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Legion of the Dead


  • Original Version (Producer's Cut)
  • Director's Cut : Part 2
Release: Jul 25, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Producer's Cut, represented by the British DVD by Anchor Bay (BBFC18) has been compared to the Director's Cut, represented by the Austrian DVD by NSM Records

- Producer's Cut: 85:05 min w/o credits (88:48 min w/ credits)
- Director's Cut: 100:33 min w/o credits (105:45 min w/ credits)

Difference: 928 sec (= 15:28 min) at more than 200 altered spots

The Film

Legion of the Dead from 2000 was Olaf Ittenbach's first film he had a slightly bigger budget and an American crew at his disposal for.
The movie is clearly in the wake of From Dusk Till Dawn, some situations and characters remind also very well of Pulp Fiction or Hitcher... of course only after taking away the examples' coolness, with average actors and plot elements that always lead to nowhere, embarrassing attempts of being funny etc. Any fan would love to look past the many many flaws as long as the exceptions to an Ittenbach-flick are being met and yes, the splatter-effects are mostly functional.

The versions

It was easy to find out the originally released version of Legion of the Dead was not the director's preferred cut. This roughly 88 minutes long version is titled "Producer's Cut" (short: PC) in the following.

It was as late as 2007 that the by fans long awaited Director's Cut was released in Austria, which is more than 15 minutes longer. If you have great expectations in the gore-department you're as wrong as anyone who supposes a rip-off-version that only has some of the deleted scenes added into it.
Actually, Ittenbach changed the movie quite a bit, a big part of the changes only is several frames long or is made out of big editings / changed procedure of scenes which gives some of the scenes a completely different meaning. There were several long dialogue scenes added, as well, though.

An exact number of cuts was not determined. In consequence of the many intertwined changes (editings, frames-extensions, moved fades etc.) it is nearly impossible to name an exact number here. For orientation purposes, "more than 200 differing spots" should really be enough.

The Producer's Cut should at least stay interesting for the ones who dislike the, as usual, bad frame story or just watched the movie in that form the first time. The ending also differs in the two versions after all.

Runtime designations are ordered as follows:
Producer's Cut (Director's Cut)

Because this report is so big, part 2 of the comparison follows. Here, you will find the first part.
54:59 (65:35-65:36)

The shot is slightly longer in the DC, another dismissive handshake.

1 sec

Alternative footage
55:03-55:05 (65:40-65:45)

The DC shows the blonde woman shortly while the DC keeps showing the shot of the man.

DC 2.6 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

55:08 (65:48-65:49)

William is shown longer on the ground and the following shot starts a few frames earlier, too.

1.4 sec

55:20 (66:01-66:04)

The drummer is also shown a little longer.

2.5 sec

55:21 (66:05-66:08)

The woman are shown longer and look at each other, then the shot of the blonde woman the PC showed at 55:03 was reimplemented.

3 sec

55:25 (66:12-66:14)

The shot starts earlier, Casey moves longer through the bar.

2.4 sec

55:29 (66:18-66:19)

Geena is running from a little further back in the DC, too.

0.8 sec

Alternative footage
57:01-57:03 (67:51-67:59)

The PC shows Mick shortly.

First an alternative shot of Mick in the DC, then the bald man tries to get up again and is being beat down once more by Casey.

DC 6.1 sec longer

57:18 (68:14-68:16)

The shot starts earlier, the bald man turns around again.

1.8 sec

58:47 (69:45-69:46)

After Geena has escaped the legion leaders outside, the action continues a little earlier inside the bar.

0.9 sec

Alternative footage
58:49-58:50 (69:48-69:52)

The PC starts the shot a little earlier than the DC.

The DC cuts several times between Togaio, who is going through the bar, and upset Geena and William, who want to bring the "bad guys" to their friends' attention.

DC 3.7 sec longer

Alternative footage
58:51-59:06 (69:53-69:59)

Togaio's performance differs here, because he was already shown in the DC because of the previous change.

The PC shows the shot of Jeff and Nicholas longer, then you first see Togaio's feet approaching. Then also his face, he looks around in slow-motion.

