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Epic Movie


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 25, 2009 - Author: KoRn - Translator: darkredlol - external link: IMDB
Unrated Edition (UE): 01:32.51 Min. NTSC with end-titles
Theatrical Edition (TE): 01:24.59 Min. NTSC with end-titles

Unrated Edition (UE): 01:19.34 Min. NTSC without end-titles
Theatrical Edition (TE): 01:09.30 Min. NTSC without end-titles

Epic Movie tries it one more time to make fun of succesful hollywood blockbusters, for example X-Men, Pirates of the Carribbean, Chronicles of Narnia and so on. The jokes are usually bad kind of thing. During the whole movie we can find sexual references, as well as jokes about nearly every kind of excretions. All in all the provocations fail.
Many gags could be seen in better ways in movies like Scary Movie 1.
Epic Movie takes its part in the line of all the other middle-class comedy movies like Scary Movie 4 or Date Movie.
The Unrated Edition shows us a few new gags, naked breasts and creative insulting.
If you liked the Theatrical Edition already, you will have fun with the unrated edition as well.

This report is about the US DVD (PG-13) in comparison to the US DVD Unrated Edition (PG-13)

39 cuts= 664 seconds NTSC (11Min.4Sec.NTSC) (without ending titles)
Some pictures are shown. One of them is the well known picture of some poker playing dogs. Then Lucy is running through the corridor.
9 sec.

A short scene on "The Da Vinci Code".
5 sec.

David Carradine does a few more acrobatic moves. Furthermore there is an added shot of the knife-swinging monk.
24 sec.

The Jack Black-look-a-like is jumping around a little longer.
24 sec.

Censorship of Speach:
Time UE: 07.17
Time TE: 06.01

In the Unrated Edition the word "goddamn" is replaced by "Motherfuckin"! Otherwise the scenes are equal.

"I have had it with these motherfuckin snakes on this motherfuckin plane".

"I have had it with these goddamn snakes on this goddamn plane".

"I'm Samuel Motherfucker Jackson".

"I'm Samuel Goddamn Jackson".


Mystique dances a little longer.
3 sec.

One more dancing scene with added shots.
6 sec.

Alternative shots:
time UE: 12.30
time TE: 11.14

Willy Wonka`s entrance is extended. He walks through the door, welcomes his guests, while using their first names, and asks them to come in.
47 sec.

Willy comes through the door, welcomes nobody, but asks his guests to come in immediately.
5 sec.

The scene in which Edward drinks from the chocolate-canal takes a little longer.and uses a few other shots. Furthermore he grabs a bite of "chocolate" until it is revealed that the chocolat-canal is a sewer.
25 sec.

Censorship of nudity:
Time UE: 19.30
Time TE: 17.08

After Lucy opened the wardrobe and is buried under lot of things a naked girl jumps out of it.
5 sec.

The scenes are equal but in this edition the girl is wearing a pink bikini and tells Lucy that she mustn`t go into the wardrobe.
7 sec.

This joke should be known from the movie "Dumb&Dumber". Lucy crosses a frozen lamppost and of course she has to lick on it. Of course her tounge freezes on the lamppost. In the TE she pulls her head back while her tounge gets unnaturally long.
In the UE she first pulls a knife and tries to cut her tounge of, her second try is to chop it of with an axe. But in the right moment of time goatman grabs her ears and pulls on them so Lucy is free again.
34 sec.

After the girl goes down on her knees you can see "thumbs up" by the goatman in the UE. Sexual references maybe?
In the next scene she is cleaning his shoes.
4 sec.

In this added scene in the UE a handkerchief plays an important role.
For farewell Lucy wants to give her handkerchief to the goat-man. Suddenly she sneezes, and of course she uses the handkerchief she has got in her hand. Nevertheless she gives it to the goat-man, who is witness of the result.
30 sec.

There is another added sequence with the goat-man, in which he explaines the crisis in Gnarnia and gives us the reason for stopping "The White Bitch"
19 sec.

Goat-man says "Go Nooooowww" goat style.
3 sec.

Edward driknks out of the bottle
22 sec.

After the dwarf is shot off by the witch in the TE, the dwarf hits a rock in the UE, only to be bombed away by the witches wand a little later.
9 sec.

A new shot with Edward and "White Bitch".
4 sec.

She sucks longer on his finger.
2 sec.

One more time: Edward and his finger.
4 sec.

The dwarf in a small added shot.
1 sec.

