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  • Theatrical Cut
  • Extended Version
Release: May 27, 2009 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Ryker - external link: IMDB
In order to rescue his critically ill father the young motorcycle driver Johnny Blaze sells his soul to Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda). Years later he has risen to a celebrated Stuntdriver, but therefor had to leave his lifelong love Roxanne. One day Roxanne (Eva Mendes), meanwhile a reporter, is back and Mephistopheles offers Blaze (Nicolas Cage) to get back his soul, but only if he fights as Ghost Rider against the insane son of the devil, Blackheart (Wes Bentley) who wants to create a new hell on earth. The sign of the Ghost Rider is an infernal bike and a flaming skull like face.

Marvels Ghost Rider is splitting the community. Some say its a very good comic adaption, others think of the movie as crap. But Director Steven Johnson, who didnīt make himself a lot of friends by shooting Dare Devil, stays close to his style. The term "Extended" fits this version very well, it contains lots of extended and complete new scenes. The Extended Cut shows more details from Johnnys youth, the relationship to his father was deepened, and Sam Elliots character gets more importance. On top comes the additionally added transformation scene of the Ghost Rider. Those who liked the Theatrical Version should pick the Extended Cut DVD Release.

Extended Cut: 123.30 Min. NTSC with credits
Theatrical Cut: 105.42 Min. PAL with credits

Extended Cut: 115.57 Min. NTSC without credits
Theatrical Cut: 98.21 Min. PAL without credits

33 Cuts = 885 Seconds (=14Min.45Sec.NTSC)
Alternative Footage:
Timecode EX: 03.44
Timecode TC: 03.33

Johnnys Girlfriend is cheering for him which he apparently likes. Then the camera zoomes on his father, who has a scowling look on his face.
8 sec.

The Theatrical Version therefor shows the cheering crowd.
2,5 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Timecode EX: 04.19
Timecode TC: 04.01

The Father-Son Dialogue starts whith a shot from the front as both walk through the crowd with their bikes. Johnnys father here throws his cigarette in frontview to the ground. In the following shot he is seen 2 seconds longer before he says his "wheelchair"-line.
15 sec.

Here we see Johnny moving his bike, then the father from the side as he coughs an throws his cigarette away. Cut to Johnnys sad face and back to the father who brings his "wheelchair"-line immediately.
9 sec.

Johnny and his father are working on their bikes. The father gets a huge couching fit, whereupon he lights another one. Johnny stands up, grabs the cigarette and throws it into a bucket. He looks at the Flame Bike as his girlfriend shows up. The two exchange some looks and the father is letting them leave.
79 sec.

He screws up the doctors note and throws it into the trashcan. He stands shocked at the handrail and looks at his sleeping father. Then he takes his toolbox and leaves.
47 sec.

Mephistopheles walks along the way longer. He looks at the devils face an walks further.
19 sec.

Mephistopheles in an additional shot from the front.
7 sec.

Mephistopheles talks about his offer a bit longer while Johnny screws further.
8 sec.

Daddy is talking about an idea for a new stunt. Johnny says that he is about to leave with his girlfriend and doesnīt want to stay at the circus for his whole life. They argue a bit but Daddy gets reasonable. He gives Johnny the key for the Flame Bike and leaves.
105 sec.

We see Johnny moving the Flame Bike.
3 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Timecode EX: 15.26
Timecode TC: 10.16

During the accident we see Johnny moving his bike across the circus area.
8 sec.

Here we only see the crowd during the explosion.
2 sec.

A spinning wind wheel.
9 sec.

A reporter is asking about Johnnys condition.
8 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Timecode EX: 24.34
Timecode TC: 18.39

Blackheart moves towards the bar longer in different shots.
12 sec.

Only one shot and the way to the bar is shorter.
2 sec.

We see both walking through the alley from the front, while a thick woman is crossing them.
8 sec.

Mack talks abouth the death of Johnnys father longer.
9 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Timecode EX: 30.23
Timecode TC: 23.47

Blackheart leaves the bar while Mephistopheles is already waiting outside. They both argue about the Ghost Rider and for whom of both the time has come. The next scene starts without fading!
81 sec.

Here Blackheart only turns to the other demons and says that he never wants to hear the name Mephistopeles again. The next scene is faded.
7 sec.

A short dialogue between Johnny and Roxanne before the interview.
23 sec.

Johnny points at a kid in the crowd and throws his helmet to him.
9 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Timecode EX: 42.02
Timecode TC: 33.13

This scene does not exist in the Extended Cut.

Blackheart and Mephistopheles meet in a park. The dialogue is the same as in the Extended when they meet in front of the bar.
58 sec.

The both versions come together again in the restaurant scene.

A 360 Degree shot around the Ghost Rider was added to the transformation.
7 sec.

Blackhearts Henchman braises a bit longer.
2.5 sec.

We see the pocket watch a bit longer.
2 sec.

Captain Dolan and his associate are talking about the murders at the crime scene. Shortly after that the reporter shows up.
48 sec.

Captain Dolan tries to push Johnny to a confession by means of the evidence.
15 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Tomecode EX: 01:15.01
Timecode TC: 01:04.24

The interrogation is much longer.
47 sec.

The interrogation is very short.
3 sec.

We see another prisoner in his cell while Johnny is brought to his own a bit longer.
5 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Timecode EX: 01:26.57
Timecode TC: 01:15.05

The scene dows not exist in the Extended Cut.

Here we have an additional shot of Blackheart and his henchman while he is saying "Now we know his weakness".
3 sec.

Roxanne sits in her studio and is looking at the monitor. Captain Dolan and his associate are entering and begin to ask questions about Johnny Blaze.
70 sec.

Blackheart visits the graveyard keeper and treats him with several foot stomps in order to get the contract.
172 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Timecode EX: 01:37.15
Timecode TC: 01:21.09

Johnny finds the old man in ducked position while he flattens his hair out of his face.
9 sec.

Johnny moves from a different shot onto the graveyard, in the next shot we directly see the face of the old man.
9 sec.

We see the ghosttown while Blackheart threatens Roxanne and commanding his Henchmen to slow the Ghost Rider down.
31 sec.

The ride through the swamp has been extenden and something is moving in the water.
10 sec.

One scene has been added to the fight underwater.
5 sec.