The DC shows Togaio up front once more and cuts to Geena's panicky friends and Jeff and Nicholas.

PC 9.3 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
59:08-59:10 (70:01-70:06)

The PC fades-in Togaio here from time to time, then the tracking shot around Jeff again, which is much faster from this moment on, though.

The DC only shows the tracking shot around Jeff, but in normal speed and therefore much longer.

DC 3.1 sec longer
(Image only from the PC)

Alternative footage
59:13-59:15 (70:09-70:10)

The PC features the first extremely bloody headhot the barkeeper dies - already.

The DC on the other hand only shows Jeff and colleagues shooting.

PC 1.2 sec longer

Alternative footage
59:18-59:19 (70:13-70:18)

The PC only shows the shot of the falling table and the view of the shooting bad guys at the end/beginning insignificantly longer (not picturized).

The DC on the other hand shows a bit of panic in the room, then two zombie-transformations (which were reimplemented shortly after, see next altered part).

DC 4.3 sec longer

Alternative footage
59:21-59:31 (70:20-70:21)

The PC shows the people hiding behind the table again, then Togaio and shooting Jeff. Also, the transformations were reimplemented here (images see previous cut).

The DC shows the guy being shot (not bloody) and him firing shots once more.

PC 9.2 sec longer

59:31 (70:21)

The sideways view of the bloody gunshot is slightly longer in the DC.

0.2 sec

Alternative footage
59:32-59:34 (70:22-70:28)

The PC shows the killing of two sitting guys.

The DC shows more gunshots to the guy from earlier, he drops down in slow-motion.

DC 3.5 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

59:35 (70:29-70:30)

The guy from the legion is shown longer and the following shot starts earlier so you see the first gunshots in the DC.

1.8 sec

Alternative footage
59:36-59:37 (70:31-70:33)

A different procedure again before Mick is being shot.

The PC shows a shooting bad guy, who was featured earlier in the DC (see 1. image at 59:32/70:22).

The DC reimplements the killing of the sitting guys, but without the final sideways view (see 3. image at 59:32)

DC 1 sec longer

59:39-59:41 (70:35)

The shot starts earlier in the PC.

+ 2 sec

59:41 (70:35-70:36)

In return, insignificantly longer in the end in the DC...

0.5 sec

Alternative footage
59:44-60:04 (70:39-70:59)

From here on, the versions differ completely again, and it is virtually impossible to make a sophisticated, shorter break. Timed up until the slow-motion scene of the rocker who is jumping and rolling through the room.

Producer's Cut

William and Luke shoot from behind the table, a zombie-woman drops down bloodily in two different shots.
Then Casey fights a guy at the door. A Zombie is being hit in the face several times.
One from the legion shoots through the room and Casey is almost being hit.

Director's Cut

A zombie holds up intestines, then Togaio is standing still in the room.
William shoots and Luke hits somebody's head with a bottle.
Peter shoots and shreds one of the legion's member's stomach.
After a bit of skirmish in the room, he notices the gun is empty and he swears. You see Togaio again.

DC 0.8 sec longer

60:09 (71:04-71:06)

The rocker with the headband rolls a little longer in the DC.

1.5 sec

Alternative footage
60:12-60:17 (71:09-71:13)

A zombie in a yellow top is being shot down in a lot of different alternative shots.

PC 0.7 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
60:19-60:31 (71:15-71:17)

The PC reimplements Peter rampaging with the shotgun resp. especially the shot to the stomach (see above).
The ending misses the view of Togaio, though.

Subsequently, Peter kicking the guy in the face is shown with alternative footage a longshot in the PC, a close-up in the DC.

PC 10.6 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Longer in detail:

60:21 (70:48-70:49)
Peter takes 0.8 more seconds to get ready with the gun.

60:25-60:26 (70:53-70:54)
The PC remains with the longshot while the DC shows Peter from up close as he jumps up directly after that vice versa.

This shot of ducking William is only featured in the PC.

60:33-60:36 (71:19)

The DC shows the shot straight while the PC has a cut to feeding zombies which are being kicked out of the way by Peter.

