusting the installation. Ricky treats him like the best friend before he remembers that he actually hates Cal. Then, again, he forgets that and they talk about Mexican food and that Ricky should come over to get into the whirlpool, too. Ricky is enthusiastic about the new Mexican and asks Cal if he could pick him up - because after all he has no driving licence anymore.
Cal asks which of Ricky┤s cars he should take to pick him up. Ricky would like to see his Hummer. Then suddenly he again remembers that he actualls hates Cal and declares their friendship finished, once again.

When Cal calls the sleeping Ricky from the TV Room, Ricky can be seen a bit longer. 1s

In an alternative and extended scene of their conversation, they seperately watch a fitness program on TV and talk like friends about the perfects buns, jiggling on TV early in the morning. Extended 16s longer

The two continue to talk. Cal says that Ricky is better off now at home with his mum. He in contrast has to live all alone in a big house, like in a hotel, with lots of stuff that doesn┤t even
belong to him. Ricky says, that all the stuff is his and that it is not great living with his mum. 31s

Theatrical Version
When Ricky rounds up his old team, he reaches them in the theatrical version in their recently opened car wash. There, the crew goes over the top when they change tires and fill up gas - in cyberspeed tempo, so that the female customer gets really nervous. When Lucius tells about Ricky, they all rejoice and stop to work. 55s

In exchange there is an extended scene in the extended version in Talladega, where the already reunited team gets the new car out of the truck. They wonder about the main sponsor, a provider of men┤s thongs. The other advertisement on the car body is rather unusual, too. Then they notice the ridiculous motor. Lucius decides to asks the other independent race drivers for spare parts to improve the motor. 112s

At his residence, Girard introduces his guests Elvis Costello and Mos Def (also his brother-in-law). They both say a few confused words to Ricky. Then the twins "Breeze", who do everything together. The conversation is strange and Ricky looks very misplaced. 79s

Theatrical Version
In the theatrical version, Ricky briefly asks about Elvis and Mos Def because they weren┤t introduced to him. 2s

Shortly after that Girard is briefly to be seen in a different shot.
Extended 1s longer

Girard is being introduced to the audience in Talladega. 15s

Girard drives. 3,5s

A reporter in the audience stands next to country legend Kenny Rogers. The reporters in the cabin find that hard to believe. 40,5s

Ricky┤s mother applauds a bit longer. 1s

The reporter, who already appeared briefly before, has again spotted a celebrity in the audience. This time he claims it┤s NBA player Larry Bird - but he was white. 15s

After the win, Carley goes to Ricky and tells him she now decided that she can love him again. But he declines. Then she pulls up her shirt to show him her "Pearls of Delight". But Ricky remains steadfast while a crew member faints and other pull out their camera phones. Then Ricky wants to see the pearls again and he weakens. If Cal removes from the house and the kids return, he will take Carley again. After all, he fell in love with her for her breasts. Then the assistent Susie Q comes and kisses Ricky who then changes his mind not to return to Carley. To make this sure, Susie shows her breats to the pack. Even Carley is thrilled while a mechanic takes photos again. Carley goes back to Cal and gets asked by the motor mechanics if she could lift her shirt again. Of course she gladly complies. 98,5s