Via UV-light Lucy gets a hint for opening the roll, but she doesnīt really get it. Susan canīt wait any longer and opens the roll like a coke. In there they find their birth-certificates and get to know that they have all the same surname.
70 sec.

Alternative shot:
Time UE: 42.18
Time TE: 36.42

The scene is zoomed.

Same shot, more away.

Mr. Beaver gets a short message on his mobile. Its content is an attack of the "White Bitch"
14 sec.

The witch is talking about conquering Gnarnia until the dwarf tells her that her plans are from "Superman Returns". Then he brings her the laptop.
34 sec.

Edward is making fun of Jackīs name: "Jack Swallows... sounds gay".
2,5 sec.

Alternative shots:
Time UE: ab 52.56
Time TE: ab 46.30

During the dancinc scene some of the shots have been changed.

Woman with a chicken.
0,5 sec.

A pirate with a sponge.
0,5 sec.

A woman with a pie.
0,5 sec.

A A wet Sponge is dropping onto a woman body
0,5 sec.

A woman licking some canonballs.
0,5 sec.

In this version she is down on her knees.
0,5 sec.

Alternative shots and cuts:
Time UE: 54.24
Time TE: 47.58

This scene is longer in the UE. First the witch stabs Captain Jack Swallow, then she explains her plans for the destruction of Gnarnia. After that her crystal falls into the ocan. The floor starts shaking and finaly there is a short remark by Edward concerning the Cryptoniteplot from Superman Returns.
74 sec.

In the TE the scenes are shown in another way. First the witch is talking and then stabing. Cryptonite is missing completely.
36 sec.

Making fun of Borat: "Hi, my Name is Borat..."
6 sec.

Borat and his sister: "She is my sister. She is number-four prostitute in whole of Gnarnia. Niiice".
11 sec.

Censorship of nudity:
Time UE: 57.17
Time TE: 49.36

In the Unrated Edition the four friends find Aslo in bed with a neked woman. She jumps out of the bed and turns to Aslo with the the words "Screw you, Aslo". Furthermore you can see Asloīs erection... 13 sec.

The woman wears a nightdress. No "screw you", no erection.
10 sec.

An added sequence between Edward and the drunken Mel Gibson in the cell. Edward gives him a kick right between his legs.
33 sec.

Alternative scene:
Time UE: 59.01
Time TE: 50.44

After the four do Aslo "a Favour" you can see them all together lying in the bed. Peter speaks about his hurting bottom.
2,5 sec.

The same scene with an added close-up of Peter. But no hurting bottoms.
2,5 sec.

Alternative scene:
Time UE: 01:02.26
Time TE: 00:54:10

The newspapers headline changed. Furthermore you can see Peter saying "Its Over".
9 sec.

This is another headline, as already mentioned. Furthercore we canīt see Peter.
4 sec.

Alternative Scene:
Time UE: 01:05.22
Time TE: 00:57.02

The "puking-scene" is much longer and a few more people get hit. Lucy and Edward make fun of Susan. After the puking Susans Kisses the Legolas-Look-alike, whatīs quite disgusting in her friends perspective.
73 sec.

Its nearly the same scene but only two people get hit.
4 sec.

Peters wish: "Silverdollar Nippels".
2,5 sec.

After the fat man walked through the scene and Peter gave his comment we can see a young man without a shirt running along.
Furthermore there is a close-up on his.... legs.
13 sec.

In the UE the earth starts shaking after all the vitims are destroyed.Again a hint to Superman Returns.Via remote the "White Bitchs evil plot" gets deleted. The earth stops shaking and everbody is happy...
25 sec.

Alternative scene:
Time TE: 01:09.15

Only now weg get to know Borat.("My Name is Borat"). For a short period of time we can see Lucy clapping.
3 sec.

Alternative shot:
Time UE: 01:19.22
Time TE: 01:09.18

Same scene just zoomed out. Borat says: "You did it."

Same scene, just closer. Borat ssays: "You did it." After that the scene is zoomed out and in the same perspective as in the UE.

Alternative Scenes during End-Title:

Unrated: 01:20.56
Many, many Outtakes.
311 sec.

Theatrical: 01.11.05
A loft of scenes of dancing actors put together in this part of the movie.
82 sec.

Theatrical: 01:15.25
In the TE there is one more parody on Charlie and the chocolate-factory. This time its a song.107 sec.

Theatrical: 01:19.09
During the End-Titles you can see the dungeon Scene with Mel Gibson which is integrated into the unrated Edition.
30 sec.