+ 2.8 sec

60:37 (71:20)
The shot begins 4 frames earlier in the DC.
0.2 sec

Alternative footage
60:42-60:57 (71:25-71:50)

Again, the versions run completely differently timed up until the moment as Jeff says he would prefer knives.

Producer's Cut

Geena screams frantically and Luke is making fun of that by acting all cool, belittling the situation and saying everything would calm down again.
William continues shooting the zombies and Peter finishes several ones with his hands and feet.

Director's Cut

Luke cheers up shooting William.
Geena gets up, but is being shot down by Jeff right afterwards.
William is in fear of her life, he and all the others cringe, though, because Geena reveals her second face.

Then, the scene the PC featured at 60:33 is being reimplemented.

DC 9.9 sec longer

Alternative footage
61:03-61:04 (71:56-71:57)

The PC stays with the view from behind logner, while the DC returns earlier to Jeff from up front.

DC 0.4 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

61:06 (71:59-72:00)

Jeff is shown a little longer in the DC from up front right after he stabbed.

1 sec

61:07 (72:01-72:17)

Before Peter screams the DC shows a few gore scenes first the one the PC showed at 60:42; Peter attacking, but this time slightly extended. Also, mutated Geena does a clean sweep.

DC 15.7 sec longer

Alternative footage
61:08-61:14 (72:18-72:53)

Summary up until the point when the man tells Luke he wants to help Peter.

The PC first shows Peter shooting a guy to shreds, then a little more dialogue bettwen the couple and Luke the DC starts later in the middle of the last shot.

The DC continues with mutated Geena, who just punched through somebody's head. Peter shoots in her direction.
A dumb scene in the kitchen takes place: a zombie gets inside and Casey hesitatingly throws something edible at it. Subsequently, the two chase each other around the tables which is, cartoon-like, being shown in fast-motion.
Then you see the barkeeper's extremely bloody headshot the PC featured earlier and somebody being ripped apart by a bunch of mutants.
Finally some alternative dialogue between Luke and the couple. He tries to cheer them up, saying they needed to learn to enjoy this even if the party was going out of hand a little, they'd have this problem fixed in no time.

DC 29 sec longer

Alternative footage
61:15-61:22 (72:54-73:13)

The man's death was also completely recut in the DC (swapped shots) and about every take has been extended. The DC also shows the stomachshot mirror-inverted. Also, subsequently more gore by Peter and Geena before Joe wants to go out of the door these scenes were reimplemented shortly after in the DC, though.



DC 12 sec longer

Alternative footage
61:23-62:03 (73:14-73:24)

The PC shows Joe longer in the same shot.
Then a part of the scenes the DC featured at 71:25 take place: Jeff shoots at Geena and she now also mutates in the PC. Subsequently, all the scenes in which mutated Geena sweeps clean are shown almost straight, which the DC spread a little.

The DC on the other hand shows closer shots of Joe, who is being shot at he boxes away several legion members.
Also, the shot of massacring Jeff is a little earlier in the DC, a first guy on the left is being finished off bloodily.

PC 29.6 sec longer

62:05 (73:26-74:07)

The DC shows the chase in the kitchen and its abrupt end. Casey simply takes a dustpan and rams it into the persecutor's head.
He remarks something and poses a little.

In the main room, Jaqueline aims at a female attacker, insulting her to keep her fingers off her man.
Then the shots of fighting Joe (see previous point at the PC) and Casey is also allowed to jump about a little.

40.8 sec

Alternative footage
62:08-62:11 (74:10-74:15)

Only the DC shows Jeff's gunshots kill Casey after he has been hit for the first time.

In the PC, though, William is allowed to shoot at Jeff from a different perspective in the beginning.

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

PC 1.8 sec longer

Alternative footage
62:22-62:23 (74:26-74:27)

The PC switches to dropping Jeff earlier, the DC keeps showing William as he holds up the guns.

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

PC 0.7 sec longer

62:26 (74:30-74:31)

In the DC, Jeff falls over a few frames earlier.

0.7 sec

62:27-62:32 (74:32)

In the PC, Togaio disappears slowly here.

+ 5.3 sec

62:56 (74:56-74:57)

The shot begins a little earlier in the DC.

1.7 sec

Alternative footage
63:00-63:01 (75:01-75:06)

Before William pulls the knife, the DC shows two further shots and William says "Hold on!"

On the other hand, the DC shows the following shot a little earlier, William's hand has to be lead to the knife first.

DC 3.7 sec longer

63:01-63:02 (75:06)

In the PC, the shot is a little longer in the end, too.

+ 0.4 sec

63:35 (75:39-75:44)

Geena calms William a little longer and hugs him.

4.8 sec

Alternative footage
63:37 (75:46)

In the PC, the man at the bar is shown 0.4 sec longer, the DC moves earlier to the following shot of Luke for the exact same time.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

64:33 (76:42-77:04)

Joe and the woman are shown a little longer, then there is a little dialogue between Geena and William.

Geena says they should take care of Michael. William doesn't react to that, asking her why she wouldn't tell who or what Geena really was. She explains that they would not understand before William ennervedly laughs and asks if he looked like he was stupid.
Geena then relents, saying the blonde man outside was solely responsible for all this. William asks her who he was.

21.6 sec

Alternative footage
64:35-64:45 (77:06-77:07)

The DC only shows a view of Peter after the woman has looked up.

The PC first shows the woman on the ground insignificantly longer, then Togaio at the door, he says "You people in there!"
Then the last two lines of the previous cut's dialogue take place.

PC 9.2 sec longer

64:47 (77:09-77:13)

William and Luke only make faces to Geena's remark to Togaio, then the following shot starts earlier and you hear Tagio's voiceover "You people in there!" in the DC, too.

4.5 sec

Alternative footage
64:58 (77:24-77:30)

The PC starts the shot of Togaio slightly earlier, which hardly attracts any attention and was not picturized.

Luke makes fun of Tagio a little longer in the DC in return, saying he was messed around with many times as a child, probably also beaten.

5.5 sec

65:04 (77:36-77:37)

To Togaio's question whether they were already told he was the devil incarnate, only the DC cuts to Luke again who ennervedly says that yes, they had heard something like that.

1.1 sec

Alternative footage
65:12-65:15 (77:45-77:48)

When Togaio accuses Geena to be the true devil, you also see her in the PC while the DC keeps showing Togaio.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

65:19 (77:52-77:53)

Here, at the transition of the shots from Luke to Togaio, a few frames had been removed, nothing special.

0.5 sec

Alternative footage
65:27-65:30 (78:01-78:04)

When Togaio says he was only there because of Geena, you see two shots of her in the PC.

The DC remains at the view of Togaio and is finally also a little longer.

DC 0.6 sec longer

66:25 (78:59-79:00)

The shot starts a bit earlier.

0.6 sec

66:49 (79:24-79:25)

Again, only two shots were shortened a little at the end/beginning.

1.4 sec

Alternative footage
67:15-67:25 (79:51-80:29)

The PC shows Luke exiting the room, too, then the bewildered rocker with headband and the anxious woman with her injured husband.

The DC features some stupid dialogue in the sideroom.

The two guys already aim overzealously at the ground, Geena tells them to move on. Luke reacts irritably with the gun in front of her head, telling her not to touch him and that he was only there to protect William from himself and who knew what would happen if he wasn't there.
Geena and William are annoyed, he tells Luke to move on.
Luke stops, asking what if those freaks were waiting for them outside would Geena then transform into the thing without eyes again? He then remarks he was pissing himself just thinking about that.
Geena then only asks William sarcastically if it was possible to turn off Luke who answers himself that this was, in fact, not possible, even though many people were asking. Before he can finish telling, William pushes him to the door, telling him to go already.

DC 27.6 sec longer

67:51-67:52 (80:55)

Togaio comes slightly earlier from the darkness in the DC.

+ 0.4 sec

68:12 (81:15)


+ 0.6 sec

Alternative footage
69:13-69:24 (82:16-82:51)

The PC shows Luke, when there is a voiceover by Togaio, asking if they should die.
Then William, he says: "Hey big boy, why don't you pick on somebody your own size?"

The DC shows Togaio and Geena much longer and he asks in this view, too, if they should die.
Then Togaio adds that she may choose.
Geena then involuntarily clings to him and tells him they shall live.
Togaio turns to the boys, who still point their guns at him.
Geena tells them not to do that because it was pointless which Togaio agrees with and repeats.
He then moves the guns downwards with his powers and the boys also drop to the ground the PC continues shortly after in this shot.

DC 23.8 sec longer

Alternative footage
69:35 (83:02)

The effect (picture-in-picture) starts a little later in the DC, which is why it's also a little longer all in all.

DC 0.7 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
70:48-71:09 (84:15-84:34)

Here, the versions differ completely for a short time again, after the rocker with the headband has left.

The PC shows Peter a little longer, then a few chaotic dream sequences with Togaio and Geena take place, the latter one also running around through the bar shockedly.

The DC shows the rocker going through the kitchen and probably to his doom. After he stepped out the door, a soaking-red shot of Togaio and the legion takes place, then the guy's heart gets ripped out.
The following shot, which is also shown in the PC, of Geena, who is kneeling next to injured Michael also starts a little earlier and has a red filter effect in the beginning.

PC 2.3 sec longer

71:24 (84:49)

Geena is shown three frames longer in the DC.

0.1 sec

Alternative footage
71:27 (84:52)

The PC shows Geena 0.6 sec longer, in return the following shot starts much earlier in the DC.

PC 0.1 sec longer

71:57-72:00 (85:22)

Only the PC shows Togaio shortly in the middle of Luke's speech.

+ 2.8 sec

72:49-72:50 (86:11)

Here, the transition between two shots (of William and Luke to Geena) was shortened a little.

+ 1 sec

73:55 (87:16-87:19)

The injured man (Michael) gasps a little longer in the DC.

3.1 sec

Alternative footage
74:01-74:12 (87:25-87:49)

Here, the DC rearranges a few shots and then other parts of the takes have been used so all in all, the DC is much longer when Geena talks calmingly to Michael.
She adds in the DC that everything was going to be okay Michael answers it would all turn to normal, like it was before.

DC 13 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

74:14 (87:51-87:52)

After you've seen William, the following shot starts earlier.

1.2 sec

74:34 (88:12-88:13)

William approaches Geena a little longer, after the others have left the room.

1.2 sec

74:36 (88:15-88:17)

The others are also shown slightly longer at the bar.

1.5 sec

Alternative footage
74:37-74:39 (88:18-88:20)

The DC shows Geena bowing over Michael a little longer and the following shot of the audience behind the bar starts a little earlier, the PC on the other hand features an additional close-up shot of the event.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

75:03 (88:44-88:55)

In the DC, the camera moves back much slower, after Geena has done her work, the following shot of Michael starts a little earlier, too.

11.4 sec

Alternative footage
76:22-76:25 (90:14-90:25)

After Michael's headshot, the PC directly shows a shot of William and Geena, holding each other.

The DC shows the previous shot longer and blood drips on the floor, then the gun that slipped out of the hand and even more blood.
Finally a different view of wandering William.

DC 7.3 sec longer

Alternative footage
76:28-76:45 (90:28-90:35)

Michael's hand is shown a little longer in the DC, then the shot of William sitting depressedly at the bar much earlier..

The PC shows Peter and Jaqueline, who has a wounded arm by now in return. Then you see Luke in the background, saying she was infected and pointing the gun at her.
Finally laughing Togaio.

PC 9.8 sec longer

Alternative footage
78:21-78:22 (92:11-92:12)

The PC shows Togaio earlier in his chair, in return, the DC shows a shot of him in the desert.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
78:34-78:41 (92:24-92:39)

During Geena's story you see her lying in bed and Togaio stroking her skin with his hand in the PC.

The DC shows two scenery-shots and then the ones from the chaotic dream sequence the PC featured at 70:49.
Finally the shot of aproacheing Togaio earlier than in the PC.

DC 8.1 sec longer

Alternative footage
78:46-78:48 (92:44-93:28)

The PC only features a shot of Geena before Luke tries to wake up William who she put into a trance before.

In the DC, Geena goes more into detail of her existence and you see the shots of her and Togaio from the earlier cut as well as William.
Geena says she was cursed because she was capable of loving them humans without being able to live these relationships. As they saw, she was not of our species.

Then you see him hazy sitting at the bar with her. The scenes the PC featured at 76:28 take place now, Peter notices the woman's arm wound and Luke points his gun at him.
He then goes to William and tells him nervously that everyone was starting to transform.
He is still busy with Geena and so Luke keeps annoying him they needed to get out of there as fast as possible.
William puts the hand on his shoulder, saying he would stay with Geena.

DC 42.5 sec longer

79:37 (94:17-94:18)

The shot starts a little earlier before William falls back with the ripped-off arm in his hand.

0.5 sec

Alternative footage
79:48-79:52 (94:29-94:48)

The PC shows laughing Togaio here.

In the DC, William and Geena roll further on the ground and he yells at her who the hell she was.
She gains the upper hand again, saying she shouldn't have told him anything because he didn't believe a single word
(After that, the PC continues with the same tracking shot).

DC 15.4 sec longer

80:49 (95:45-95:48)

Peter gets out his gun in the same shot, the following take of him starts a little earlier in the DC.

2.6 sec

80:55 (95:54-96:15)

Only the DC shows another short confrontation between Peter and William before Peter turns in Geena's direction.
Peter points the gun at him, but has no bullets left. Both jump forward to the rifle that is lying there, Peter is faster, ordering William to back off.

20.7 sec

Alternative footage
80:56-80:57 (96:16-97:16)

Then here a big difference when Geena shoots Peter, the DC has a completely different message and features one minute of new footage.

The PC only has a close-up of Geena with drawn-out weapon and then Peter who still has his rifle in his hand.

The DC shows thie shot of Peter in the beginning, then you see Geena. Peter twitches nervously with the gun and then desperately says that everyone was dead because of Geena. He tells her to do it right for once and to shoot him.
Geena stutters, teary-eyed, that he could not possibly demand this from her.
Peter says that he has got nothing here any more and encourages her once more to shoot him. Geena hesitatingly lifts the gun, Peter prayingly expects the gunshot.

DC 59.6 sec longer

Alternative footage
80:58-80:59 (97:17-97:22)

After the gunshot you see Geena longer in the PC, the DC shows the following shot of hit Peter much earlier, here, his hands are in the same position as just before.

DC 4.3 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
81:08-81:23 (97:31-97:39)

The PC shows Togaio and his legion again, then William realizes: "I'm not sure what it is, but it looks like our new friends are up to something..."
A few first explosions are shown.

The DC on the other hand fades from Geena's view to William, who then indecisively turns to her direction.

PC 7 sec longer

81:37 (97:53-97:54)

William drops slightly longer to the ground in the DC.

0.8 sec

Alternative footage
82:16-82:18 (98:33-98:39)

In the PC, you see William lying on the ground longer, the DC features an additional shot of Togaio entering the room.

DC 3.9 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

Alternative footage
82:19-82:24 (98:40-98:45)

The PC remains with Geena, who is looking up, the DC moves earlier to Togaio and then back to Geena shortly then the two versions run in sync again.

no time difference

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

83:11-83:12 (99:32-99:33)

The view of Togaio's hand being shot off is started off slightly later in the DC, but shown in slow-motion and is therefore slightly longer than in the PC.
(Images for illustration only of the first frames each)

DC 0.2 sec longer

Producer's CutDirector's Cut

83:53 (100:14)

The view is slightly longer in the PC.

+ 0.8 sec

83:56 (100:17)

...the following one in the DC at the end a little longer.

0.7 sec

84:07-85:06 (100:28-100:33)

The ending was changed drastically, too: in the DC you only hear Togaio laughing offscreen and the credits roll so William did not survive.

In the PC on the other hand you see Geena kneeled over William longer. Obviously she was able to ressurrect him, because shortly after he sits (very weakened and irritated) accross from her in the restaurant. She excuses herself and goes away.
Now you see the building from outside and William already at the roadside, he amusedly moans about Luke, who is taking a pee a few feet awa.
Finally a shot of the street, Mike's car passes by and the credits roll after you hear a hitchiker-remark off-screen. ("Hey, where are you guys heading?")

PC 54.1 sec longer